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How to Fly First Class at Economy Price - What we have done! #traveltips #luxurytravel

How to Fly First Class at Economy Price 2017 and Beyond!

Wanna Know How to Fly First Class at Economy Price From this Year onward?  Here are our 7 Steps! #7 is our Favorite! 

Do you know what the top request from our Blog Poll for 2017 was? How to fly first class at economy prices. In other words a lot of you wish to know the secret sauce of flying luxury without paying the exorbitant Price!

By the way so do we… :) 

Of course, we all dream of flying upfront, more legroom. You also get Champagne on ice, being woken up for a meal, as opposed to being ignored, a proper warm flannel for your face, proper pajamas offered, in flight shower on some airlines and lots more luxuries on your 18 hour flight! You can learn about which Airline offers the best First Class or Club Class service!

Thing is pkjulesworld has done so several times, and we share with you how in this post. Below was our first taste, we were hooked…


The first time we flew First class was because the flight was over booked and Paul was dressed like a Minister lol. Sharp suit, shoes so polished you could see your face in them, expensive perfume, brief case…When we got to the British Airways check-in desk at Entebbe Airport. They informed us that our baggage was overweight…

We knew that wasn’t true because we had packed leaving space of at least 3 Kilos per suitcase. So, we informed the lady of this. Now I was dressed for comfort, in a tracksuit and trainers; with baby drool aka 2 month old baby and a little 6 year old to care for…Paul was dressed like a business consultant.

We asked to see the Manager on Duty and have our luggage reweighed on an independent scale. We were asked to step aside so others could be served. I was getting pretty worked up, the queue was miles long!. Paul kept his calm…dont know how he does it! :) 

Anyhow, a manager came out, got our suitcases re-weighed and apologized profusely for the staff member’s mistake…! Really! Hmm

He offered us ONE free First Class seat, specifically to Paul… (I had given his ears some serious grief lol.) We informed him we were a family with a  2 month old baby, and we had all been inconvenienced. He informed us the flight had an extra 15 Government officials flying to UK thus was overbooked. So take it or leave it…and wait for the next flight 2 days later! We took it and managed to all utilize the 1st class service…And that was our First taste of 1st class.  


Of course the above is not the normal way to bag a first class flight as that purely depends on chance, mistakes made and dress code. All of which may not work for you…or maybe they can! 

Well, for ordinary folk to fly first class on a budget or business class; you had to either be a company exec or accrue so many frequent flier miles, you got bumped up as a reward for your Loyalty!

Today, it’s not a secret to most savvy travellers that frequent flier miles aren’t worth much!  

The savvy traveller knows that frequent flier miles aren’t worth much today! #travel #FlyFirstclass #Pkjulesworld Share on X

Let’s first burst this bubble, less and less people are getting bumped up to business or first class these days! Truth be told, in the last 5 years we have observed that airlines have dropped domestic first and business class fares.

This means more people are likely to and do buy these fares than squeeze in cattle class! Remember you must know when to buy your flight tickets to have a better chance. And without further ado…




It doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny to go Club or Fly First class at Economy Price! These tips have very little to do with frequent flier miles! #traveltips #budgettravel

Our Insider Secrets to Fly First Class on Economy budget or less!

#1. Our first tip to Fly Business or First Class 2017 is to BUY your own ticket!

If you have read our post on the best time to buy your flight above…go on read it, we can wait! :) Awesome, you will more likely grab a promo and get yourself on a First-Class Flight to Los Angeles with those tips Yayyy!

If for any reason you get to fly Business class, you may have the opportunity to upgrade to FIRST Class for Free. Yes, British Airways offered this much coveted chance to its Club Class travellers to upgrade to First class FREE Last year.



#2. To Fly First Class at Economy Price – Buy an Upgrade!

You see airlines are in a bid to bring the Benjie’s in and they offer cheap last minute “upgrades from economy to first and business class.” It’s almost like what Virgin Trains do. Whenever we use a Virgin train to London from Liverpool, travellers are offered to upgrade to First class for a mere £15 (We choose to take them up on their offer)! 

