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How I beat CoronaVirus

It came like a thief in the night – My Battle with COVID-19

It came like a thief in the night or did It! – My battle with COVID-19 and How I am Rebuilding My Immunity


I say it came like a thief in the night… But did it?

In hindsight, (Mrs hindsight does love coming after game down doesn’t she?) Anyway, looking back, the writing was on the wall, if I had been paying attention.


You see, although I thought I took my personal health seriously, I cheated a lot…🙋 🙄

I have been cheating myself when it comes to rest/sleep, 😴 Not allowing my body to naturally replenish, repair, and restore.

And I truly believe this is how Ms. Rona was able to have her way with me in the life ring and almost won.


But the Big Man upstairs, that’s God to me, is not done with me yet. So, thankfully I won all 12 rounds aka 12 days of feeling like hell had come to me and hired Tyson to do the deed ringside.


I can tell you that C-19 is real and it hurts like you cannot imagine. It had me sick to my core, nausea for days on end, diarrhea at the same time, fever like I have never known. My strength was zapped,…

It steals your strength until you cannot do much for yourself. And your strength takes way longer to return. I am working on it. Plus, in the UK unless you’re taken to the hospital and tested, you can never know if you are COVID free or not.


So, frankly speaking, I for a while have been terrified 😰 to even get near my children and family until 28 days are gone. And hopefully, I can also get my home deep cleansed.


So let's talk about the symptoms of Covid-19, what are they? Click to Tweet


Symptoms of CoronaVirus – What They Didn’t Say

First of all, I don’t have any underlying conditions. According to NHS.UK coronavirus symptoms are: 

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)  These are the main symptoms of coronavirus.

How I beat CoronaVirus


And I didn’t have those…But wait a minute, remember the writing on the wall? Well, mine showed up 3 weeks before I went down in the ring with Ms. Rona. 

Also, the reason I have shared in this article is:

I have so many people asking:

WHAT DID YOU DO TO GET OVER Covid-19. I cannot answer you all, and I have not been tested and declared C19 free.

Yet, I believe I am Corona free right now. And I hope this will help you too if you have any symptoms. Or are recovering from the virus. 


Before I share “How” I got my life back, I am alive and better…



😢 I did get a very mild itchy sore throat, sneezed a ton, and a dry cough around mid-March, which disappeared after 3 days. It has been a very cold winter so I treated that as I do any cold/cough. Truth be told I thought it was some kind of allergy coz it disappeared dang fast.

We had also implemented “Social physical distancing” as a family so for over 2 weeks.


😢 Then around 25th march, I got body aches like I had malaria. My body felt battered, my muscles hurt. I felt very cold and my skin hurt to the touch for over 7 days. But I had my appetite, I could walk and I thought it was a winter bug. After all, I work from home and hadn’t been outside of my house for weeks.


😢 Then I got really sick on 3rd April I felt really weak. I felt nauseous and then diarrhea and throwing up showed up for DAYS. I was throwing up blood. THIS IS one of the effects of Corona.

Plus a very high fever… I was very cold & hot. We had been calling our GP and told it was a bug. I was advised to take some paracetamol and I’d be fine in a couple of days.


We called 999 on 5th, 6th, and 8th April, When I was gasping fr breath, I couldn’t breathe properly.  And finally, an ambulance came, and I was told I had C-19.

Later I got chest pains, although No cough, No Sore throat, or any such thing. So the symptoms and Secondary infections do vary a lot, esp. in black people. 

And now, here is…


How I beat Coronavirus  and Got my life back

👉 God Did It. You call it what you want, Source, Universe, Nkulunkulu, Katonda, Mungu, Ruhanga… Call it whatever floats your boat. Just understand that a Higher power than I; was in the middle of the storm. Applying pressure to the Egyptians, the Goliath that had taken root in my life.

God has and continues to fight my battles via your prayers, my prayers, my family, and friends’ prayers. Various amazing men and women of God Prayers…


A Higher power than I; was in the middle of the storm. Click to Tweet


How else Has He done it?

