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how to wear an obsidian crystal bracelet

Does wearing Crystals Bring you Wealth and Healing?

Here is How to Wear an Obsidian Crystal Bracelet, Question is Does it bring you Wealth and Healing?

We first published this article on how to wear an obsidian crystal bracelet on 04/Jan/2020. Due to A huge number of Inquiries, We are updating it to answer your most common questions. 


AND for All Your Questions on Who can Wear and HOW to wear your black obsidian and Pixiu Bracelet, please visit our Comprehensive article Here



So, Happy New year of Love, Fun, freedom, fulfilment, perfect health, and Lots of wealth to us all.

Can you believe one of my Christmas gifts was a bracelet? Not any old bracelet though… See I have been for a while researching wealth and energy cleansing bracelets and Obsidian kept popping up on my radar.

One of the things I then wondered about was; “How to wear an obsidian bracelet. 


And, who said Dream Boards don’t work huh! 

See, I’ve been wanting to get myself a crystal bracelet, specifically a health and wealth bracelet.  

Now, I had heard good things about Obsidian as a crystal that helps clear negative energy. While the Pixiu dragon is known to attract wealth in the oriental world. So, a mix of the two was just what I was after.


And Santa delivered yay. I received black obsidian pixiu bracelet and…I pulled out my doodle notes on how do you wear an obsidian pixiu bracelet to get the best from it?

First, I am a believer in the gifts from the womb of mother nature, and crystals are one of them in addition to every plant known to man!

I am a proud owner of several crystals and 7 Himalayan salt crystal lamps. #don’tjudge 😉


So obviously you can imagine my excitement when I opened one of my Christmas gifts and found the beautiful bracelet you see on my hand below.

how to wear an obsidian crystal bracelet

In order to wear the obsidian bracelet correctly, you have to have one of course and also you might need to know its qualities. Why you might aspire to get one, yes?


So, what is Black Obsidian?  

Ever since I got curious about Feng shui, I also got interested in crystals and their value to us humans. Among other things, I learnt about Obsidian crystals.

They are one of the more abundantly found rock crystals, formed when molten lava cools super-fast creating a glass-type rock. Black obsidian is often referred to as volcanic glass, yet it is also considered strong enough to create knives.

Obsidian crystals come in a variety of colours black being one. Click to Tweet

Obsidian crystals come in a variety of colours black being one.

My interest in black obsidian crystals arose from the belief that they have super natural healing and metaphysical properties for energetic protection. They have strong psychic protection energy. Others all it Orgone Energy.

Orgone energy is universal energy similar to what some call Chi, Ki or Prana.

Because of their orgonite power, I have come to learn that Black Obsidian crystals are good with spiritual grounding. Something I love to do almost daily. The connection with mother earth is strong with this crystal.


According to b-orgon,

“An Orgone generator can be used also as a source of strength in everyday life, it can help to relax and reduce stress, balances body systems and promotes the healing powers of the body.”


I have experienced the power of crystals in my home and now, I will share with you how I get on with my Obsidian crystals in the next 3-12 months. In the meantime, I will share with you the most commonly shared benefits and how to wear the Black Obsidian crystal bracelet for the most benefits from it.

You Can Buy Your Bracelet Here

Benefits of wearing a black obsidian pixiu bracelet:

We live by faith and I believe that Mother Nature provides us so much just as father Light dos too.

Since Obsidian is formed from a powerful meeting of various forces of nature, it embodies these forces and is believed to:

#1. EMF Protection: Now I work on my PC, I shoot videos, I podcast and I am always WhatsApping all day long. I sit by a WiFi router, So many Electro-Magnetic Forces around me. As you might know, EMF is emitted by electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs etc.

I learnt that black obsidian crystals would help because they emit the powerful orgone energy. So, my new natural Black Obsidian pixiu bracelet protects me from EMF radiation. 


#2. Cleanse and Protection from Negative Energies – It is claimed that the black obsidian when worn correctly on the left hand, has powerful metaphysical properties that will help shield you from the negative energies in and around you.


Cleanse and Protection from Negative Energies with a black Obsidian Bracelet Click to Tweet

#3 Stress Reduction – It is believed that this bracelet will help balance your energy and thus reduces stress. With less negative energies round you this is one of the gifts of mother earth.


You will react less and RESPOND more to situations, you will be less likely to be drawn into arguments with people as your emotional bank is at ease. You will thus have better control of your emotions and thoughts.

With balanced thoughts, you will be less prone to diseases. If you are unwell, you will allegedly heal faster, self-healing on tap. Less Frustration, yes, please.



#4. Provides Psychic Protection – With years of stressful living, you will find some psychic clouds or smog around or within your aura. The Black Obsidian stone is said to powerfully and effectively provide protection and cleansing of your aura.



Activating, Cleansing and How to Wear Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet.

Following some research, guidance, and my knowledge of wearing crystals, I did the following to Activate my bracelet.

I washed it in simple clean water to cleanse it, touched it lovingly to let the pixiu dragons know I am the owner.  

I then placed the bracelet on a clean saucer and sat it under the sun for as long as I could to further cleanse and activate it. It was a nice sunny day so I let it sit out for over 2 hours in direct sunlight.

Then I wore it the next day. After letting it sit under the moonlight by a window in my living room. 



How to Wear it: 

Understand that my bracelet has 2 pixiu dragons facing each other, so there is no right side for them to face. 

I wear it on my left hand because it is considered the side that activates and attracts divine health, and Wealth. 

Some masters state that wearing the bracelet on the right side denotes you giving away your wealth. Others say you should wear the bracelet on your dominant hand. Mine is the right hand Now.

Yet, when I was a child I was left-handed. I was beaten out of the habit and had to learn to use my right hand as the dominant hand.

So I know that naturally I am left dominant and I wear my bracelet on my left hand. It’s your energy that actually activates the results you require and receive from the bracelet.

So, maintain an energy of joy, gratitude, expect the best and give only your best.


NOTE: I don’t wear my bracelet when I go to the shower, if I am washing dishes, and I don’t wear it to bed.

It is not advised to keep it in your bedroom while you are sleeping. The pixiu energy may affect your sleep, leading to sleepless nights. Or you might have not so pleasant dreams, due to the energy around pixius. 


When you go to bed, leave your obsidian pixiu bracelet in your living room with the dragon head facing the door, to guard and protect your home while you sleep. 

If you live in shared accommodation or in a studio flat (one room) here’s my suggestion.

Create a space and call it your “living space” in your room. It can be as simple as a small side table. Separate your sleeping quarters. Then you can place your bracelet in your “living space” at night. 



Who Shouldn’t wear an Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet? 

Apparently anyone under the age of 16 or over the age of 70 shouldn’t wear one. If you are pregnant, don’t wear one until after birth. 


It is believed that the energies pixiu releases are very strong and could affect people whose spirit isn’t as strong, this may include people under 16 and over 70.

That said, some people over 70 have very young spirits, exercise regularly, eat healthily, meditate daily and have the biological age of someone half their age.

If this is you, go ahead and wear your bracelet. 





If you are a woman expecting a baby you might give the bracelet a miss until you have the baby.

If you are over 70 years of age or a minor under 16, it is advised that you do not wear a pixiu bracelet. 

As stated earlier, you should wear the black obsidian bracelet on your left hand, like other crystals. This enhances its powers to protect and cleanse your energetic space.

Wearing it on the left hand is also believed to attract luck and good wealth. BUT if you wear it on the right, it is believed that you are giving away your wealth.

Not that there is anything wrong in giving. What they mean is that wearing it on the right hand could result in LOSING your wealth. There is a difference, yes?


When not wearing it, I have been advised to keep/place it in my living room with the head facing the front door. NOT in the bedroom.

Silly me I’d been keeping it in the bedroom since Christmas lol. Oh well, lesson learnt.


Every so often, cleanse your crystals and recharge them with Sunlight energy for about 30 mins. I do mine once a month.

BUT, obsidian doesn’t need much sunlight, so it may be better to just charge it with an Obsidian crystal wash.


Black Obsidian stone is said to powerfully and effectively provide auric protection. Click to Tweet

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605 thoughts on “Does wearing Crystals Bring you Wealth and Healing?”

