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How to Eat Cheap while Traveling the World or on vacation.

Here is our Low down on  How to Eat Cheap while Traveling without Compromising on Quality, or Missing meals! 


How to Eat Cheap While Traveling and save a ton of money! #TravelTuesday #TastyTuesday

Do you think eating out while traveling is expensive? Yes it can be. Thats why we are gonna help you out and share our tips on how to each cheap while traveling.

Well, did you know that we love Food, esp. exotic food. In our humble opinion, anywhere you go away from home, the food would be exotic, coz you don’t eat it every day do ya…

Well we at @pkjulesworld love our food. Its one of life’s pleasures esp. when we travel. Checking out the local cuisine in comparison to what we usually have or grew up eating is fun!

When we first started traveling, we used to skimp on a lot of things and food sadly used to be one of those things…

Here is why…

See, we loved to see new shores but we were living on a Student Allowance and some temporary worker shifts here and there…This didn’t stop our wanderlust. We simply tightened our belts, did our research and found some Cheap Holiday Packages!

Suffice to say we weren’t getting the best deals nor staying at the best hotels…

Thank God all this has changed ever since we became part of a global Travel community. You can learn more about that and how you too can be part here!

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The thing is….

We don’t advise you to miss out on meals just because you are away from home…In fact its imperative that you make sure you eat. For your body needs to be nourished. And one of the joys of travel is to taste new cuisines…

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Imagine chomping on some tamales in Mexico. Love paella? Definitely have it in Spain. In Uganda, we urge you to have a taste of that Rolex, of course Matooke, Luwombo and all the delicacies you can. In other words, experiencing the local food should be part of your travel plan, otherwise why leave home?

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The thing is, it shouldn’t cost you a fortune eating out while away from home. We have perfected the art of having great meals without spending a fortune. And so without further ado, below are our battle tested tips on how to each on the cheap while traveling!

How to Eat Cheap while Traveling – Our Battle Tested Tips:

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Did you learn any new ways to save on your meals while traveling? We sure hope so. And if you did, go right ahead and share with your friends and family who travel lots. Or bookmark this for your next trip! 

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