Same with airlines, if you know where to look and timing is everything!  (In 2015 we were offered an Air France upgrade for the return leg of our trip to Budapest for a mere £60 for 2.) Unfortunately, we saw the offer after our return. We so would have done it!

According to our Intel, airlines are planning on selling more of the Business and First class seats to passengers than give them to loyalty program members! As entrepreneurs, we get their gist. More money in the bank, right!



#3. Subscribe to Airline Newsletters & Check those emails…Yes you will have to troll thru lots of junk and promos, but we are talking Luxury travel here! Airlines will email you everything and we mean everything. For flight promos keep your eyes peeled at least 48 hrs – 2 hrs before travel! Ditto our missing the Budapest steal above…You don’t want that to happen to you!



#4. For a Chance to Fly First Class at Economy Price; Check-in Online FAST.

And Get to the Airport Early and Do it again!

Many Airlines allow online check in up to 30 Hours Prior to travel! The best way to get in on this upgrade is to set your trusty android alarm, because even if you are awake you may forget to check in on time.

The airlines offer upgrades to business class to the first few check-in passengers. And they do go pretty fast. And of course to those who ask. So, if you ever wanna get bumped up, do this!

The business/first class seats would otherwise go empty, the airlines would rather make some money on them.  And don’t hesitate to check at the Airport Check-in Kiosk too, you would be surprised that very few people do this, and trust me airlines are willing to give you that upper class seat at a much lower price. Get it if you can stretch your finances…Life’s too short!

So instead of paying £4k for your first-class flight, You get it for an extra £200 on top of what you paid on your economy ticket! Could well be £600…So worth it esp. long haul!



#5. To Fly First Class at Economy Price, Use the Airlines Deep Secret – The Y-UP

Trust us when we say you won’t find these easy. In fact, you have to be super deep about getting that Upgrade on the cheap. The y-ups or Discounted First Class tickets are airlines Best kept secret. Even Travel Agents don’t find these “discounted first class tickets” easily, unless they know the secrets too! So here is the low down…Travel agents are gonna hate us…lol!

The y-ups or Discounted First Class tickets are airlines Best kept secret. #flyfirstclass #TravelTuesdays Share on X

So how do you get them? You are gonna visit Farecompare often. This website tracks these airfares and thus you could bag yourself that Bargain flight! Would be great for that last-minute long haul or a surprise gift for a loved one. Get tracking and note that, they aren’t necessarily dirt cheap, but way better than economy. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!




#6. For a Chance to fly first class at economy price, Just Ask Nicely.

I remember on a Delta flight from Florida to Manchester via Tampa, my connection from Tampa to MAN was delayed by over 9 hours. Missing my connection in Amsterdam was looming, I wasn’t a happy bunny. Yet, guess what, I didn’t lose my rag.

It doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny to go Club or Fly First class at Economy Price!
Julie Syl in Atlanta Airport USA

First, I avoided the Economy line where lots of travellers were venting their displeasure & stress!

I confidently marched to the Delta First-class check-in desk. I flashed my brightest smile, empathized with them. Asked about their day and made the right noises…Paul must be rubbing off on me! ;) I then simply asked, if they could get me on any another flight to Manchester if possible, explaining my situation!

I definitely didn’t want to miss a business meeting, which could result in loss of custom. The gentleman at the counter, said there was a Virgin Atlantic Flight leaving in 4 hrs. He made some calls and got me on…Plus an upgrade! Bingo…if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Sometimes throwing a tantrum could get you upgraded to business or fly First class on your economy ticket!

Yet in our book, being nice works way better, and you both get the X-Factor good feeling!


#7. Join a World Class Travel Community and Earn executive Status

Frankly this is our most favorite method. As part of this community, with Focus, Had work, being open to sharing and doing so with no attachment to the outcome, you can achieve Executive Status. This is open to both Members aka product users and Reps. Either way, if you meet the T & Cs you are gonna Travel First Class at least once.

