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Experience London Culture in one Weekend – London Bridge Special

Experience The London Culture in one Weekend!

Experience London Culture in one Weekend – London Bridge Special

The latter part of this year  has seen me visit London more times than I have visited Liverpool city centre. And I have come to appreciate it even more. I was therefore inspired to take a deeper look at whether we have a dreamtrip to London. Guess what I found? “Experience the London Culture in one weekend” featured trip. And I was so devastated. Why?

Because it was sold out!

Now, we have lived in UK for the last 18 years and we visit London often. Every time we see something new, even when we simply dash through. We normally take the Virgin train to London. Sometimes Paul flies in for business.There is also the Megabus option, which we have never tried to be honest!

So as UK locals, we can very easily get to London. And so can you.

For anyone who hasn’t been to UK or London before, how do you experience London culture? Well that’s where our experiences, research and frankly #bucketlist items come into play to help you out here! :)

London is home to some awesome, beautiful and jaw dropping sites both touristic, architectural and historical. You can visit green parks, gardens or enjoy the theatre. Either way we believe that you can experience London kick-ass culture in style.

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This Travel phenomenon has enabled us see more of and appreciate UK and beyond like we would never ever have done without it! 

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And below we share with you one of the Featured DreamTrips in our travel club repertoire!


Experience the sights and tastes of London during this DreamTrip in the heart of the city. Experience the London Culture with a 5Star VIP package like no other!

Experience the London Culture in 4 days – A Whistle Stop tour

There is a reason why this and similar London based Dreamtrips sell out fast, within days of being posted!


The sheer value on offer to the travellers or members who have the opportunity to access these peak life experiences. The price — $369/pp! And members can further reduce that price by $160 travel dollars. Thus paying only $209 cash for 4 days stay in a 4-5-star Hotel by London Bridge.


Including activities, meals, Airport Transfers, a Personal Concierge and Host at your service 24/7. These are experiences like no other for the price!

Checkout the description of what’s included in the price below:

Experience the sights and tastes of London during this #DreamTrip #londonculture Share on X

Experience the sights and tastes of London during this DreamTrip in the heart of the city. The featured excursions include:

  • An engaging Borough Market Food Tour, where you will sample delicious English chocolates, savory fresh fish and chips, and more culinary delights.
  • Your personal guide on this tour will tell you the market’s history and about its surroundings, like Southwark Cathedral.
  • Continue sampling London with a stop at a historic pub to try British cheeses, fig cakes and ales. Don’t miss the mouth-watering secret dish on this tour!
  • Keep the fun going with a sightseeing pass to tour the city via open-top bus. Visit world-renowned landmarks like St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe.

What we love about the whole Experience the London Culture Trip!

  • The bell of Big Ben can be heard from 9 miles away.
  • The Crown Jewels located at the Tower of London are still used by the queen.
  • The historic city of London is home to 4 prominent UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Borough Market Food Walking Tour; includes transportation. On this Tour, you’ll have the opportunity to try English fudge/chocolate, Lincolnshire sausages, home-baked breads, fish and chips, British cheeses served with grapes, fig cakes and chutneys, along with London beers, ales or ciders (or non-alcoholic options) at a local pub. The tour ends with classic desserts like cheesecakes, chocolate brownies or treacle sponge pudding with tea (Earl Grey, green or English breakfast). Guests have some free time to look around on your own (10-20 minutes) and time where your guide explains the history of the market and the surrounding areas. There is a secret dish you get to try as well; includes tastings, 1 bottle of water and a local guide.
  • 24-hour hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus tour ticket.
  • Meals include all breakfasts and a 5 course black tie dinner! (Affordable Posh or what!) :) 

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Experience London Culture -The Accommodation: Where to Stay:

At the snazzy, beautiful, Riverside MONDRIAN Hotel at Sea Containers, 

20 Upper Ground

London SE1 9PD, United Kingdom

This super boutique Hotel is located along the River Thames in the vibrant South Bank district. Guests gain access to a rooftop bar with panoramic views of London. You also get complimentary spa entry and Tom Dixon-designed rooms appointed with modern décor.

Featured hotel amenities:

  • Fitness center.
  • Aqua Bathhouse & Spa
  • Sea Containers restaurant and 3 bars/lounges.

Standard Room accommodations with 1 queen bed taking a maximum of 2 adults, or 2 adults and 1 child (under age 12).

  • A standard room is 312 square feet (29 square meters).
  • Has got City views.
  • Powerful Rainfall shower.
  • Flat-screen HDTV and a TeleAdapt media panel. 
  • Custom-designed furniture by Tom Dixon.
  • US/UK/EUR power sockets.
  • Mini-fridge (contents vary and may be at an additional cost).
  • If you are a larger family, interconnecting rooms are available,  (subject to availability).
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi, very important for business guests. Or for whatsapp chat, Facebook Live videos, Insta-photos, Snap chatting and of course a quick vlog. Why not. :) 
Experience London rich culture at the Mondrian Hotel at Sea Containers! #londonculture
The Unique Spa at the Mondrian Hotel at Sea London (Image courtesy of TripAdvisor)




How Else can you Experience London Culture on the Hop?

#1. Experience London Entertainment: –  According to a National Theatre report more people visit the theatre annually than attend Premier League football!

Paul and I are part of that demographic. And our daughter seems to have picked up on that love. She shared her London Winter wonderland experience, it was awesome, you and esp. your children would love it!!

We as a family love theatre, classical stuff, music and London’s vast theatre scene doesn’t disappoint! Not usually a cheap experience. But so worth it. We visit the Lowry in Manchester too and of course the Liverpool Echo Arena.

