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How to use a Travel app to enhance travel! #travelapp #SeeDoBeMore

How to Use a Travel App to Enhance Travel!

How a to Use Travel App to enhance Travel in various ways! This Has Changed the Way We Travel in a Major Way!

How to use a Travel app to enhance travel plans! #travelplanning

Are you a digital geek and would love to use a travel apps to enhance travel plans, activities and a whole lot more?

Last year we shared with you how technology has changed the way millions of people travel including ourselves. That post was super awesome you can read more about it here

When we published that post, little did we know just how much technology would affect and enhance the way we travel. Whether for business or pleasure.

In today’s post, we share how that same app helps us SAVE on Travel. One of the topics that came through our blog poll on what You wish to See more of on this platform!

By the way, you can still take the poll above!

So, how has this Travel App changed the way we travel?

Quite simply in lots of ways. Now we can we book or travel on the go and get to travel faster. Plus, we get to do so in more comfort, luxury even. And we can get all this planned and booked in the comfort of our home, with no middle man aka Travel agent mix-ups and commissions involved.

This App is the most comprehensive travel resource we have the pleasure to access to! And while, for most members the app technology is part of everyday life, it is sadly not yours!

Yet, we are here to help you change that if you are open to having a More fulfilled year!

You ready to learn how a travel app changed the way we travel? Then here goes… :)

The most comprehensive travel resource we have the pleasure to access to #travelapp #digitalnomad #SeeDoBeMore Share on X

So without further ado…

How to use a Travel app to enhance travel plans! #traveltuesday


Here is How You too Can Use a Travel App to Enhance Travel Plans and Activities!

#1. Use a Travel App to Enhance Travel – Smart Traveling

Of course, we hold our hands up on this. There are quite a few apps that one could use. Yet our travel app cover every conceivable aspect of your trip:

  • Creating a Bucket List
  • Planning
  • Booking
  • Mapping to – never get lost again
  • Sharing
  • Journaling – we get to save and document our trips, making recommendations for other travellers. A great way to keep tabs on our journeys too!
  • Creating community
  • Personalizing your travel
  • Reporting

This app has got the smarts of a practical tool and does what it says on the packet to serve you, the travel lover! The technology gives us recommendations on where to eat, shop, stay etc. based on our needs and criteria. This could be anything from budget to location, interests etc.

The technology gives us recommendations on where to eat, shop, stay etc. #travelapp #SeeDoBeMore Share on X

#2. We get to Travel Without worry about Language

Okay Google translate is available with Wi-Fi. But why go there when I have access to an app that does the job better? We never have to get lost or Ask for direction, we simply tap into our resource for directions, or ask a local. If you are a techie geek, then you will love our comprehensive resource below!

RECOMMENDED: Travel Planning tools.



#3. Use a Travel App to Enhance Travel – Laser focused Inspiration & Planning

How to use a Travel app to enhance travel and Vacations! #traveltips #SeeDobeMore

How can an app do this? Well while we at Pkjulesworld don’t need much to inspire our wanderlust, we must say this brings out the travel geekery and fun with virtual travel

Bring out the travel geekery and fun with virtual travel #travelplanning #travelapp Share on X

Here is the deal, this app also gives us access to virtual travel tech. We are able to download our trips and the travel club powers create virtual destinations. (check come of ours below) You can explore these places and share with others too. Your dream destination is a camera away! DreamTrips offers Virtual Reality videos of destinations by members from around the globe. They are super fun to watch and have helped inspire some of our trips and other members too! We get to see the destination before we go…We get to taste before we see!



#4. Use a Travel App to Enhance Travel – We never have to be lonely.

