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95 thoughts on “15 Simple Tips to Help You Afford Your Next Vacation!”

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  4. Great experience. Tks for making this article, totally useful for a new travel blogger like me. Looking for more from you in the future.

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  7. I could definitely use a good vacation, but I have terrible budgeting and planning habits. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Since our blog focuses on food and travel- these are great tips for when we want to travel!! Thanks for the advice- we will definitely use it!

  9. I love the tip about cutting back on the meat. I save SO much money now that I don’t buy a ton of meat anymore. It seems small, but it really makes a difference.

  10. The pub drinking is a great tip! Seriously, if you just put aside the money most people who go out once a week at a bar over one month you could afford your plane ticket in no time.

    1. Exactly Dia,

      And a lot of unwanted junk people buy, stuff in their kitchen cupboards till it expires, just because it was a BOGOF or on “sale”
      We all use the money excuse at some point, until something is a priority, then it is we gotta do whatever it takes lol. You dinged it gal :)


  11. I love all of these tips! I’ve used every excuse in the world to explain why I don’t travel. Money is definitely at the top of my list! Now I feel like I can’t use that one, so let’s just go with I’m too scared haha

  12. I used to have the “I can’t afford it” mindset too. If not that, I would always come up with other excuses to limit myself from traveling. Recently, I made a change and I started traveling to discover new things, meet new people, and give new meaning to my life, and I must say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful tips!

    1. Hey Sara,
      Funny how we used to have the same, but our burning desire to travel made it a no brainer. And yes A MINDSET change is essential for one to break free of the shackles set by society, holding millions back from loving themselves buy seeing new shores, experiencing life and living life to the full. Glad you said YES to YOU Sara :)


  13. love the idea of setting up a fund for vacation. that makes life so easy. this is an awesome post. thanks for sharing. luv it!

  14. Great post! I have just discovered how much I love travelling-so these tips will help me in the future! :-)

  15. Bobby Stephens

    I’m looking forward to some vacations this year. Thank you for the money saving tips!

  16. I love these tips. I really like setting a side a bank account just for vacations. Budgetting, adding up the cost and really planning are what is going to make it happen!

  17. sandra copeland

    Such great value as always !!~ Love the read and tips for vacation ♥♥☺☺

  18. These are great tips. I especially like #13. Invite your friends over and lounge out at home. When I’m at a restaurant, I don’t like staying too long especially if I know that there are people waiting to eat. So when I have friends over, it’s so much easier to relax and we can stay as long as we need.

    1. Thats the idea Kenny and chances are you will have spent a fraction of what you would spend in a Restaurant plus tips :) Glad you agree :)


  19. What great ideas for saving for a vacation. I don’t know what airfares are like in your part of the world but here International flights are getting so cheap because of the cheaper fuel prices. So it time to travel folks, get saving with these great ideas.

    Blogger’s Pit Stop

    1. What? You folks are truly blessed, coz the UK govt uses any excuse to increase costs and Carbon Footprint tax….despite the decrease in Aviation fuel Woot. Yay time to book more travel to Aussile-and! Ta for the tip Kathleen!


  20. This was truly helpful. I thought if a few things, but there is absolutely no reason to hold on to so many things you mentioned I should let go of here. Thank you! !!!

  21. As you know we are currently in the middle of selling our house and movng to bigger and better so a holiday really isn’t on the cards right now as we have solicitor bills to pay but in the near future we want to take L to Disney world so these tips will come in handy. I definitely agree with you though, every time we put money in the savers account it ends up getting spent on something or another! Internet banking makes everything too easy to access which is a curse in disguise!

    1. Hi Hannah,

      we do hear you and wish you every success in the New move. You will go to Disney coz you are focused :)
      We dont touch our Vacay funds unless its a real dire emergency that we cant cover. Its an essential in our family :)


  22. And plan ahead! Rates get more expensive as your travel date nears. Planning ahead can save you big bucks!

    1. Yes indeed Scott

      Planning ahead is Something we detailed in an earlier post and the whole essence of this post tbh. Ta for your time :)


  23. Sarah McDonald

    Signing up for airline newsletters is a great one – I think a lot of people don’t take advantage of those emails because they’re worried that they’ll spam! Great post – lots of new ideas!

  24. All of them are great tips. Im definitely sharing it on my social media for others to benefit. Thanks.

  25. One budget-friendly option is to pass on the cab fare and instead take public transit to/from the airport. Lots of hotels even offer complimentary shuttles to and from the airport!

    1. Exactly Lalia, but in case they dont, you can plan for it. Even public transport does cost so again budget for it :) Good contribution :)


  26. I’d love to travel more. Your tips are really helpful so hopefully I can achieve my goal.

  27. D'Antrese Le'Chelle

    Love this! We are currently saving for Disney in August and I will show this to my husband !

  28. Some great tips shared! I believe that where there’s a will there’s a way and if we really wants to go for vacation, we will find plenty of ways to save money. :)

  29. you are so right travel is not always not about the money! its about the attitude and the experience and the willingness to try & explore! But these tip will definitely very useful for people to plan a trip!:)

    1. Krystle,

      Indeed its essential to have a goal and the best way to set that is to find what you want and its average cost plus extras. Then get saving and creating the income ! :)


  30. Valerie Robinson

    Keeping all of these in mind because I am certainly saving for a big trip around the holidays. Thanks for these

  31. These are all awesome tips. Will keep them all on mind the next time we plan for a travel. Thanks for sharing.

  32. You are so right! Everyone can afford a vacation when it is budgeted in. I like the idea of a separate vacation budget. We do this so that the vacation is pretty much all paid for before we go and then we just pay for incidentals. I like to travel but my problem is finding the time. I think when you make the plan at the beginning of the year you make the time.

  33. I normally do a lot of research! It covers everything, from the destination to the budget, accommodations, activities, and food. I also make sure I get notifications and emails whenever there’s a plane ticket sale or promo.

  34. Travel has become very expensive for many of us here in Canada – there is no two ways about it. This summer, we will be doing more staycations than actually leaving the country. Great tips. :)

  35. One of the things we have always done is put aside any money we get back on taxes in to a savings account that we just use for travel money. We typically get money back, and even though it is our money anyways, we were living without it so it’s like bonus money. We start with that money and they see what we have and go from there with saving for a big trip in the winter, but we do take a trip in the summer and fall but we tend to be more thrifty with those and drive places and use airline miles or earned hotel stays to make them more affordable.

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