How to Get rid of and Heal Chronic Back Pain Naturally


Ever had a pain in any part of your body that was excruciating? If you have, you will totally empathize with our Paul.

Paul has had on going back pain for over 2 years so much so we thought it is chronic. After several treatments including physiotherapy, we decided to do some research and try some natural ways to self heal. Thus today’s post on How to Heal Chronic back pain naturally. 

DISCLAIMERIf you have any pain on your body, go see a medical doctor, like already. As you see above, Paul did see several doctors. You want to know exactly what you are facing.

Do what they advise, which may include going to a chiropractor, physio, painkillers, acupuncture or even surgery…Ouch!

Why though? 

Well, for instance you could have a herniated disc, a swollen disc, a slipped disc, sciatica or an unexplained back pain…Whatever it is you want to know. Also you may need some surgery… 

If you have had chronic back pain, well we feel your pain, literally.

You see, Paul would feel fine and then maybe bend to get in his car, try to get into the bath, Roll over in bed or wake up and bam, the pain hits and he couldn’t move. 

We had no clear idea what triggered it or why!

He couldn’t carry anything really and needed to sit in a certain way. He had to sleep with a round pillow to support his legs…Well that became a problem to our intimate life…So we decided something needed to change, fast!  

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The Effective steps he took to Heal Chronic Back Pain naturally, after trying painkillers and several therapies that didn’t work! 

First understand this fact: the cure for your pain is in your head, not in a medicine bottle…For most! 

It has been proven scientifically that; any pain is what your head tells your muscles and you “feel.”

Note that I am not undermining the real physicals of the pain or what caused it. Yet, according to experts, most recurring physical pains are your memory reproducing a past pain, to protect you from a deeper pain…

Understand that your brain is not some evil machine trying to keep you in pain. On the other hand your cells keep memories of certain actions and reactions in their “cellular memory.” They keep sending your brain messages of that memory if certain actions, emotions or thought patterns are repeated or maintained…And bam pain! #MyBad

Now, on the other hand, you may have carried some heavy stuff and caused a slipped disc. Or years of lugging a heavy work bag (like our Paul does) or equipment may have caused wear and tear on your spine.

Maybe you were playing hooky with your boo or whatever and twisted your funny bone…Whatever the physical cause of the pain, you can actually overcome and keep that pain away!

With the pain Paul was going through, we did some research, first we came across Dr Sarno’s book “Healing Back Pain: The mind-body connection.” 


Read that book and then take action with Full mindfulness that you have the power to not only alleviate, but also to heal your body so the pain goes away! 

There are several expert publications on the fact that you can heal your back pain naturally…So do your due diligence before you stop taking your medicines.

Now, it is believed by experts around the world and real people who have made a decision to NOT Feel pain anymore, and that is exactly what happens. So we now are the converted in the belief that…

all pain signals both begin and end in the brain.

And with that as your foundation, let’s get started helping you get rid of your chronic back pain:

The best treatment is mental awareness i.e. every time you feel the pain, you purpose to focus on “Feeling Better.” Feeling the opposite. In other words you take your mind off the pain (It may take a ton of mental fortitude and Practice.)  Meditation helps. Again we share more on this below. 

Turn your attention to strengthening exercises that unite the main muscle going through pain in single hinging movements.

We share some exercises below. You can start with 2 and increase the number you do until you dont feel the pain anymore and you get to strengthen your CORE Muscles. 

Word To The wise: Its not strengthening your back muscles that is needed. What you need is to strengthen YOUR CORE MUSCLES and doing more Stretches that will help you the most with exercise. 

Make sure that movement is medically allowed by your GP. For instance exercising with a Herniated disc, could cause more harm. 

If exercise is recommended, then exercising intelligently, massage and stretching esp. following long bouts of static sitting or standing, is the same process as meditation. Both can lead to pain relief and healing from pain. 

Adding real time meditation to your routine is 10Xing your success and fast pain obliteration.

So, lets get to some exercises to help you release oxygen to the beak and help Heal your chronic back pain naturally! 

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Exercises that Can Help Heal Chronic Back Pain Naturally

#1. Raise your hands strait out and rotate clockwise 10 times then anticlockwise 10 times.

#2. Get on your hands and knees, Do the cat stretch breath in as you lower your back and breathe out as you curve your back up.

#3. Do a “function run.” this is a very slow run. Almost a fast  walk but not quite walking. Start with maybe half a mile, increase the distance until you can comfortably do a slow jog for 5+ miles

#4. Sit in a chair with your back strait  or a bench against a wall. Put your feet on a low stool and flex your feet up and down. To hold your knees in situ, put a cushion between the legs. 

#5. Lie flat on the floor, raise and place your feet onto a chair. Place a wide cushion between your legs at knee level and squeeze cushion. Several times 

#6. Sit up strait on a chair and raise a hand weight up and down alternating between hands. Try 10 reps of this. 

#7. Walk on your hands and knees across a room with your legs bent at the knees. Like a baby crawling but dont let your knees touch the floor. 

#8. On your knees stretch out a leg and opposite hand, do it for the other leg and opposite hand. Do this 12 times.

#9. Do a Squat, hold it and bounce a lil on the balls of your feet.  Stand back up, do this 6 times or as many times as you can.

#10. Get on your knees, sit back on your bum, Stretch your hands wide out onto the floor. Make sure you dont feel any pain in your knees or back. Hold that stretch comfortably for at least 60 Secs – 3mins

And now to the Mind Food…Yes Its Mind over matter my friend. Your Spirit is rooting for you.

Pain is its way of alerting you to an emotional or physical problem. So work on your emotional and spiritual health and your pain will take a hike. And this could be for good. 

Pain is its way of alerting you to an emotional or physical problem. Click to Tweet


#11. Try Reiki. Now while Paul has not yet tried reiki, I Syl, have tried it and I swear by it. Remember its mind over matter and I know that: What you believe comes true for you. 

Some people think Reiki is spiritual mambo jumbo. I say thats your loss.

It has been said that sometimes pain is a manifestation of a misalignment with your divine path. Or even a blockage in your energy. And it can manifest as chronic pain.

If you wish to explore this option, Spiritual Reiki can be your answer to full restoration and healing from chronic back pain. Or to be honest any ailment for that matter. Of course do go see your GP and learn the medical term of what you will be fixing or getting rid of…(After all yo do have some grey matter, right?)

So, keep your options open, you definitely should try Reiki. We recommend Dr Miriam Sekandi of the Breakfreezone for your first step in that direction. If you are based in Canada, be sure to attend one of her BreakFree Healing Masterminds and Wellness Weekends.

In fact, why not connect with her on Facebook here and get chatting who knows you just might get along like a cat with cream! 



Meditations that can help Heal your Chronic back pain or any pain! 

First we look at Pain Relief:

And we have already recommended Reiki in #11. above. You can also tune in to some meditations. Try the two below. You might like to do the longer ones just before you go to sleep. 

Don’t mind if you do fall asleep during the meditation. Your spirit and core of your cells never sleep. And thats what you are working on. 




Even More Self Healing Meditations: 


You could also go check out YouTube Videos on How to Manage Pain and heal your body. Check out Podcasts that talk about self healing and Stay in that lane.

Don’t entertain any Naysayers or Non believers in Your Power to Heal thyself. After all you are a divine being! 😉 

Never Forget that your thoughts have Power to change your very life. So, positive thinking, your Intention to Restore and Heal plus a strong belief will manifest the healing and great health you need! 

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