  1. Good afternoon to you .I got my bracelet today and it was really tight around my arm I unfriended it and put an adjustable band in it would that be ok I hope have messed it up. Thank you very much for your time have a great day.x

  2. I have been wearing a black obsidian pi yao bracelet since june. I noticed that the string is quite weak but forgot about it. Today it broke. Two beads fell. Nothing is broken and chipped. Can i re-string it? Or someone else has to?

  3. Suzanne Sinclair

    Hi just received my 2 bracelets I read that you should put them in the sun activate the bracelet well we have no sun right now can they still activate.
    I work in a hospital and we are not aloud to wear bracelets due to infection control.
    Will the bracelets still work if I don’t wear them until my shift is finished.

  4. elaine maternaghan

    Hi i got my buddha power bracelet today i have cleaned it under water and i have now set it under the sunlight. Ps im right hand and was just wondering is it ok to wear on my left hand or does it have to be the right hand. Yours truly. Elaine

  5. I am under the chinese zodiac sign Dog. I read that is not compatible with this bracelet? I want to hear your opinion.

  6. Hello,

    Just received my bracelet with one dragon and the head with the horns and nostrils are facing inward to me, feet flat on my skin and is on my left wrist.

    My question is below:

    How and where do I find the meaning for each ball (black and gold)?

    Thank you,


  7. Hi Julie, I live with my paents and only have my room to live in, why can’t if face the door in my bed room. don’t want to leve it where someone would touch it.

  8. Gabriel Ioan Ungurasu

    Hi Julie!!
    Thank you so much for all the information in wearing the bracelet!
    I’m just confused on which hand I should wearing? Native, my mother tells me that i was left hand, but because of that times I was forced to write with right hand, and now I am right hand writer.
    Can you please tell me which is best for me to wear the bracelet?

    Best regards,

  9. I have the black Obsidian black and gold color. I live in a small room and it says leave it in the living room. My room is so small. Please help me with what to do.

  10. Hi,
    It has been said that if you are born in 1962 which makes you a zodiac tiger you should not wear the bracelet as it can have a negative affect. How do you fix that?

  11. I bought 3 not realizing that they are not compatible with Tiger which I am. I gave one to my daughter who is an ox & 1 to my husband who is a rat. What is best to do with mine? Shall I display it on a silver tray near a Buddha near my front door in living room or foyer?

  12. Karen Cajayon

    Its my first time to wear my obisidian bracelet and i sleep with it,i had bad dreams and like nightmare which i felt difficulty of breathing and like having convulsion,im so afraid,i had it related to black obsidian.i wear it in my left hand.thank u

  13. Got mine 2weeks ago and i wore it immediately coz im very excited. didn’t got a chance to activate it and i have wore it incorrectly due to lack of knowledge on how to properly wear it. Since then, I notice that something’s not going well.. i am sad about that but i still believe in the power of these crytals and Pixiu so i will try to do your advice and this time, i really hope this will work.. :-)

    1. Hi, i have just ordered my bracelet and can not wait to get them. I read all comments saying they need to be activated in the sun. Leaving in UK this is not always guaranteed, what shall i do?

  14. What is the black one for looks like a little guy bending his head to the side. Also the bedroom is the main room I’m in 97 percent of my the time. Please give me a little advise and I am 73 pretty healthy and believe in things like this also my heavenly father. Thank you Adele

  15. Please I wish to know more about this bracelet and how I can get one for my self

  16. Hello, I want to ask I got Mine packed with yellow cloth inside mini red box.. it’s just like a jewelry box but a little bigger on the size..

    If I want to store it or put it somewhere safe is it alright if I put the bracelet inside the red box and put the box inside table drawer or my cloth’s board?

    If it get’s broken it need to be pack with red cloth and buried right? so I assume if I store it at my table drawer on my bedroom while it packed with the yellow cloth and the mini red box will it be okay?

    or there any alternative?

  17. I received my bracelet today but unfortunately I had surgery to my left wrist is it still ok to wear it knowing that I’ve just had surgery. Look forward to hearing your reply thank you and God bless

      1. Just got my bracelet yesterday and just as a few have said put it on right away. Now I know better. I live in a shared living space, I have a sunroom, a bathroom and a bedroom, also I live toward the back of the house. Can l place my bracelet in the sunroom and just point toward the front door which is three rooms away? Thank you ever so much.

  18. Hi there Julie I just got my 2 bracelets 1 one head the second one is 2 head both are black and gold plz what do you think gonna happen if I wear it never take it of Until I put it on charge at the sun . Should I wear it when I’m cooking When I’m washing dishes Cleaning my house go to work get Afternoon nap Go to work Should I put it in the wall by my front door . Miss Julie I have the Puxiu ring too plz can you tells me how to wear it plz

    1. You can waer the ring like a normal ring on your left hand which is the receiving hand, and I’d take it off to wash up and clean your house as it may break :)

  19. Hello I just received mines today I did put them on until I read your article then I immediately washed them and placed in the sun. Can I wear them until night fall then put under the moon light ?

    Thanks in advance Chrissy

    1. Thank you for responding. I lounge in my bedroom a lot during the day that my comfortable place and sometimes I forget to take them off would that affect my sleeping? Very curious I’ve done it twice and horrible effects those to nights although I didn’t wear them to sleep

  20. I order two i think u all should have let the people know it’s a age limited on the bracelet to wear not fair until u order u read the instruction on curtain age limit shouldn’t wear not fair have already spent my money

  21. Im already wearing my bracelet without putting cleasing it. Can i still do it after 3days. Where should the dragon facing

    1. Yes that’s fine Irene, just cleanse it and activate it when you can and the drag should be facing your thumb and its back should be facing the ceiling if you had your palm flat on a table

  22. HI there, You have said in other comments that we are suppose to leave the bracelet in the living room and dragon’s facing the entrance. I have a door in my living room leading to the balcony and my bracelet have 2 dragons facing each other. how do i mae sure my dragons are facing the right direction. Thanks Nav

      1. Hi Julie, my entrance door and flat are at different level. But in my living room I do have a door leading to the balcony. Is it okay to put the bracelet facing the baclcony door. Also as you said to put them towards the entrance so the ball that’s connecting the dragons points towards the entrance, should I put my bracelet flat on the table where both dragons are lying down but the ball is pointing to the balcony door. Thanks

      2. OK I am confused first they say to wear it on your left hand than others say to were on your right I am more dominant with my right hand I write with my right hand I do everything with my right hand if I reach over and grab something it’s going to be with my right hand, so do I wear it on my right hand, and when I first got it I washed it was just plain water and put it on a saucer in the front of my window my living room window is this correct I’m going to proceed to wear it tomorrow morning

  23. Hello,
    I would also like to buy two bracelets, but before ordering them, I would like to know; what zodiac sign can these bracelets wear?
    I look forward to your response
    Thank you very much,

  24. Am Stephen, i ordered 2PC Golden Pixiu Obsidian Bracelet Feng Shui Black Bead Alloy Wealth Bracelet Charm Handmade Lucky Amulet Bracelet Gift from Aliexpress I hope is part of the best place you can get it from. Secondly, Am a Nigerian will it work perfectly well here in Nigeria.?

    Thirdly, Does Aliexpress sell original one

  25. Marie Gutierrez

    I got my feng shui bracelet yesterday i did not leave it in the sun but mine is green, which one do I have, I ordered through a company by the name of devaney, I think that’s the name, I didn’t even get any info about , just the bracelet in a black box

  26. Eucharia onuoha

    I have just ordered 5 Fein shui bracelet, what is the different between the gold and the black one. Should I activate it before giving it to the people I bought it for.
    You keep saying to last long, does it expire.

    1. When I say it lasts long I mean it terms of durability. And I’d rather you tell your friends to activate the bracelets for themselves so your energies to interfere with their

      1. Alicia Jordan

        Hello, I lost my left hand, and so now knowing how to wear it, can I pun it to the left of any garment?

      1. Like I said before that I am 73 and I am a bone cancer patient…I thought wearing the bracelet might heal me….can you explain about the spiritual energy that is not good for people over 70, please….thank you.