Of course, if you are an extreme introvert, this won’t impress upon you to desire using the Travel app! WHY? Because on every DreamTrip you get to meet other Dreamtripers who are almost always amazing happy people, who love to share fun, tips, ideas and of course keep the solo traveller company! As the saying goes, safety in numbers. This means you are less likely to fall foul of…

The most comprehensive travel resource we have the pleasure to access to #besttravelapp #travelplanning Share on X



Then again, if solace is what you seek, a dreamtrip is not meant to keep you tied to the crowd’s apron strings. You can go do whatever the heck you wish. It’s your trip, your time, your pleasure! When we visited Budapest, we met up with a couple who preferred to go off and explore on their own, in their words;

we love to get lost in the local sites, cultures and cuisine.” ~Pkjulesworld

See the thing is we get to tour the local sites as part of most DreamTrips. So, if you wish to go off on your lonesome, you are free to do so, at your pleasure & cost!




#5. We get to eat out at amazing restaurants and earn Points to travel more.

Yup you heard right. DreamTrips Local has partnered with various hospitality and food destinations across the globe. To give members an opportunity to eat out more, enjoy local cuisine and earn cash to do more of that! Ain’t life a charm? :)

The thing is we don’t have to trawl the net to find out which local eateries are partners in DT local…We simply call our Personal Concierge to do he checks for us, book us a table and get us any extra benefits going, including free drinks, desserts, etc.

None of this costs us a penny! WHY? Because it is a perk of using the App Members. Having recommended 4+ Memberships, we don’t have to pay for club membership anymore and haven’t for a while. So can you!

Here is something we find pretty exciting, once one hits 30+ Dreamtripers who chose to travel with you, you will never pay for a Vacation anymore! This we Believe, we have faith, it is our portion 2017! By Faith everything is Possible! Learn more below. 



#6 How we Use a Travel App to Enhance Travel –How about TRAVEL for FREE…

If you are still paying Retail for your trips, its time to take stock. 

Would you rather pay for a holiday this year and beyond, or would you rather not pay for it? The travel App has enhanced lots of people’s travel experiences. Just last weekend we were at a mastermind with over 200 people. Many we were excited to learn are traveling completely FREE.

Because they have access to this app as members of the world’s coolest travel community! The visionaries behind this Community have laid solid foundations over the last 10 years so that in 2017 and beyond, many people around the world will be able to travel anywhere in the world and not have to pay for it. Now that’s pretty cool I reckon. Yes the day will come where you laugh at people who paid for their holiday. That’ll be ridiculous.

Or would you rather keep paying retail prices, working 50 weeks and taking off only 2 or less for 1 holiday a year? Naa you’re smarter than that and you deserve way more!

The cool thing is those who open up to discover first are the ones who benefit first. It’s official…You can travel free over and over.

If you are at all open to stepping away from the crowd and live a fuller life this year its time to Connect and See how far you can go, use Image below to Know more!

DreamTrips Travel Club p- Is it For You?


Final Words on How a Travel App changed how we Travel

Okay, we know you are curious, what gives? So, we are sharing with you an opportunity to be part of an amazing revolution, a movement, a cool concept. This year 2017 gift yourself an open-ended ticket to make the Planet Your Runway!

Every week New Travellers join our community Via our blogs and Facebook Updates and Online events! You will be in Great company!

If using an App to enhance your travel experiences isn’t for you, you might know someone who would love to save on all Travel. Be amazing and share this post with that friend, colleague or acquaintance! :D

By the way, if this post has tickled your fancy, wanderlust, and you wish to learn more or to join us like Frost and Jinnett did over the weekend…

There is a whole lot more on how the travel app has transformed travel for us, yet we know that for the non-believer no words are enough, for the believer, no words are necessary!

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Guess what, every image and text is socially shareable too. Simply highlight and you can share away!  Try It Now… Share your insights in a comment below!

See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Sylvia

Email: support[at]

Need help with your Bucket List Or Question on a Destination? Check out our Travel Club Tab where we Help People Everyday. Want to work with or advertise with us, Check out our Media Kit or Contact us!


The ultimate Global Travel Community, DreamTrips #WorldVentures


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57 thoughts on “How to Use a Travel App to Enhance Travel!”