We cant wait to do this. As part of a dynamic leadership team, with world class training, hard work and sharing with other travel lovers, this status is our portion. It could be yours too! Its the most fun and fulfilling way to fly first class at economy price…Guess why? Because your Accommodation, Food, transfers, Activities are all FREE. Your flight too could be FREE! 


Final Thoughts on How to Fly First Class on economy budget:

In order to get to Fly First Class a economy price, with airmiles, you are gonna have to Fly more often. With a specific airline! Loyalty does pay in some cases. So much so you become one of their “Commercially Important Passengers” (CIP). The airlines will treat their top spenders with more perks than anyone else on the flight, including upgrading you to Business or First class! 

Fly more often with a specific airline. loyalty pays soon enough! #flighthacking #traveltips Share on X


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Julie Sylvia

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  3. I love the idea and sound of flying first class and paying less for it, who wouldnt want to be doing that wow x

  4. Kristina Maggiora

    Those are some really decent tips right there! Thanks for sharing x

  5. Demetri Benton

    Great tips Julie! I’m planning a trip to California soon, would love to travel 1st Class. Thanks for sharing.

  6. [ Smiles ] Here is number eight: “Buy shares of the airline company.”

    On a serious note, joining a world class travel community has its advantages!

  7. sandra copeland

    Fantastic tips and thank you for sharing !!~ I ave not done any flying lately but will keep all of this in mind really Appreciate ♥♥☺☺

  8. Julie,
    Great article and love the humor when you both flew first class and Paul looked like a minster. I think its great that you can fly first class you worker for it. There are a lot of good tips in this article about flying the good way…Thanks for putting this material out. I just got a bag of peanuts ! (:

    1. Hey Lori,
      Yup Paul is always dressed for business lol I think its his upbringing. Me I dress for comfort when I am flying long haul…Cant be bothered to go do a dress change after the selfie look Lol! Glad you got value!

  9. Do they skip you for meals if you are sleeping on a flight and not in first class? Good gravy, that would stink.

    1. Yes Rosey, You are left to “Rest” lol unless your neighbour wakes you up, the Air hostesses Do Not wake you up! If its a long haul and you left home in the wee hours you would wake up hungry…Most people dont realise you can go to the gulley and ask for your meal, you paid for it. :)

  10. wow, how awesome and good to know! I would love to try it when we go overseas this year. Thanks for sharing.

  11. It’s been a while since I last traveled, but it would be awesome to fly first class without having to pay too much. I used to just pay for upgrades whenever my company would ask me to go to a convention somewhere. I think these are awesome tips!

  12. Who wouldn’t want to fly fist class especially if you’re going to pay for less! I think these are great tips and I’d love to try them if I get the chance.

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  14. Great tips. I’ve flown First class several times and the perks are great. Since airlines charge for almost everything these days, sometimes First class actually is more affordable than you might think.

    1. YESSS Cindy,
      Glad to have someone give testimony that it is a lot easier than mst people think. They dont even expect or try it. After all you can only get one of 2 answers YES or YES :)

  15. Wow this is awesome. I haven’t flown since I was a kid. I have plans later this year to take a quick trip so this is great.

  16. Heather Swarthout

    I don’t travel much, especially not on a plane, but I know in the near future if I plan on doing so, these are great tips! I will save your page and follow up on it. My in-laws fly a lot so I’m sure they would like to know this also. I had no idea you could upgrade to first class for the economy price. How awesome is that!? Thank you for this post!

  17. This is awesome. I flew business class to Japan one time – the only time I’ve ever flown business class before. And it felt like such a luxury!

  18. Natalia Molinero

    These are great tips, specially the ones of checking the emails that airlines send and asking directly! There are so missed bargains! Thanks for sharing x

  19. This is an amazing post. Flying in style is a must. BA have a sale on business and first class at the moment

  20. I am a traveler as you Julie! These tips are really great and I am sure going to try some of these tips. In fact I can easily follow these because I always plan at least three month before going on a vacation. We have a number of procedures before we could get a leave!

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