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Our Hand Picked Interesting Attractions in Oahu Hawaii #oahuattractions

The Road Most Travelled – 8 Interesting Attractions in Oahu| Pkjulesworld

Our Handpicked Interesting Oahu Attractions & Sightseeing for the Tourist| Pkjulesworld

It’s not often that you get to visit the Pearl Harbor, See the Site of Hawaii-0-Five and watch the sunset over Diamond head…Yet it’s exactly what you are gonna do today. Take a walk with us and learn some interesting attractions in Oahu, Hawaii. And just maybe you will add it to your travel bucket list!

There is a reason why certain places are attractive to the tourist and others to the traveller. The two are totally different.

Today we wanna to serve the tourist in you, and for the traveler you might like to check out our post on underrated Hawaii you will love it!

So, let’s see the road Most travelled by thrill seekers and tourists in Oahu. Home to Honolulu, and Waikiki beach; the hub of the Islands of Hawaii.

Interesting Attractions in Hawaii as learnt by Pkjulesworld



This was once the tallest building in Honolulu, built in September of 1926, its today referred to as Hawaii’s Statue of Liberty!  Today it houses the Harbour headquarters, quite the popular entertainment centre with restaurants, brand new community gathering place, and marketplace.

This International market place is located on Pier 9 and is open daily from 9 am – 5 pm with stores open till 9 pm, late shopping galore!

How much: Just walk in 

What Pkjulesworld Loved about it: The location, the shopping, the restaurants, late shopping…did we say shopping? Okay you get the picture :)

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Interesting Oahu Attractions & Sightseeing for the Tourist| Pkjulesworld

Unless you are short of time, as in a hopping visit to Honolulu, or hate war memorials or simply don’t have a patriotic bone in you. You gotta visit Pearl Harbour and the SS Arizona Memorial place.

This place reminds one of the freedoms we take for granted and the souls that lost their lives protecting the freedoms/US Borders and life as we know it today to an extent.

The Visitor Centre is Open Daily from 7:30 am – 5pm. Visitors can get in from 8am -3pm

How Much: You even get Free admission. How cool is that! 

What Pkjulesworld liked most about this: The boat ride the tour, and the sheer magnitude of the memorial wall. One of the things our children have never forgotten from this visit!



Interesting Oahu Attractions & Sightseeing for the Tourist| Diamond Head


“Diamond Head is the name of a volcanic tuff cone on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu and known to Hawaiians as Lēʻahi…!” Wikipedia

The Diamond head is also a designated U.S. National Natural Monument.

Okay who wants a view of Honolulu bar none? It is absolutely breath-taking if you can hack the trek! It’s a hike up a steep path for this view to die for. You can hike any day of the week between 6am – 6pm.

How Much: The guided walking fee is a mere $1 per person at the time of our visit. Not for those with mobility issues or breathing problems.

Or you can take your car/drive for $5 (Again price may have changed today.)

Don’t forget your torch or flashlight for deeper exploration at the peak. We forgot ours, so missed out, oh well next time huh!

What Pkjulesworld Loved about it: The shape, the views and the current use of Diamond Head, makes it one of the interesting attractions in Oahu!



If you are a buff in marine history or are a marine lover, then you absolutely must add this site to the must see interesting attractions in Oahu. Located on 11 Arizona Memorial Drive Honolulu, it is not easy to miss this tribute to submariners.

You can explore first hand a real life WW11 Sub marine. #visitoahu Share on X

The Bowfin is open daily 7 am – 5 pm. You can explore first hand a real life WW11 Sub marine. Very Surreal. The quarters are quite squeezed. You realise how blessed you are with the space you have.

How much: At the time of our visit the Adults paid: $10 and Children (4-12) paid $4

What Pkjulesworld Loved about it: The educational tour of a real World War Submarine esp. for the children. They have never forgotten Hawaii for this visit! We got a memento a kind of newspaper supposed to have been printed at the time with the family in the Headlines! Cool. Have had it on our fridge since!


In keeping with the marine theme, you may wish to add Hanauma Bay to your interesting attractions in Oahu. It is a famous marine preserve, laced with coral formations. It is rich in tropical fish of all colours. Such a joy for children. So, you too will enjoy it. You can drive over, take a bus or one of the many tours from Waikiki.

It is open Daily 6am – 6pm

How Much: Cost us non-residents $7.50 per adult. Children U 12 went free!

What Pkjulesworld Loved about it: The marine life; you get to see live coral. You can snorkel as well. The waters are so clear and of course the beach to chill out.  

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You wish to see this interesting attraction in Oahu, you can take a shuttle every 30 mins from 8 am – 5 pm. This is a Hawaii flag ship store. You can find it in Ala Moana.

Hilo Hattie is synonymous with vacation shopping today. And why not do it in its homeland, Hawaii! For your Hawaii fashion and tourist mementos you can’t go wrong! Unless of course you wish to get yours from the international market above!

You can catch a movie here and have some of the freshest, tastiest Pineapple juice too!

How Much: Your Bus or Taxi fare!

What Pkjulesworld Loved about it: The sheer vibrant colours of Hawaii fashion, shirts, dresses, hats, gifts souvenirs. We enjoyed shopping at Hilo Hatti’s and you too would. That’s why it’s one of the interesting attractions in Oahu!  