        1. The energy is just strong, and you are already not as strong as you usually are due to the cancer, which I hope you make a speedy recovery from, I don’t think it would be a good idea Anna

  27. The elastic on my bracelet is starting to fray…can I restring it before it breaks?

    1. Can I wear my bracelet in the shower or is it advisable to take it off before

  28. Yes dear same as mine i just got this afternoon and felt so weird like there’s something holding you and it’s very strong energies I can feel

  29. lenora prophete

    i just received my bracelets, but i did not put them in the sunlight. Did i mess them up

      1. Joseph C Villara

        Can you wear the black and gold one with the all black one and what’s the difference between the two and how do you wear it and clean it and can I wear it at all time swimming, running play sports or at the gym????

  30. Just got my Obsidian bracelet, I’m left handed because I lost my right hand, is it still okay to use my bracelet on my only one hand, I’m worried about how I wear it and taken it off. Please what can you advise.

  31. When you say wear it upward do you mean the head facing the sky or your thumb? And how would we know if its fake or genuine? Pls advise. Thanks.

      1. G R Askins Jr.

        Hi, I’m GR and I’ve been wearing my Fu Sheng Bracelet on my right hand” my dominate hand” for about a Month. I just switch it to my left hand with the face of the Dragon pointing towards me, is this the correct way to wear it? I also rinse it off with arm water and mild hand soap ” it got contaminated with a body fluid…after cleaning I put it in the Sun For 2 Days without touching it.

      2. Jennifer Biediger

        I have one with 2 pixu’s as well. And they are silver is this a good one?

      3. Someone bought a bracelet wore it for 2 week and then realise it is not for them so she sold it to someone else she said you can wash it and place it in. The sunlight for 15minutes and it will be okay to wear is that okay

    1. Hi I got my obsidian bracelet today really pleased with it,can you help me I live part time at my girlfriends, & I put the bracelet in her living room facing front door & do the same when I go to my home is that ok,thank you James.

  32. I just received my bracelet yesterday after I got home from work but didn’t know how to ware it, so I put it on yesterday evening after I got home for about 1 hour, but didn’t do what you said to about placing it in the sunlight for an hour before wearing it and I had put it on my dresser over night and I also wore it on my right hand. So now what do I have to do to do this the right and is it to late to correct it ?

    1. It is okay Joseph.
      Place the bracelet in the sun if you get some, and you can also wash it with plain water before you put it in the sun. Touch it like you own it and then wear it on the left hand.

      Hope that helps


      1. Carol Gledhill

        Hi I’ve just received my 2 bracelets for me and my husband but I’ve seen a comment that not to wear it if your 70 or over we are both 70!! Help

    2. Gerolamo Cardano

      How do i activate my obsidian bracelet? I just received mine today.

  33. Hi Julie Syl and Paul,
    I just received my 2 black Obsidian bracelets yesterday 7.6.2020 and due to excitement to wear it, I didn’t activate it putting under sunlight as you instructed from prev comments and I learned it should be wearing on your left hand side not on the right hand. Is there any other effect of using it without activating the bracelet? What should I do now, can I reactivate it and how long it would be before I use it again?

    1. Heya Jerry,

      Dont worry at all, wash your bracelets in clean water, you can even add a bit of salt. Then let them dry in the sun, for as long as you can. Job done.
      Its your energy that actually activates the results you require from the bracelet. So maintain an energy of joy, gratitude, expect the best and give only your best.
      Enjoy your bracelets.

      1. Donald Anderson

        I got two off Amazon those that make a difference from getting them from the budda power store or Is it the same

  34. 06Jul2020@8:51am
    Hope all is well,
    [Question 1]
    I have two bracelets.
    I don’t know if I have 1a or 1b.
    I can’t tell the difference between the two.
    Can you help me know which one
    I have.
    I know what #2 bracelet is.

    1a) Feng shui pixiu black obsidian wealth bracelet.
    (black + gold)
    1b) Black obsidian wealth bracelet (black + gold)

    2) Natural obsidian wealth & protection pixiu bracelet.
    (All black)

    [Question 2]
    Do I wear both bracelets on left wrist or one on each wrist.

    Thank you for the help.

      1. PENELOPE. Lee

        Hi.when i bought my black and gold bracelet.there was a short video and the gentman said to wear it on your hand you write with to bring luck and im confused now.irealy need luck and dont want to wear it on the wrong hand..

    1. I received mine yesterday and wear it today I just washed it with clean water and soap. I’m worried if that’s the proper way to do it. It is under the sun right now. Is it ok?

  35. Hello,
    Hope all is well,

    [Question 1]
    I have two bracelets.
    I don’t know if I have 1a or 1b.
    I can’t tell the difference between the two.
    Can you help me know which one
    I have.
    I know what #2 bracelet is.

    1a) Feng shui pixiu black obsidian wealth bracelet.
    (black + gold)
    1b) Black obsidian wealth bracelet (black + gold)

    2) Natural obsidian wealth & protection pixiu bracelet.
    (All black)

    [Question 2]
    Do I wear both bracelets on left wrist or one on each wrist.

    Thank you for the help.🙂

  36. I wear a magnet bracelet, and have for years. Will this have an adverse effect while wearing an obsidian bracelet?

      1. When I went on the buddah power store site it told me to wear on dom in nant hand and I think that things are not going In a positive direction, my dog wontveat, things are spilling over in my hand and i just generally feel like this us a sham. Can i purify and cleanse my bracelets with sage as well as water, please advise. CRYSTAL

        1. If you want to add sage that should be fine and if you were advised to wear it on your dominant then again be my guest, I wear it on my left because it is the receiving hand

  37. I have received my Obsidian bracelet, I had ordered two, and received a black Obsidian bracelet also !!. Can I wear the black Obsidian in between the two gold ones, and should they be upward on the wrist or below the wrist ??

    Thank you

      1. Hi, I’m seeing conflicting info one say wear on dominant hand and the other says left, which is correct – also I am 73 and just found out its not recommended to wear if your over 70.

        1. I wear mine on my left because its the receiving hand, you can wear it on your dominant if you want, there’s no hard and fast rule. and yes its not recommended for those over 70 because of the strong energies.

    1. Okay I just received my Buddha Power Bracelet. How do you wear the gold dragon and how is it facing? I have been wearing it with the dragon on the top of my wrist with the dragon facing me.

  38. If this bracelet is if positivity, angry, wealth, healing etc, why a pregnant woman or children under 16 should not wear the bracelet? I was looking into purchasing for myself & child but seems like I must wait for us to wear it.

  39. hello! Can i wear it in gym? If yes do i have to do something after gym like recharge it again or not? How many times a week need to recharge it?
    And another question if someone doesnt want to wear it can just put it somewhere facing the front door and just recharge it two times or need more than two times a week in sun light for an hour? Thank you!

    1. I would say you shouldn’t wear it in the gym because it could break. I would charge it fortnightly and if you don’t want to wear it you can just place it facing the door :)

  40. Sandra Miynihan

    I seem to be having nothing but bad luck since I have put the bracelet on. I pretty much have bad luck anyways. It just seemed like it got worse.

  41. Hello! I just received my bracelets! I like to ask you! Is better to wear one or two bracelets on my left hand? Can i wear it during exercise on gym? Do i have to do something after gym? Thank you!
    Piece and light!

    1. I would alternate between the two bracelets so they can last longer in terms of durability, I would take it off during exercise because it could break :D

    2. Hi just receive my bracelet and I give the black one to my 15 yrs old daughter.should I take it back from her although she is mature for her age .or is it wrong to give her one of the bracelet ?

  42. Pam Scoonover

    Why cant u wear black obsidion bracelet over 70? I cant find info on why or what does it affect. If its positive energy it s/be ok for anyone. Please give mw info because i have a bracelet it wasnt mentioned. Any indoccx w/be appreciated.
    Pam Scoonover

      1. Can i still wear it under 16? If not what will happen?
        And if i dont want the bracelet no more where should give or leave it?