👉 By guiding my actions. Connecting me to people who were happy to share their expertise, experiences, and ideas to help TREAT THE SYMPTOMS and Secondary Infections. To help my body fight this thing and flush it Out of my body. That’s all you can do.


👉 One of the connections is a Medical Doctor based in Germany, an old school friend whose name we shall protect for data protection purposes. She advised us on what else we could do to flush out the virus. Based on my prior health and medical condition, I have No Underlying conditions. So I cannot share that info as it was based on mine, not your medical condition. 


There is NO CURE, Yet. You can only treat the symptoms and secondary infections. So, either your Body wins or Covid-19 wins.

In fact, there is no known cure for any Virus, not even the common cold. And at time of publishing, there is NO WIDELY KNOWN VACCINE against coronavirus. 

Although in some hospitals, Live Plasma is taken from patients who have beaten Corona and Injected in the Sick Patients to help kickstart the antibodies against the virus. And many are responding in UK. 

👉 By giving me a FAMILY who took care of my every need and continued to do so as I Self Isolated. Whatever I need, they deliver. They could have been locked down elsewhere. I am so grateful.

That’s how I have been able to get back on my feet, able to eat food and now I am working on repairing this battered body. Its a Process.


👉 I took and still take a lot of Fluids, hot drinks, water, juice, smoothies, tea, I sip or take a drink every hour on the hour.


👉 I steamed daily x2 or even 3 times. It can be just hot water with Eucalyptus oil.
When I was really sick we used to add ginger, orange peels, and turmeric to the boiling steam mix, and I would sit under our thickest blanket/duvet. Breathing in the hot steam and flushing out toxins and the Fever. Now I do once a day.


👉 Paul gave me a back & chest massage with a hot steaming towel dipped in Hot water with 200gms Salt Plus back slaps. This was always immediately after the steaming when my skin was hot and the capillaries open. It further helped with the release of toxins and possible inflammation from my chest as well as any coagulation of fluid that may have lodged in my lungs.

This definitely helped to relieve chest pains and backaches too. It seemed to help with the inflammation and it may possibly stop the problems of the fluid inflaming the lungs most Covid-19 Patients get when they get really sick.  


An alternative was hot water and salt bath soak for 20-30 mins may do the same as above. Add 200mgs salt to a bath, add hot water; 45 degrees was hot enough for me. I added aromatic Menthol or Eucalyptus oil.  You may feel a bit light-headed and need help getting out of the bath. You will need to lie down after the bath. This alternative may be repeated ONLY once more.


👉 Fomentation to flush out the fever – Please connect with Glorie Kulongo for details on HOW to do this. This woman is a Powerhouse on Home treatment and remedies and Just uplifting you. She has been a gem and a Godsend to me and my family. You can watch the videos on Fomentation by Glorie here


👉 I did an Onion Poultice daily for 12 days.  I did a video on that below, please check it out and do your research.

The Onion Poultice Home Remedy for Chest Infections

If you cannot see the video  below, click this link to view it in Facebook


I also did a Full video of the actions I took, you can watch it below





You Can Also Watch Via this link & Follow me on Facebook

👉 I took Paracetamol for the headaches and I also took it to get my temperature down when it got scarily high, and I was told they would not hospitalize me.

Sometimes I took a shot of Cayenne Pepper if I had taken all the day’s recommended paracetamol:


A quarter a teaspoon in a shot of room temp water stir thoroughly and drink up. Cayenne is Nature’s pain killer.

👉 We followed EXPERT MEDICAL ADVICE, on what medicines both prescribed or over the counter, I could take. So Please Do Consult a Doctor. Self-medication could mean you may be treating the wrong ailment or even fail to get to medical attention when you most need it.


👉 I was prescribed Anti Nausea tablets, Oral Rehydration Salts, and Anti Diarrhea medicine as I lost a lot of fluid and energy due to diarrhea and throwing up, so please seek medical advice, ASAP.