Back to the London West End, it alone has an array of over 40 theaters, one of the ultimate Experiences of London Culture. And, the performances, comedies, acts, etc. are as diverse as the theaters.

Theatre Scene, the ultimate Experiences of London Culture. #visitlondon #traveltuesday Share on X




#2. Variety is the spice of Life: – Well, London is quite spread out and frankly, traffic can be a nightmare. Yet with its vast array of attractions for the luxury traveller, business trip, tourist and backpacker alike, you cant fail to enjoy whichever part of London you find yourself! If you purpose to! 

For a quick whistle stop visit, you could take a Central London Tour esp. if it includes a Thames cruise or a walk or rickshaw ride along London Bridge. You won’t be lost for choice from walking tours like the one in the feature image above, to Tour buses or River Cruises.

Or you could plump up £10 for a Jack the ripper themed tour. Starts at Tower Bridge every night from 7:30 pm. We chose the 3 pm Saturday Tour…(chicken lol.) :)

Experience London Jack the Ripper Themed Tour at Tower Bridge!



#3. Experience London Maritime Life: – This is a rich history tied very closely with the Thames River, bang in the centre of London! The sights and views across various vantage points along the Thames are awesome.

Just a night time walk along London Bridge will get the romantic in you sighing with pleasure. We took our children on a night walking tour of London with my sister and they fell in love with it. Right along with eating caramelized peanuts in a Styrofoam cup :)

You could walk the Katharine Docks and see tall boats that will take your breath away. We totally loved this experience, we couldn’t believe how ornate and beautiful some of the tall boats are! Image below doesn’t do any of them justice!

You could have a tipple at the Dickens Pub or simply walk along the docks and contemplate the life of Riley i.e. Owners of those boats. Look out for the amazing moored ships like the Golden Hinde, a sight to behold!!

Experience_Lodon_DocklandsExperience London by Night- The Dickens Inn #London attractions

More Thames sites you should check out include: the National Maritime Museum, and the No.1 Warehouse aka Museum of London Docklands.




#4. Are you a Plant Lover? We specially love the park by the Shard! It has beautiful gardens and its very well kept. We sat in this park below for at least an hour enjoying the warm Sunday summer sun! 

Experience London Green Culture #londonparks #Londonshard
Birthday girl in the Park – 2 mins from The Shard

Holland park is another favorite with its oriental themed garden space. Plants and beautiful flowers galore. Don’t miss the seasonal highlights at the Kew Gardens all of 300 acres of them!

London is home to a great number of amazing public homes with beautiful designer gardens! It also has lots of open spaces and parks, where locals and visitors alike can spend a warm spring, summer or fall day.

Take in the sights, and various experiences in the different parks, not just the fauna and flora! 




#5. Experience London Shopping Extravaganza – Shhh don’t tell Pauli, every time we visit London, I spend way more than I planned. Because the shops are orgasmic…Oops! (No kids allowed) Have you been to Bond Street?

You will have one of the richest shopping experiences in the world in London. The kids will not be missing out with the Harry Potter experience Be ready to pay £27 per child under 15 and £35 per adult (at time of visit).  Or visit Hamleys Toy Store, Disney Store, yes London’s got that too for free! Or even have tea at Harrods. (Don’t forget your platinum card for this) lol!

Whatever your fancy, designer wear, tourist trinkets etc. you can either find it on the High Street, various markets or Shopping centers.  You will have a great experience, and your wallet will be all the lighter for it! ;)




#6. Experience London Bridge:Believe you me, London Bridge in our view is an experience in itself. In fact, the best views of Central London on Foot are at this vantage historical and tourist attraction. In our opinion of course.

You will see the Gherkin, The Shard, MI5 headquarters, Historical ships moored on the River Thames, and the rich kids toys as well in this place! London Bridge is a sight to behold when it opens for a tall ship to pass. Only on special occasions mind you!

When you are done with all this walking around, go rest your feet and have a £15+ cocktail at the Aquashard or lunch at the Shangrila…#YOLO lol! Give ya’self a treat and pay later :)

Experience London AquaShard Bar, The Views are breathtaking!
Breathtaking Views of London Tower Bridge and The Thames from AquaShard! @Pkjulesworld

To wrap this up allow me to say, everyday we have a choice. To live life to the fullest, or to keep hoping. If yo wish to experience London culture, or any culture for that matter. You gotta dream it plan it and take action towards making it happen! No body is gonna give it to you on a platter, unless you have a vision for it in your life. Nothing happens by accident! Go dream, then Go Travel! 

You gotta dream it, plan it and take action towards make travel dreams happen! #travelquote #traveltheworld Share on X

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Julie Syl & Pauli Kalungi

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  2. London! I loved staying there earlier this year! My little girl and I had a grand time! It’s really awesome to be able to experience their culture. I would love to go there again and explore more.

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    London is my dream come true! I’m jealous you always experienced London culture. Oen day I’ll be there too.

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  6. What an amazing experienced! London is also in my bucket list for this year. And I’m so glad that they had this kind of deal.

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  8. These tweets are SO on point and so share worthy!!! ; ) Travel guides are such a huge help – the first time I ever went to Italy, my cousin who lives in Rome took us on a HUGE tour. It was amazing because it was so personal, and he knows sooo much about the history. Love this!

  9. Wow! I love your photos! I have always wanted to visit London and regret not going to my cousin’s wedding over the summer. She was married in London and then came back to Toronto a few days later for another reception. The world is getting smaller.

  10. We hired private tour guides when we were in London so we could see everything we wanted from a local eye. It was terrific.

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  13. London is a great city to visit. although i live in the UK i must say I have not really explored that beautiful city as much as i should. Would luv to see London properly

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