  43. I’m still confused my dominant hand is my right hand but I’m told in some places to wear my bracelet on my left hand because that brings wealth and right and takes away other places tell me to wear it on my dominant hand so I’m confused do I wear it on my dominant hand which says the right hand also takes wealth away or do I wear it on my left hand please help me with this

      1. crystal Lancaster

        Hello I just got my Bracelet so IAM suppose to place it to the sunlight first? Also I don’t live in my own place so me placeing it in the living room I can’t do so what do I do other wise?

  44. Hi, I ordered one too and it will be here in 3 days. I have a question about it. Is it okay if I don’t open it right away and save it for a time when I’m ready to use or would that mess anything up? I don’t have the materials for it at the moment so I was wondering if that is safe to do? Thanks.

    1. Adetutu Badmus

      Good day Ezinne,
      how do you feel now with probably over a month of wearing the beads. I am a Nigeria too.

  45. Robert Wilson

    I ordered my bracelet and i have received it I am wearing it on my left arm even though I am right handed,will that matter what arm I wear it on and can I sleep with it on all night?


    Can I have Obsidian bracelet adjusted. It fits too big. Or can it worn on my left ankle.

  47. Maria liza policarpio

    Hi..just want to ask..I got mine only today but unfortunately I wear it already without putting it to sunlight first because it’s raining when it came..was that ok? If sun comes out tomorrow then I will let it on sunlight as you suggested…

  48. Can i wear it in my room when im not sleeping? Then ill just take it off before i go to bed because my working station is my room i only have a pad.

  49. Can I sleep with the bracelet on?
    Can I keep it next to the entrance/exit door?


      1. If we cannot keep in the bedroom…Where can i keep it if were staying in accomodation which is there is no leaving room?

      2. Florence Quibuyen

        Where can i keep it if im staying in accomodation which is no living room?

      3. Evangeline Tolentino

        Hi, I recieved my bracelet and I use it in my right hand but since I read all about, I used it now to my left hand, do I messed up?

  50. Apparantly you are advised to wear the bracelet on your dominant hand so if you are left handed wear it there if right handed wear it there and you have to occaisionally touch the bracelet to let you know you are its new master but lots of different blogs say different things

  51. Is liquid soap ok to use in cleaning the black obsidian bracelet if there’s no obsidian crystal wash available?

    Thank you.

  52. Hi
    I have been weAring my bracket on my right hand but has recently broken I Have reorder another.
    What do I do with the broken one and do I wear the new on my left hand,
    Thank you

      1. I had my bracelet string accidentally snapped but the beads are still intact even if they all hit the ground. It happened yesterday when we were taking pictures in an out-of-town location. I was holding my dog and he got excited that his claw might have snapped the string. We came home late last night and did not do anything with the bracelet as I was hoping to get it fixed. Now reading your response above, should I attempt to fix the bracelet or bury it? Thanks

  53. I just received my Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet. I love it! I will be sure to take care of it. I hope it works.

  54. hi I bought my partner a bracelet in March but I am reading different thing like one site saying you were it on the hand you write with hers is the right she takes it off to wash up and bath and when she is in bed and every thing else is says to do now it has snapped for no reason and she has been told to rap it in red and bury it in the garden the garden is this the right thing to do

  55. Richard Sablan

    Hi i recently purchased my black obsidian bracelet along with the pi Yao protection bracelet. I’m not sure what’s going on but my luck doesn’t seem to be any better. I’m medically retired from military and have been on a bad luck journey and all i want is to live comfortably without any worries or any problems both physically and mentally. I use both bracelets on left Hand with the head facing pinky finger. Is there something i may be doing wrong perhaps activating its powers. Could i use inscent sticks to active it? Thank you in advance.

    1. I am terribly sorry to hear this, to charge the bracelet you need to leave it in the sun for 30 minutes+. Also you need to believe and trust in it’s powers :D

      1. Hi sophia. My name is Rachel. I know your disappointed about being to young to ware the obsidian crystal bracelet miss Julia is right it might do more harm than good. But did you think about getting the bracelet for your dad?? This would help him a lot with the stress and turn his luck into good. Just a thought. Stay young and let your spirit grow big and wide. Good luck young one. Love your family.

  56. Hi I am 13 and would like to buy and wear this fang shui bracelet. My family and I have a lot of stress. My dad is a single dad raising me and my sister and I feel so sorry for him cause I know he has a lot of pressure on him having to pay for everything by himself but he is amazing and works hard. I want to buy this bracelet to bring wealth and less worries to my family but I am sadly too young. Why can’t minors wear the bracelet?

    1. I’m so sorry to hear this!! The reason minors can’t wear them is because your spirit is still growing along with you and your energies are still forming too, the bracelet may affect that

  57. Brian
    what will happen if I forget to take it off on a night and I sleep wearing it?

    1. Anhela cayowet

      I am disappointed that accordinh to how to wear onsidian bracelet,, it was written that 70 years should not wear onsidian. I am 78. Can i return it and chsnge it for another hood luck bracelet?

    2. Still confused on how to wear it. Does the gold dragon point up or down? In other words do I wear so if I look at it I can see the head or does the head sit under my wrist?

    3. Tracey Fitzwilliam

      I just received my bracelet, it has 2 Chinese dragon dogs facing each other with a obsidian crystal in between
      Which way do I point it as it is put in the lounge? Or do I just leave it any where?

  58. Hello sir, they sayyou should never take your feng shui bracelet in your bedroom. Is it true?Thank you.

    1. Can I wear it around the house where I have my children living with me and my wife is pregnant.

  59. Hi,

    I read your write-up and found it knowledgeable. I am a male living in India, age 44 years.

    After reading your write-up, I ordered a (Set of 2) Black Obsidian Stones & Turkish Evil Eye Bracelets, details below.

    What do you recommend, should I wear both these bracelets in my left hand. I wear a watch on my left hand, will it be ok if these bracelets touch the watch. Should I wear these bracelets in a way that they are before the watch (not visible to if I wear long sleeve shirt) or after the watch (visible even if I wear long sleeve shirt)?

    Your suggestions/reply against my above queries shall be highly appreciated.

      1. Hi I just received my Feng shui black obsidian bracelet from Buddha power store that I ordered on line last month. I am struggling at work with a bad guy new boss, market is down too for pandemic, divorced at this age of 54, living all alone, etc etc etc.
        I hope this bracelet gives me calm, strength, success, abundance and self esteem and respect. One question should I clean it once a month washing with water? I clean with water my rose quartz bracelet and green phantom Cristal that I am wearing in my left hand as advised by store personnel one year back . Please advice on cleaning of this bracket. Thank you so much,

          1. Eleanor Harris

            I bought 2 Buddha Bracelets, 1 Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet, Pixiu Obsidian Wealth Bracelet. The Feng Shui is black and gold and the Pixiu is all black. I am not sure how to wear it. Where is the head on the all black bracelet and should the heads face my pinky finger or my body.

      2. Can I wear my bracket at work as I work in aged care… So basically I’m showering the elderly and so I don’t want to get it wet in which I place it in the pocket of my shirt or trousers…not sure if I’m doing the right thing…

    1. I just want to know if you’re suppose to wear the Black Osiduan Bracelet on the hand you write with are just on the left hand regardless.

        1. Yolanda Frutos

          IAM confused after reading it say the left hand and some say right witch one is right and if on vacation staying in motels were do I put it?

          1. I wouldn’t take it on vacation with you just in case it broke, and you can wear it on whichever you feel comfortable, i wear it on the left because its the receiving hand

  60. Hi, I am under sixteen and I feel much calmer now I have my new obsidian bracelet but will it have any negative affects?

      1. Why shouldn’t someone under the age 16 or the age 70 where it? Is it ok to wear it if you’re currently breastfeeding?

      2. Hi, I am under sixteen, Should I get a plain obsidian bracelet or a obsidian bracelet with pixui? What do you think is better for me.

          1. Hi I just received my braclets . i know they say don’t put the braclets in the bedroom . My issue is my son has a bed in the living room. Will this bother my son’s sleep?