👉 I chewed on tiny slices of ginger minus the external peel to alleviate nausea. I also took Activated Charcoal for the same. Activated Charcoal also helps with cleansing your gut.


👉 When I couldn’t eat, I took small sips of warm water with glucose to help my body have some energy. I felt nauseous all day every day for over a week. My vegetables were juiced and fruit was turned into smoothies.  My children made bread soup, onion soup, veg soup any soup to tempt me to have something to help my body get strong and have some food in my system.


Another option we tried on medical advice to raise energy: Mix Coca-cola with fresh-squeezed orange juice and sip that. The Cola is almost 100% sugar so will be absorbed fast for instant energy. The orange juice is the Vitamin C your body needs, to boost your immunity.

The cola also can help with nausea, you can use Vimto too as an alternative. 

👉 I was also sent lots of meditations and Reiki by Dr. Miriam Sekandi, of Breakfree Zone. Reiki is a personal choice, you either believe it helps or you don’t. Connect with her to learn more and get help.


👉 If you cannot breathe naturally, (why we called 999) call your Doctor Immediately. If you feel any of the symptoms above, seek medical advice.

Please Do Not DIY your health without Seeking Medical Help.

Please Do Not DIY your health without Seeking Medical Help. Click to Tweet


👉 Connect with Richard Muyombya if you are a Christian and believer, he has a special gift for encouraging and healing and will help you willingly. He literally reached out to me of his own bat to encourage, advice, and pray for me. Brings me to my next tip…

👉 I Pray and Prayed a lot, a LOT. God’s hand is what I seek in my walk of life and I turn to God, even more, when I feel like I am against the wall or nothing seems to work… 


👉 I was reminded: Julie Syl;

YOU HAVE AUTHORITY to speak to this situation. To command angels to Minister and Serve you to Get Better. I did. (Story for another day).

In addition to Prayers from my family, Rev Collins-Owusu-Benpah, Rev Samuel Sarpong, so many friends sent prayers. Masses were said across continents for me. The Love and light sent my way was huge…God saw Fit to spare me. I am so blessed and grateful. 

What do you believe in? You MUST know WHO you Are and APPLY that pressure Psalms 82:6. That’s WHO YOU ARE.


Prayers and personal support from so many other people, you know who you are.   Your prayers have been so appreciated, positive energy, love. The outpouring of support. You are amazing.



Post Corona Self Care – Rebuilding Your Body Immunity.

Every day is an exercise in Listening to my Body

Every day is an Exercise in Listening to My Body Click to Tweet


👉 I Rest a lot, I need to. Its a process regaining energy and repairing an immunity system that’s been hit by 12 rounds with Tyson for days 💁‍♀️


👉 I stretch and do simple movements to get my body strength back, I also try to do sitting exercises and any movement I can to get my blood flowing.

One of my friends, a coach, an intuitive, a best selling author Rebecca Bardess. A woman I respect a lot has also had Covid-19 symptoms, and below is what Rebecca says about pacing yourself and resting.

You are best listening to her and connect with her on Facebook

The virus de-selfs the inner voice so part of the time it speaks for it. Took me a while to hear my own body’s voice rather than the voice of the virus. The virus was all “take no time off. Hustle hard!” And I did, which wore me out enough to get secondary issues. Eventually I heard my own body’s voice again and it was saying: “STOP! Balance. I’m exhausted! That virus is giving you manic energy. Chill! It isn’t real energy! Your adrenals are off! Chill!!

👉 I take a teaspoon of BlackSeed Oil daily, Vitamin C 1000mg, Vit D + Zinc to boost my immunity. I eat veg, fruit. I lost my sense of smell and the taste for meat so I try small fish, fruits, veg, soups.


👉 I also take direct immunity boosting supplements and products that also detoxify my body:

  • Crystal Cell,
  • Actual+ and
  • SnowphyllForte.

These products you cannot buy in your local grocery store. So please connect with Martin Ahaisibwe to order them. And join me in thanking Martin, who kindly gifted me the products/supplements below to support my return to divine health.