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  2. I will try to use a travel app the next time I will go on a trip. Thanks for sharing about this app. It sounds a good one.

  3. I don’t travel enough to actually get use out of this site. But I bookmarked it for when I do and shared it with my friends who always are.

  4. Julie,
    What great article and I can see why you love traveling it is a wonderful way to learn about different people and their cultures. Its a great way to learn new ways and possibly learn ways to communicate with other people and leave our business card. I would be so excited to just hang out with the locals and have some fun.

    Lori English

  5. I’ve been traveling for awhile but have never taken advantage of all the wonderful travel apps available until late last year. Now I’m hooked, I can’t wait to check out this app :)

    1. Hey Mary,

      This app is by Invitation only because it does so much for the members including access to exclusive Travel experiences way below wholesale rates and often times FREE!
      Let me know if you would like to take a look at some details on how to be a member!

  6. I may look into this app when I do my travels this year. I have to read through it more though, and check if this would really something I need. Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi AnneMarie,
      We guarantee you would get more value for your travels, But then again value means different things to different people until you mention FREE Travel.
      Now THAT Is VALUE! :)

  7. Sounds like a really comprehensive travel app. Cant wait to travel more so I can use this!

  8. Thanks for all these great ideas. I really hadn’t given much thought to travel apps, but I need to because they offer such helpful information and are great resources.

    1. Hi Cindy,

      As a frequent traveller, I bet this app would transform your travel experiences, In addition to saving you moolah. How about travel for FREE! Now that is something very few brands can boast! Holler if you wanna know more! :)
      Julie Syl Kalungi

  9. travel blogger

    So many great ideas here! I didn’t realize I could earn points when I used a travel app. I also need to do more journaling when I travel to I remember better.

    1. Hi Kait,
      Yo can only earn travel points with either air mile and partner brands or With out Travel Club! We are happy to chat about this App
      Contact Julie Syl Kalungi on Facebook for some details :)

  10. I would have loved to use so many different apps to help with my travel adventures when I was abroad but…. I could only use them on WiFi – and WiFi was rather limited – WOMP! WOMP!

  11. This app sounds amazingly comprehensive! I would love to do more traveling, I haven’t had a vacation in 18 years! My daughter dreams of traveling extensively and I am going to share this post with her.

    1. Wow Julie.
      18 YEARS. You definitely deserve a vacation and soon. Your daughter has the rigth idea for sure. I am happy to have a chat with both of you on details!
      You need a vacation :)

    1. Hello Claudette,

      Good to hear from you sis. Technology to be honest has transformed our lives, at least we city dwellers. Funny thing is you well find a cattle heard in Africa in the middle of a bush with his cell phone :)

  12. Back when internet was not accessible from our phones, traveling was challenging and now we have all the apps that we need, traveling is soooo easy.

  13. Wow this seems like a great app that I will check out! I will definetely do more planning for my next trip!

  14. I definitely need to use travel apps, more! The most I’ve used are hotel ones for my bookings and then a French one to help brush up on the language. And the Disneyland Paris one ;)

  15. I don’t really use travel apps. But i think i should as i just started a travel blog too

    1. It is assumed yo love travel Right Hannah? The you should align yourself with some Travel products. This app could be one of them. Nothing makes a travel blog more exciting than personal experiences :) Good luck and have fun on your new Blog! :)

  16. I didn’t even realise you could get a travel app so this is so interesting! I have to admit I don’t really travel outside of the UK but I can see how this would be super useful for people who do travel lots! x

  17. Rachel Spiteri

    I’ve never used a travel app before but this one sounds pretty good.

  18. This is a really useful post! I relied on apps when I was in Italy last year – Google Translate was a godsend! I’m now learning Italian but this will definitely help!


    1. Hi Sian,
      This App is Free to members, so its not available to non members of the Club! If you need more info just ask. I am glad Google translate helped your Italian invasion :)

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