  61. marlene johnson

    Hello how are you doing hope all is well i have i order 2 bracelet but 3 came one all black and 2 with the dragonhead love all 3 bracelet i was trying find out to activate my bracelet it is saying that i need a sterling silver bowl gems gold and silver what if you do not have these thing

      1. I just got my bracelet and same time I put it on my right hand I read others talking about activating the bracelet please explain how to activate?

      2. Malikka Taylor

        I just received my bracelets how long should I keep it in the sunlight for it to get activated

    1. Anna M. Lopez

      I just got my bracelets. Got it for my mom. She is 91 yrs. has a pacemaker n is recovering from having a stroke 1yrs n 10 months. Will it hurt her.

    2. dorothy swift

      I just. receive my Black Obsidian today so please tell me how to activate it.

  62. Hi, after reading the above comments I think that most of my questions have been answered, but I still have a couple to ask you.
    I have recently bought 2 bracelets, (1) a Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet(gold dragon) and (2) a Pi Yao Obsidian Wealth Bracelet that is all black with a large (black) dragon. I am currently wearing both on my left hand, dragons heads upwards and head pointing outwards toward my left little finger. Is this right?
    Awaiting your reply, many thanks,

      1. Tina CAMPBELL

        I recently received my bracelet. I’ve read several different ways to activate it, one being 2 continually touchdown and count them. Is that correct or do I put it in his son to activate? I do have one other question it’s very big for my wrist. Do we have to have the dragon always pointed outward. It won’t do that since it’s so big I have to continually put it outward.

        1. I activate mine by putting it in the sun for up to an hour, If the bracelet is too big just wear it around the house so you don’t lose it while your’re out and about

      2. Sandra Moynihan

        I thought the head should be up, towards the thumb, but you told Dave the head should be down towards the pinkie. Which way is correct?

  63. Hi! Bought this bracelet early this year, I dont know if Im wearing it wrong but I followed the direction to use it on your left hand and I did. I don’t have that much luck yet but what if since you said not to put it in your bedroom and I’m living on a pad with no divisions. What should I do since this is considered my bedroom as well? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

      1. Tes Kondarasoda

        June 27th. 2020 Saturday
        Hi Pauli and Syl-Kalungi😋
        I just bought my black bracelet obsidian from a Chinese man he live in Hong
        Kong, he only sell in person!! and you only buy this bracelet in person from him👍
        How long do I needed to leave in the sunlight before I put them in my hand 🖐 and started wear my brand new obsidian bracelet?

        How long do I needed to leave this bracelet in the sunlight before started to wear them? How many hour⏰?

        Do I needed silver stone bowls to cleansing them first with Gold Gems & Silver Gems?

        Hope to hear from you soon!!

        Hopefully yours,

      2. I have recently bought 2 bracelets, (1) a Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet(gold dragon) and (2) a Pi Yao Obsidian Wealth Bracelet that is all black with a large (black) dragon. I live in Arizona weather 100° right now. I read to activate set in sun for an hour. This came delivery by mail package normal temp but when opened bracelets where real hot. Now cooled down inside normal temp. Do I still need to leave in sun for an hour?

  64. I received yesterday my new obsidian black feng shui bracelet, do we need to activate it before wearing the bracelet?

      1. I just received my obsidian black bracelet for how long do i activate on the sunlight?

      2. I got my feng shui black obsidian and the all black bracelet. I thought I heard somewhere to rub it in my hand and then put it on. But reading the instructions here I need to put it in the sun before wearing it. Please confirm.

  65. Which way should the head of the bracelet should face. Should it face me or The other way.

      1. Hi, what is upwards? Do you mean facing the individual? I recieved mine yesterday and really hoping it works

      2. Hi when I received my bracelet I wear immediately without putting it outside under the what should I do now? Please help me I just purchase another 2 bracelet for my friends.please I need your advice thanks

    1. I received my brackets and love them but a little confused how to wear them I am right handed and was told to wear them on my dominent hand which is my right and how which way do the heads go and which braclet goes on first thank you Gail.

    2. do u have to take it of at night when you sleep
      or you have to keep it on all the time

    1. John Cannizzaro

      Hi, hope all is well, can you sleep in your bed with the bracelets on, or do you have to take it off each night as you sleep?

    2. I had to fix my bracelet make it fix my arm. Is that ok, and I stay in a room house with offer people, so can’t leave it the living room because it will not be there in the morning so what should I do.

  66. Marsha J. Henson

    One has two obsidian bracelets there is one which is the original black and gold with a dragon and gold balls which One was wearing on my right wrist and the other is all black and a bear on it which One wore on my right side also But after reading these comments and your replies One believes and did remove both bracelets and put the black and gold on my left wrist and the all black on my right wrist after praying and blessing each bracelet.After putting them on One felt so much energy going through One’s body it is a great feeling One feel so up more than One did in the first place,One is a Lightwalker and won’t go into the rest of my capabilities my gifts.But,One observation of the bracelets is they are amazing,One is very impress and am in awe of this feeling of enlightenment and energy thank you for sharing this information.Now is it advised to wear my bracelets in this manner that One is wearing them in this present time,Now. Peace and God & the Goddess, Archangels be with you always and to eternity.♥️🌎✌️

      1. Hi I am wearing my bracelet over a month now and I haven’t seen much luck or change in things in my there something I should say or do to reactivate it ?

          1. Kenya W Miller

            Hi can I wear my cellphone watch on the same wrist as my Obsidian bracelet?

  67. Corrina Trujillo

    I just received my bracelet; that I ordered and purchased for myself. I do have a couple of questions before I wear it.

    1. Is there any pre-care I need to do to it before I put it on.
    2. I am left hand dominant; do I still wear it on my left hand
    3. Can I wear it all time (e.g. cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, showering)
    4. What if someone sees it on me and they touch it what do I need to do

    Thank you all in advance

    1. 1. Put it in the sunlight to activate it 2. Yes that’s fine 3. take it offer to shower and wash but otherwise its fine 4. wipe it down with a dry tissue and reactivate it

      1. Hello,
        I just received my bracelet the gold and black and I bought for my husband and my kids too. But mine is a bit too big, it keeps fall what can i do.
        I work in an age care and I’m a cook , can i still wear it while i’m working

    2. How long to u need to leave in sunlight to activate? An when i got mine the one with gold dragon had one broken bead, can i still use it

  68. I am over 70. what will the Buddha bracelet do for me.? Can I just leave it near my computer where I spend a lot of my time? And how do I cleanse my bracelet?

      1. Angelina k Font

        why cant you wear the bracelet while pregnant ? will it harm the baby …

      2. I brought these bracelets I wore them right away after I got them because I didn’t know if i have to activate them. Do you think that might interfere my luck? What can I do to make thing right?

    1. Hi i just bought this black obsidian, i had read your article, just clarification and confirmation, this means i need to remove my bracelet everytime im going to my bedroom? Also when i receive it i wear it immediately and walk under the sun for 3 mins lol. I think i did wrong, please advise

  69. floriza matibag

    Hello!! i just received my black obsidian bracelet and a i wear it on the left hand and i felt different that i could not explain, I have one question can i put the bracelet on bag or in the locker when ever i work?

      1. Dolores Hallinger-Hyser

        Hello: A few questions,
        •The Obsidian bracelet instructions indicated to wear it on dominate hand, which is my right hand; however, the instructions on this site states to wear on left hand. Please clarify!
        •Since the stretchy material is very flimsy and will eventually break, would wire be a more substantial material to repair bracelet? Thank you.

      2. What if I don’t have my own house and am staying with people…if I live it in the living room they will touch it is it good for me to look for a nice and clean place to keep in the bedroom am sleeping

  70. I just received my Obsidian bracket and it feels too big and uncomfortable on my wrist, would it give me the same power on my left ankle facing out?

      1. No you should never wear it on your ankle or let your foot touch it, because it is Reiki and Mantra infused. It is disrespect to the Relki & mantra that was used to make it powerful.

    1. I also ordered a bracelet and I hear different ways of using it. Some people say use it on your doninant hand other people say wear it on your left wrist. Which is right????? The Facebook video says to wear it on your dominant wrist. I NEED HELP!

  71. Balogun Joseph

    Mine was Just shipped in today, can I wear it with my wrist watch on the left hand.