Better still call him via Whatsapp +256 752 070000 and make your order asap, to boost your immunity against viral attack.  

how I beat coronavirus_Immunity booster Crystal cell


👉  More fluid intake, water, tea, juice, etc. again to detoxify the body and prevent constipation. 

By the way, I DO NOT take the raw Garlic, Lemon, Ginger mix people seem to take like popping pills.

That raw garlic is FIRE. It can and will erode your stomach lining if taken for a long time. Then you will know real pain.

Instead, we boil water with ginger, add a teabag. Once boiled we add some honey, squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon in it, cut the rest of the lemon up and drop it inside the tea. That way we don’t lose the Vitamin C by boiling lemon. 


👉 We also take a tea made with a normal tea bag, add a quarter spoon of Cayenne pepper, and a half teaspoon of Tumeric. Add honey if you have a sweet tooth. (Immunity booster on a budget, our children drink this too.)


How did my Business Survive The Covid Attack? 

We must plan ahead and take massive action on our dreams and plans today NOW. In fact, watch the video below to understand how you can Recession-proof your business/career. 


I work remotely online for almost 90% of my business. And have done so for 7 yrs. One of the things I keep sharing and impress upon all my clients is:

👉 Schedule your business and content out at least 3months out. And be INTENTIONAL about your life.

👆 That right there, means my business and clients’ business did not suffer much in my absence.

Although those parts of the business that I insist on doing myself like Coaching, my Mastermind,  sharing value on my profile noticed my absence. And that is OK.


It’s time for you, if you aren’t yet doing so, to set up your social and digital presence as an asset fully 3-6 months ahead of you so you never have to worry if you need to take time out. K-Web Social can Help you there, connect with them here


God bless you even as you plan your economy in the next 90 days.

Tighten your belts, it’s going to be a ride you will never forget for 80% of the population will face a recession never seen before. Only GOD can change this for most. 

And did I say THANK YOU? I Appreciate you in more ways than you can imagine. 🙏 💞 💕

THANK YOU, for all your prayers and support and outpouring of love. How can I ever repay you, other than showing up more with more energy and praying 🙏 for you and yours.

See, Do, Be More

Julie Syl Kalungi

JuleSyl n Pauli_Pkjulesworld

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  1. Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    Sorry to hear about you contracting the Corona Virus however your faith and strength have helped you pull through which is great to hear. Thanks for sharing at #BloggersPitStop

  2. read every word with awe , god bless you! This is n ot a simple flu virus, better we all be careful

  3. Leanne | cresting the hill

    Hi Julie – I’m so glad you’ve come through this awful time. When Kathleen contacted us and asked us to pray for you and told us how very sick you were it was such a worry. I think we all assume we’re bulletproof and that the virus wouldn’t be a problem at our age and with no other health issues, but you are proof that it can take down anyone.
    Keep looking after yourself and remember to take Rebecca’s advice about taking things easy, finding balance, and not rushing back to all your commitments too quickly. God bless and well done on getting through the worst of it (and for sharing how).

  4. Wow, really captivating. We’ve all known you to be a strong person Syl; you have once again proved us right. Mukama mulungi… Thank you for sharing your experience with Ms Rona and l know we all know that she can be defeated by those that are present mind, body and soul. We thank God that He is always present when called upon…and sometimes when we even forget to thank Him for the graces he grants us. A big thank you to Daktari and our 2 little kittens and to all those that readily gave you advise. Akuume

    1. Thank you so much Sis Gemka! Your thoughts and prayers and well wishes really got me through that dreadful time so MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY! Thank you for reading <3

  5. Hi Sylvia,
    I do not know what to say but certainly you are not just a living miracle but an amazing person with a determination to live else you would not have survived. I pray that you live to inspire many. Yet you remain humble and give the credit first to God and then others! And your writing style is so captivating. Once you start reading you must complete!

    1. Hi Erasmus,

      Thanks bro for dropping by and Only God could have worked with me, fought the battle and got me back to great health, via my Family and connections. I am blessed. I am glad you enjoyed my writing style too.

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