My Fabulously Power Healthy Super Green Travel Smoothie!

My Fabulously Power Healthy Super Green Travel Smoothie! #greensmoothie #TastyTuesday

My Fabulously Healthy Super Green Travel Smoothie or Green  Juice.  Just what you need to refresh your Road trip! 

Those that know me, know I love to eat healthy, but I was never a fan of Liquid Breakfast…Until recently that is, when I had an “aha moment” After tasting the yummiest green smoothie ever…So much so I decided to make some for our Road trip on the bank holiday weekend! I call it My Super Green Travel Smoothie. 

Under normal circumstances I Love Smoothies, well I did love the full cream, sugar filled,  full of all the wrong ingredients, lick off your milk tashe type of smoothies. 😃 Yet this One beat them all hands down and weaned me off them. (Image didn’t do it justice!)


My Fabulously Power Healthy Super Green Travel Smoothie!

Today, I can say in all honesty that I am a big fan of healthy esp. green smoothies. I have for the last week plus had a Super green smoothie every day for breakfast and I feel like I am on some kind of “Beetlejuice.” 😊 Seriously you can’t make this up. I feel like I got wings. Like I had the best massage, sauna and power nap wrapped in one. It is almost orgasmic…Oops can I say that? 

I know your next Spa visit may be months away, to get the same feel good factor, try this smoothie. 

My children too have come to appreciate the kick of energy they get every morning that takes us right thru lunch time. I usually take mine post workout…Because I start the day with a warm Lemon water and give it at least 30-45 minutes to do its thing! I love the way my skin looks and feels two weeks into the having this home made energy drink. 

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I also make one for my lunch alongside my usual Fruits Infused water. A girl can never have too much Vitamin C! 😉 Or can she???

There are numerous recipes out there, but the ones I like the most, my  favorite Super cleansing and filling Green Smoothies or juices are below!

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Next time you are taking a long road trip, whip out your Nutri-bullet or juicer and whip up a healthy smoothie or juice. (Power snack on speed.) Place it in your cooler bag with lots of Ice to lock in the freshness and prevent fermentation. And enjoy a healthy snack/drink when you take a service break or scenic Insta-worthy stop over

The recipe for the Super Green Travel Smoothie I am sharing with you today includes genuine organic fresh green vegetables and fruits in addition to organic dried Spirulina+ and maca+.

If stuck for fresh ingredients, you could cheat with the powder below! Shh Do tell everyone…Seriously!  

Super Green food.


Spirulina is a super food proven to give you the highest immunity described below:

Spirulina, a type of blue-green algae, contains high levels of antioxidants, protein, B-vitamins, and iron, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Test tube and animal studies along with anecdotal evidence suggest that spirulina helps boost the immune system, provides anti-viral and anti-cancer defense, and protects against allergic reactions.

One scoop of Spirulina is your daily essential to optimize your nutrition and immunity! Its always advisable to seek medical advice before you take any health supplements including Spirulina!

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Maca powder is the food of the soul. It makes you feel good, body and soul. Great for energy, boosting your skin elasticity, and raises your body resistance against Disease. Laboratory studies have shown that Maca root stimulates proliferation of fibroblasts in vitro, result – younger looking skin. Cool or what!

My Fabulously Power Healthy Super Green Travel Smoothie!

My Fabulously Power Healthy Super Green Travel Smoothie!

Here is some more information about Maca powder.

Here’s a quick list of the potential benefits of Maca root for you:

  • balances mood
  • strengthens the skin
  • increases energy
  • increases libido and fertility
  • better sleep
  • helps your body adapt to stress
  • increases memory and brain power
  • anti-aging properties
  • anti-acne properties
  • increases endurance and stamina
  • reduces symptoms of PMS and menopause
  • helps to reduce aches and pains
  • strengthens hair and reduces hair loss

Okay keep ya hair on here is My Super Travel Green Smoothie Recipe:


1/4 Cup strawberries

1/2 Cup spinach  Or try alternative Green veg below for a different taste

1 Banana 

1  Kiwi, peeled

1 Green Apple

3-4 dates

½ avocado and ¼ its seed for a creamier and smoother look and taste. 

1 Scoop Spirulina+ Powder 

½ Lemon

Slice of ginger.

1 Cup Coconut Water 

2 Spoonfuls Natural Honey

Alternative To Some Ingredients

Handful of Kale or Sticks of Celery. 

1 Scoop Maca Powder, Instead of Spirulina.

Unsweetened Almond Milk, instead of Coconut water. 


1/2 Tsp. Chia seeds

Sprinkle of nutmeg or cocoa powder.

Handful of ice cubes 


Place above ingredients into a Blender or Juicer and blend until smooth.

Pour in glass and sprinkle on your Topping of choice. (Serves 4) Embellish the glass with a lemon slice, strawberry or blue berries. ENJOY 😊

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Super Green Travel Smoothie Or Green Juice Final Words:

Okay this post has very little to do with Travel other than I made this amazing super smoothie as our Snack for our Road trip. Making it our Favorite Travel snack, woot!

Caution:  If its your very first Super Green Travel smoothie, you may experience a loose stomach for a day. Pat your self on the back, you just had a great cleanse/detox. 

With summer, here we’re definitely gonna be having more and more of these amazing healthy natural drinks/snacks for our #ProjectBodyBeautiful!

And, with all the above benefits…Its gonna be a staple in our daily meals…How about you?

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