      1. Cecilia Garcia-Sandoval

        I am a little confused.
        It says if you are 70 years old do not wear it. WHY?
        Please tell me step by step on how to activate it and everything else I need to know about my
        new Obsidian dragon bracklet. Thank you.

        1. Hey Cecilia,

          We have explained in earlier Comments why a 70+-year-old should take it on advisement before wearing a Pixu bracelet. It is to do with energy.
          Same with Activating it. Hope that helps. Because we have repeated myself like 20 times :D I hope you understand.

          1. Hi my wife is pregnant can I were it around the house near her or will it affect anything

    1. Hello my rooms are so close together where can I put the bracelet and I live with family members

  72. When I came across your site a saw the pictures of your pieces of jewelry, I was short of words cause the pictures of your pieces of jewelry are attractive and classy. Please do keep up the good work, because will love to visit the site often.

      1. Colette Bachez

        My bracelet was a little snug…a lot actually. I ended up adding extra beads for a better fit, Will this affect the effectiveness of my bracelet?
        I am wearing on left with dragons head facing out… what should I do to activate / cleanse the energy of anyone else who has touched it before me?

        1. I think you did a smart thing Colette.

          With cleansing it, simply wash it with clean water.
          Then place it in direct sunlight for as long as you can.
          Some people also place it in the moonlight overnight to activate it.

          Touch the pixu gradon and bracelet often to recalibrate it to your energy, and put your stamp on it. :)

  73. Hello, what do i do before wearing it please as i have just ordered mine, does it need to be cleansed ? i also ordered for 7chakra bracelet can they just be worn or needs to be cleansed before wearing will be gratefull for any suggestions .

      1. I ordered mine too. I’m working in a motel as a house keeper. And I’m working in the laundry too. Is that ok if I wear while on working Or do I need to take off from my hand.
        Thank you

      2. hi julie syland paul,
        my bracelet arrived yesterday & just need to comfirm how to wear.. apart from cleansing it 1st before you wear it, on your left wrist while the dragon is obviously facing upward but more to confirm the way it faces, does it face away from you or face toward you ???
        kind regards

  74. Hi

    I received my Obsidian bracelet but I am not sure which is the head as it is recommended to wear the bracelet with head facing up

    Please help

    1. David Lim Poh thian

      I have just ordered n got my obsidian bracelet pixiu just want to know can I put it under full moon 15 lunar chinese calendar to recharge it’s energy n can I wear it on my right hand cos i m using my right hand to write if I go to toilet to do my business when I m outside shopping or friends house can wear it to the toilet cos i heard it say cannot bring it for bathing?

  75. Anup Kaluskar

    Hi Folks

    I would like to know if by wearing this Obsidian Crystal Bracelet actually work in that does it bring you wealth & good luck as it claims. I have read it very much depends on your faith but equally I don’t want to buy something that is well, fake but I’m an open minded persoon and there is some truth to Feng Shui.

    If anyone has had any positive experiences like an increae their wealth or has received good luck by wearing this bracelet would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

    1. With Pixiu pendants, make sure its head is upward, and better worn on your LEFT hand. This is said to be more efficient in driving those good energies and attracting wealth.
      Pi Xiu energy is known to affect other crystals and jewelry. So let us know how that goes as you wear both on the same hand.

        1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
          People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

      1. What direction should the Head of Pi Xiu be facing when wearing on a bracelet. Should it be toward my body or away from my body?

        1. should i take it out on bed time or when im sleep? should i wear it all the time? i did on my right hand coz i have watch on my left? thankyou

    2. Why can’t the bracelet be worn on people who are over 70 years. Please reply.

      1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
        People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

    3. Hi,

      I just bought this black Obsidian bracelet. There’s contradicting info on how to properly wear this? I’ve seen ad that wearing this from your left hand only is not true. It must be wear mostly on whatever side you are working on the most. If you are a right handed person , so wear it in your right hand. Otherwise, if you are a left handed wear it on your left. In short, there supposed to be hard rule weather left or right. You should attract more energy when you wear it in your most comfortable side. Please enlighten me?


      1. Shanessa Munroe

        If someone touches the bracelet am I supposed to clean it and if yes with what plain water or with soap, and I’m right handed so am I supposed to wear it on my right hand

  76. christopher story

    Help…I have just brought two Obsidian bracelets ..There seems to be a difference of opinion.. please tell me.. I am which hand do I wear it on. Right or left.. ?

    1. Hi Christopher,

      You can wear obsidian on your left hand as most natural crystals work better on that side. I have not found much literature that says thats different for males or femails. Enjoy your Crystal.

      1. Hi Julie,
        I just got my bracelet I’m confuse. When I search how to use the brace you use in left hand. But some days were in in dominant hand you use to write. I’m right handed. But some say wear in your left hand because you wear right hand your give away your wealth. So where right or left hand? Thanks

    2. I am 70 years of age can l still wear mine on the the left hand and if l cannot why ?

      1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
        People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy. :)

        1. Helena Semedo-Andrews

          I just received my black beads with dragon bracelet, but it did come with instructions of how to use it. So, you’re saying to use it on your Right hand? I opened the box and placed on my right wrist. After read your answer, now I switched to my left wrist. When should I placed while I’m sleeping?

          1. I suggest wearing it on your left hand because it is your receiving hand. Don’t wear it to sleep though! try and keep it as far way from where you sleep :D

  77. Susan Hendrickson

    Iam over 70 and I love my bracelet. Iam looking forward to the positive things that I would receive. Is there a reason that I cannot or should not wear the bracelets? Respectfully, Susan

    1. Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your patience. I had a health challenge so I couldn’t respond sooner. As far as some literature goes, over 70s may find less benefits from wearing the crystal. I am sure you might find literature to the contrary. We each create our own Life to be honest. So if you believe your bracelet is the door to your happiness, health and wealth a whatever age. Then it will, because you believe 100%

    2. Confusion about which hand. I recently read to wear the braclett on the hand that you write with because it more predominate. Is there something specific that I can read about which hand? I want to do things correct the first time. I DON’T need anymore bad luck. Please advise, Sherrie

    3. Theresia M Liem

      If I can’t wear them at work can e put it in my pocket? Which side of pocket is best?

        1. I just got my bracelet and i have a couple of questions to ask
          1.Can i wear it while swimming?
          2.I am below the age of 16.Is the bracelet going to have any negetive effect on me?
 long does it takes to activate the bracelet?

          4.If the bracelet is not activated can i sleep with it in my room?

          5.Is the bracelet already blessed?

        2. Lourdes Asuncion

          Hi Julie, I have just orfered a bracelet a few hrs ago before I saw your page. It has no pixiu. Can I wear it , i am 74 yrs old. And can I wear it when sleeping ? Thank you for your reply… be waiting.

      1. Teresita C Skyles

        I bought a very cheap black obsidian bracelet. I want to know if that bracelet still works or not. I am thinking to buy a bit pricey one when i can afford it if this one is useless. And want to clarify if the dragon head facing outward means pointing to small finger or to big thumb? Which way you said upward? Very confusing to me.

    4. Rossana Marland

      Rossana Marland,

      Hi’ I bought 4 Obsidians Bracelet an I want five sent one for my daughter, what do I do with the other two in bag, I have place them in my lounge in a special cupboard shelf with other chines collection of mine still in bag and I start to wear one yesterday, now I just found
      I have to face the to doo with head facing the door. Yesterday I received them an I rubbed and touch the body not head an gold ring stone and black stones, and I notice I don’t have any problem Lessing my minds, and I feel good no tress since I touch an ware it yesterday an have a pit of rain drops on! I’m I doing the right things

        1. I have brought a black obsidian Pixiu bracelet. I have read that people under tiger zodiac sign I was born in 1962 should not wear it because could bring misfortune. Is this right??