Interesting Oahu Attractions & Sightseeing for the Tourist| Pkjulesworld

This Oahu attraction is located on Kalakaua Ave. in Kaliopani Park, a short walk from lots of local hotels.

Waikiki Aquarium apparently the 3rd oldest public aquarium in the USA. #OahuAttractions Share on X

It is apparently the 3rd oldest public aquarium in the USA. Waikiki Aquarium is open daily 9am – 5pm and you need an hour tops to take in this aquarium! No large shark tanks to scare the bejesus out of your toddler!

Your children will love it because it’s not huge and the displays are only small. Unless they are the type stuck on or love a routine!

If you have older children, take the Comp Audio tour and have a better learning experience for them.

How much: Adults paid $9 and our children paid just $2. We noticed that Youths (13-17) had to pay $4

BUT on Earth Day, you get FREE admission, sometime in April…!

What Pkjulesworld Loved about it: It was small, we were able to see all we wanted in 45 mins. We visited the coral nursery, the seals feeding, saw giant clams, sea horses and more fish! It wasn’t too crowded in the morning and we were able to get close to the exhibits.  The children loved it…so did we!

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#8. Interesting Attractions in Oahu – Bonus Free Fire works!

We had an amazing time two Friday evenings in a row in Waikiki. We were at the beach and watched the Hilton Hawaiian Village Free Fireworks Show. Not sure if they still put on this show. If they still do, chose your vantage point and enjoy the visual display over Waikiki.

It was between 7 – 7:45 pm

How much: FREE

What Pkjulesworld Loved about it: Who doesn’t love fireworks? 


Final words on Interesting Attractions in Oahu

Well we were spoilt for choice to be honest as to what attractions to add to this list of the road most travelled. Many travellers and tourists to Oahu/Honolulu and Waikiki have their own ideas you see!

Of course, we have lots more to share with you about the beauty that is Hawaii. But this would be a mini book if we did. So until the next episode…

Have you been to Oahu or Hawaii in general? What sites would you recommend? If you have not been, which ones of the above would you definitely visit? Join the conversation in comments below!

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  1. Julie,
    This is beautiful and the places that you are seeing as Diamond Head looks gorgeous. I would love to make time working all the time and get away.

    Lori English

  2. Whatlauraloves

    Oh wow Hawaii looks like the most amazing place to visit, especially diamond head! xxx

    1. Aloha Laura,
      Hawaii is amazing and you would love these interesting attractions on Oahu for sure! Mahalo for stopping by! :)

  3. Demetri Benton

    This place is gorgeous! Hawaii is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing Julie!

  4. I’ve never been to Hawaii before and it’s actually one of the places in my bucket list. I’ll add Oahu to my list places to visit.

    1. Aloha Peachy,
      Oahu is one of the Hawaii Islands, so you can take a boat ride to it from Maui or The Big Island called Hawaii :)
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  5. Joan M Harrington

    This is on my list of dream trips I WANT to go on! Thanks Julie for providing these awesome must see places to visit in Hawaii!

    Thanks for sharing! Bookmarking :)

    1. Hanauma Bay would be an amazing place to spend an afternoon soaking up the sun, Vit D and generally chilling out Ana :) Glad you like it!

  6. I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii ever since I was a little girl so its nice to read your underrated attractions, thank you :)

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Glad you got that too, there is a lot to see on Oahu and You can do so in a Week, coz its a small Island that you can drive in a Day!

  7. I would really like to travel to Oahu, especially the museum. I think my teen daughter would like it even more so.

  8. Hannah Bailey-Churcher

    Love this list of things to do in Oahu, I’d love to visit Hawaii in future!

  9. Hannah Bailey-Churcher

    This is an amazing list of things to do in Oahu, I would love to visit Hawaii in future!

  10. Hawaii is always a place in my travel bucket list. So nice to see you enjoyed your vacation at Oahu! This reminds me of the movie Moana. I’m adding all polynesian island to my bucket list.

    1. hey Sharon,

      Bucketlist? Why not TO DO SOONEST list, and then start planning he trip NOW! We Manifest what we focus on!

  11. Travel Blogger

    I would love to see the Bowfin museum. My husband and I love marine history, and this would be a great activity on vacation.

  12. Oahu sounds awesome, there seems to be something for everyone there. Thanks for sharing Julie..

  13. You simply cannot go wrong with picking Hawaii for your vacation. It’s been a while since I last went there but it’s always going to be one of the most awesome places I’ve been on. These all sound fun!

  14. I have not been to Hawaii before, but of all these places you’ve mentioned, I would love to see the SS Arizona Memorial. Me and my husband are history buffs and this would be awesome. I might even get emotional about it, because I have had relatives who served in the war.

  15. I’ve not heard of Oahu before so this was such an interesting post. I hope I get to visit Hawaii one day – it looks fabulous.

    1. Hawaii is amazing, its one destination most people want to visit. Glad to have inspired you Kirsty, Hawaii calling you! :)

  16. I’ve never been to Hawaii but if I am ever able to go, I would definitely want to visit Oahu. There are so many wonderful attractions in Oahu and I wouldn’t want to visit Hawaii and not see Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. I would also really like to see Diamond Head.

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