  78. Hello I have the warmest most peaceful feeling since I began wearing my beautiful Obsidian Bracelet on my left arm…Ive always felt peaceful n calm…but more so now…Iv read that these beautiful bracelets mustnt be worn by anyone over 70yrs. I’m 78 yrs but Im told by my spiritual healer that my biological age is 58….Will it do me any harm by continuing to get joy from wearing it. I am a very vibrant person n enjoy life immensely…Drove trucks in mines for 10yrs until I was just on 74yrs…no not a masculine woman…rather feminine if anything…but can handle all situations of life…with the most beautiful 62yr old lawyer as my loved. Have the very best of health taking more vitamins n minerals than most except for the need of left knee replacement.
    Hopefully you can let me know if I can continue the joy of wearing my beautiful Obsidian Bracelet. My very best wishes

    1. Hello Lyn,

      You have hit the nail on the head. Your lifestyle, your biological age due to that lifestyle means you are literally under 60 :D enjoy your Bracelet as it guves you all those feelings. and Life is about Feeling. Wishing you every blessing in your life and I hope you are keeping safe and Alive.


      1. Got my bracelet how long be fore you no its working please ca you wear it in bed

        1. Jennifer Ufot

          How do we confirm its genuine because a lot of them are plastic beads?

  79. Today I received an obsidian and gold plated Pixiu bracelet in the mail with my name on it i did not order this and have no clue who sent it to me its almost like i manifested this gift because I was just talking about it I own several other crystals and geodes agate ect I’m very happy hopefully it will do its magic I’ve got to soak it with my crystals and salt water and then will be wearing it ☮️

    1. Wow, someone wishes you health and wealth for sure Jammie. Enjoy your new bracelet, you have already cleansed and activated it for your own energy :)

      Julie Syl

      1. Hi I got my bracelet to day I put it on my left bhand but touch it before wearing it it was to big so I took some beads out and put it together again now wearing it when I worked do I need to take it off cos I do caring and we are not allowed to wear it what do I do?

    1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
      People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

      1. Uh, I’m confused about this statement: “If you are a woman expecting a baby you might give the bracelet a miss until you have the baby.” I’m planning to conceive on august 2020 as agreed by my husband.. So what the word “miss” means? ☺ Does it mean that during that month, i should not wear the bracelet? Please enlighten me! Thanks! ☺

  80. Timothy E Ballinger

    I just received bracelets and I put it on my left hand, it fills weird but in a positive way. I will wear it as instructed and properly store it, Thank you.

    1. Miriam Farrugia

      I am 73 years and ordered my bracelet which I received a few weeks ago. I would like to give it a try. Is there anything wrong in doing so. People say I do not look my age and I feel young at heart. Please ket me know what you think.

      Muriam Farrugia

      1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
        People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

    2. Oh boi same here when i wore it after i unboxed i felt something gripping me slowly-slowly it’s weird feeling but i am positive person so I really believed on this I prayed that my bracelet Pi Xiu Obsidian Wealth will give me insight and luck in life 🙏❤️

  81. Febechi Alex Mbanefo

    Now I really understand the powers of this Obsidian bracelet and how it works. I’ll like us to bond more on Instagram and Facebook too. Thanks

    1. Hello Febechi,

      Thanks for visiting too, absolutely Lets connect on IG our Handle is @Pkjulesworld and on Facebook its the same.

      Or simply send a friend request to Julie Syl Kalungi :)

      1. How do i activate the bracelet and what my i do? Or do i just wear it on my left hand?

      2. Hi, I have just ordered my bracelet. I am renting a room in a shared accommodation. Question is where do I keep it when I haven’t got a sitting room? Many thanks. Des.

      3. I am wearing my bracelet on my left hand but is there a special way the head should be facing, out of facing toward the body.

      4. Im 70 but i feel way way younger and look like im n my 50s can i still wear mine i just got it and i love it,will it cause a problem by me wearing it now??????

        1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
          People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

          1. I’ve just got a bracelet and I’m an energetic 70 year will I be ok to wear it x

  82. Prophetess Hollingsworth

    I am happy to find your truth here, I am minister, a prophetic prophetess and after my spirit traveled to the higher heavens I was able to see beyond the simple limited bible teachings, God taught Enoch all this that you are sharing but just as today no one received, their minds cannot grasp the push of grace and mercy of learning about stones! Why did God have his priests to put every stone on their breast plates it was not for show, every stone has power and stood for something! I will not go into that here but keep up the good work and thanks for sharing ..

      1. Hello all,

        I received my bracelets a couple of days ago but I did not wear them because I was waiting for May 7th to charge them with the moon powers.
        I am a believer and I will keep you posted on the manifestation of all the positive energies that will happen soon.

        Thank you,


        1. Hi,
          Received my obsidian black braclet and Pixiu ring a couple day ago. Silly me had the braclet near a lit candle. The braclet broke. Could I repair it myself or better off getting a new one?
          What happens and meaning if it breaks?
          What finger is best to wear the Pixiu ring on?
          Thank you for a reply.

      2. I just received my bracelets but I just realized that I can’t give it to my 15 year old daughter yet until she 16. Where can store her bracelet until her birthday? And should I take it off when I do dishes? And is ok to sage it before use or is sunlight better and how often should I charge it?

    1. I totally agree with you that every step be has power and stood for something! They are all creations of the Almighty.

      I am afraid to close this page in fear that I may not find it again.

      How do I get back to this page?

      Thank you all,


  83. I have purchased 3 obsidian bracelets, 1 for my mom (80 years old ) 1 for my son
    (14 years old )and one for myself (47 years old). Does that mean my son and my mom can not wear them as they are advised not to wear pixiu bracelets because of their ages?

    1. That decision is yours Karen, based on your Faith and Beliefs and Also on the information you may find on further research.

      I too hope they enjoy their bracelets. But I would do it on advisement.

      Julie Syl

  84. I just ordered my obsidian bracelet thank you for this article. Left hand and not to be worn by my 14 year old daughter. 🙂

    1. Hi,I received my black obsidian feng shui bracelet today and I’m reading two different things about which arm to wear the bracelet on. I had it on my left arm at first, then I read that it should be worn on the most dominant arm that you write with, which is my right arm, so am I wrong for wearing the bracelet on my right arm that I changed from the left. I love my bracelet and I am 67.

  85. should the dragon on the bracelet be facing a certain direction while wearing it?

    1. Good morning. Can you tell me how to cleanse my bracelet?? Whether if it gets wet or someone touches it?

  86. I enjoyed your article. I love my crystal jewelry and have decided to learn more about the healing properties. Wearing a bracelet on your left wrist is new information for me, thanks sharing.

  87. Shari Marie May

    I have just received my bracelet this morning and I put it on and suddenly I felt like little tingles in my arm and stuff I am going to wear it for a while I wish I would have had gotten orders on how to wear it how to wear it and how to store it if anybody could give me some Clues I would appreciate it

      1. Hello. I just received my bracelets. So can I wear them together please?

    1. Yes dear same as mine i just got this afternoon and felt so weird like there’s something holding you and it’s very strong energies I can feel

  88. Robin Seredych

    I just got my 2 bracelet s The one Black Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet and the one is all black. So Why can’t you sleep with it or have it your bedroom My bedroom is were I am a lot of my time it’s my living room and my bedroom.. I watch TV. In my bedroom and I’m always in my bedroom then I am in my living room..
    Would like to know also Why I can’t we’re it to bed..

    1. It is believed that the energies attached to these bracelets can keep you awake if you sleep with it.
      And just like any other form of jewellery or accessories, you take your bracelet off when you go to bed or take a shower/bath.

      Please understand that the most important thing about clearing and your bracelet is your intention and personal Beliefs.

      1. I just got mine this Afternoon from China, I stay in Thailand. I must confess I felt calmer and free in my spirit once I wore it, and I noticed positive responses from my business dealings. The Feng shui bracelet Is not a myth is for for real deal. I will keep the rules and I will wear it on my left hand with my silver wristwatch and also cleanse my crystals with salt water now. Thanks for your post ..I learnt a lot 👍

          1. Cause you’re wearing it wrong

            One of the popular ways to retain a Pixiu is to wear it on a bracelet.

            Should I wear it on my left hand or right hand?

            Wear the bracelet on your dominant hand, the hand that you use to write

            You have to go and check the official website of FENG SHUI BLACK OBSIDIAN and not others

        1. Etiemana Isang

          Hi Maclean,

          Please if you wouldn’t mind, can you please share the details or link to the shop/website you purchased your Feng Shui bracelet from?

          Thank you.

    1. Samuel Opoku Amponsah

      Outward direction… The direction to your thumb and not your small finger

        1. So I forgot to ask since I started wearing it sunday and didn’t know it needed to go in the sun or on my left hand, is it to late to do it now?

    2. Michelle Constant

      The dragon should be facing outwards so to attract the energy in.

  89. Selisa Colwell

    I am so confused..some say to put it on the hand you right with and some say your left hand which is it ???

    1. Most Literature and Senseis say wear t on the Left. Those that wear it on the right are only looking for wealth and power. If you want all round Health and wealth the left is the advised hand.

      1. Syed Rizwan Ahmed

        The agent from whom I’m buying the pixiu/black obsidian bracelet, has given instructions to wear on the dominant hand(the hand with which we write) in that case, is it ok for me to wear on my right hand which’s my dominant hand or should I wear on my left hand only, I’m worried as I read in a blog wearing the bracelet on our right hand will take away all our wealth, please clarify

          1. Hi I just received my bracelets
            Wealth obsidian. And pick
            Charging them now
            And I will wear them till I go to bed then put them in My Living room facing out towards My front Door Correct ?

        1. Sandra Moynihan

          I just received my bracelet.I have a couple questions . I sit on my bed a lot , unless I go to work or have an appt. and let my kids sit in the living room since my 54 year old husband passed away a few years ago. Is it bad sitting on my bed watching TV. wearing it? Also, at night should you put it back in the pouch or leave it out? And is it ok to leave it on my bureau facing the door at night? Like I said, I spend most of my time in my bedroom. And how often should I clean it? And I Can’t tell which is the head of the dragon. Thanks for any help.

      2. Hey there! I just got my bracelet, and to activate it, can I wear it while it’s in the sun or do I have to place it somewhere and let it activate?

  90. I just received my bracelets today, I couldn’t wait to get them. I love them.

    1. So I forgot to ask since I started wearing it sunday and didn’t know it needed to go in the sun or on my left hand, is it to late to do it now?

    1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
      People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

      1. I just ordered my bracelet, excited and can’t wait to wear it. I read articles on this about cleaning with salt and crystals before wearing. Also not to place in bedroom and to wear on left wrist. I do have a question ? I wear my watch on my left wrist will that interfere with the bracelet. Thank you . MANY BLESSINGS FOR ALL YOU DO🙏🏽

  91. Why not wear the bracelet if 70 or older? I am 71 and ordered one didn’t say anything about age.

    1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
      People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

  92. Hi, In the caution area on this page you caution a person over 70 should not wear the Pixiu Bracelet. Would you please elaborate or explain the reason why because I’m about to purchase the above type bracelet. What would you suggest I purchase with Black Obsidian instead. I’m looking for Bracelet. Thank you.

    1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
      People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

    1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
      People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

  93. Julia Camanse

    thank you .I should be receiving my bracelet in the next week or two .thank you again. Julia Camanse

    1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
      People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

    1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
      People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

    1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy arent advised to wear Pi Xiu and usually, Obsidian Bracelets have the Pi Xiu pendant attached to them.
      People over 70 and children may have deficient Qi or vital energy, and cannot suppress the Pi Xiu energy.

  94. Virginia Espinosa

    I always in my room because I leave with family and I don’t like to let them know so it doesn’t work in my bedroom what do I if only in my bedroom

    1. You will find you are restless and take longer to sleep due to having Pi Xiu energy in your bedroom. So If I were you I would find a way to enjoy my home more outside of my bedroom.

  95. Celeste Melancon

    i am in the medical field, it states not to let others touch it, well while I’m working, can I just put it in my pocket. Because it’s still on my person am I still protected from negativity???

  96. I have received a black obsidian pixiu bracelet, but I can’t tell which way is the correct one to wear on my left wrist. Can’t tell which is the inward or outward end.

    Which is the head? The end with two holes in the top? Or one hole?
    Thank you!

      1. Hi
        I just received my bracelet and its a bit too big. Can I take one stone out to make it tighter ?
        Thank you

        1. What if the band that holds the crystals breaks, but not the beads? What if the beads broke?

            1. Stephen Wallace

              Hi can you please tell me why not to wear when pregnant as I have one for my girlfriend and we’re expecting a baby in a few weeks

      2. So happy to read this article, am from Nigeria and I just got my bracelet so I just want to ask if this bracelet will work in this part of the world

      3. Should in case one does not want to wear it , can you put it in your pocket ? and in which side of pocket ? And in what direction in the pocket or anyhow in the pocket ?

  97. I have black obsidian bracelet. But every time I search how to wear that bracelet. I don’t understand. Why the other says USE THIS BRACELET IN YOUR DOMINANT HAND. And other USE IN LEFT HAND…! What is really right to wear this??? Pleaseee!!! I want to o know! Thank you!

    1. With Pixiu pendants, make sure its head is upward, and better worn on your LEFT hand. This is said to be more efficient in driving those good energies and attracting wealth.

  98. I have recently started wearing a black obsidian on my left hand. My first experience was with black tourmaline. I noticed wonderful feelings of calming and less anxiety. I also have 4 Himalayan salt lamps in my house. I also wear a protection pendant of tourmaline, obsidian and Amethyst. On my left arm I wear my obsidian, labradorite and Amethyst. Love to hear more of your experience with crystals. Piece and love, LA

    1. Hi Leigham,

      Wow, we also have 4 Himalayan salt lamps, and love crystals in general. We are waiting on our Selenite lamp as well. I am glad you wear your crystals on the left hand. Better energetic protection and attraction.

  99. I am not wearing anything like that but do have a Himalayan salt lamp in my room and I also know that we have a different beliefs to believe and I am not going to judge you about that instead I am respecting you for being honest on the things that you believe.

  100. I would never judge how many salt lamps and other natural healing things you may have I could not judge as I am also a firm believer in such things and have many of the same things as you do. Power on! Thank you for visiting the Pit Stop.

    1. Can I wear my Obsidian bracelet while using the lawn mower cutting my grass?

    2. Hey Dr Ho,
      What a beautiful surprise from the Pit Stop.
      I am so glad you too have as many healing sources as possible. And I love my Himalayan Salt Lamps ;)

      Stay safe and Stay home.


      1. I have recieved my braceles what if there isn’t any sun to charge them is there any other way of charging them please I am 69 and I’m going to make the most of wearing my bracelet till I’m 70 and then I will take it from there ty again

      2. You are not solving the issue of how to wear the bracelet.
        Yes we know left, but you keep saying “up”,
        Do you wear it with dragon on top of wrist or bottom of wrist wear your veins are?
        Does dragon face pinkie or thumb
        If its pinkie then dragon is facing backward
        If its thumb then dragon is facing forward
        Where do you get up from
        Up makes no sence

        So tell us how the braclet is supposed to be worn
        Thank you.

        1. Upwards as in if you had your palm to the table then the dragon would be facing up to the ceiling, and the head of the dragon should be facing your thumb, sorry for the confusion.

      3. Is it ok to leave my obsidian bracelet On my hallway table close to my front door, I don’t have a sterling silver blow to leave the bracelet, what should I place the obsidian bracelet on , My living room does not face my front door,

          1. Elizabeth Murray

            I read to put in on the hand you write with which is my right hand and the face fang shui Pixiu face should be facing your pinky. I didn’t know you were not supposed to wear it to bed that explains why I had energy and didn’t go to bed until 5:30 in the morning. I was told you can’t wear it if you eat chili or can’t get blood on it, is this true? I was told to touch it and when you meditate you can touch each bead and touch the head to the tail but don’t touch the eyes and mouth? And one more thing when I take it off I feel like it’s still around my wrist I feel like energy in my wrist and hand feels like someone putting the hand around my wrist and squeeze in it is this normal?

            1. Definitely you shouldn’t wear it to bed or even have it in your room, I don’t know about the blood or chili but if that’s what you’ve been told then follow that advice. Maybe the bracelet is just tight around your hand, it might not be that the energy is lingering :)

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