Success Hacks – Declutter your Home, SMASH Goals.

How to Declutter your home and Life and release Stress!

Declutter your home – How Decluttering my Home Helped me Focus Better in my Business

I looked around and thought: Where can I place this pair of shoes, no room at all! My Wardrobe was bursting with stuff, in fact, when I looked around my whole bedroom was a holy mess…I had a mental movie of the rest of my home and noticed the stuffiness. The Stuff… It seemed that as soon as I delivered a boot-load to the charity shop, whatever space I’d created was almost immediately replaced with more stuff. I needed to not only release some stuff, I needed to Declutter my home if I was to avoid the claustrophobia I could feel coming on. 

Are you facing the same dilemma?

Today, allow me to help you out  before you get anxiety, and/or depressed and your career, life or business suffers.

So, did you know that Cleaning makes you feel lighter, less stressed, and accomplished? Neither did I ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Well I used to think it was woo-woo stuff, all this connecting cleaning with success… Don’t get me wrong, I am essentially a tidy person… Yet, I also seem to be a hoarder. 

Till I couldn’t fit any piece of clothing in my wardrobe and guess what was happening at work…Lack of focus, which lead to feeling overwhelmed as the days went by with my tasks undone or half done…And then I would eat for England which of course wasn’t great for my body… Hello size 16 for a 5ft 2 woman! ๐Ÿ™ 

Weird as it sounds, tidying and decluttering your space can get you back into your driving seat. So you can feel more in control of your life.

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The idea is to drum it into your brain that: “I am putting things in order.”

You see, the physical act of cleaning always gets me sweaty and I find that a real bonus. “Two birds, one stone! Yeah

That is so good for heart energy…When I hit my work station, I find that I have such clarity and energy, I usually smash through the tasks I set and any challenges that would have floored me before. 

So, today allow me to share 3 tips to decluttering your life and smashing your life goals. Double whammy, it feels just as good as going for a walk outside.


First I am no expert on all things Mental health or fitness. BUT, I am a stickler for doing my research and due diligence and Trying things out before I share. So…

I did some research as well on the benefits of decluttering and tidying my home and space


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What Does Research Say about Decluttering and Anxiety? 

Well, I have learnt that clearing up my mess is a powerful stress buster and empowers you big time.

And by the way Science has shown that mess may actually affect your mental well-being. Mess and clutter create stress that has three major biological and neurological effects on humans:

  • It Affects your cortisol levels,
  • Increases your pain threshold and
  • Impacts on your Creativity and ability to focus on any single task. ๐Ÿ™ 

Mind you, clutter isn’t just physical…Ohh no.

  • Are you always on social media so every 2 secs a notification ping goes off your phone?
  • Then you are exposed to Digital clutter and Mess. And you absolutely must consider avoiding Social media Anxiety.
  • Also, if you have tasks that must be dome ala to-do lists, and you are constantly thinking about them, Yet Not taking action? Yup clutter…
  • Maybe you hear a ping every few minutes from your pc, so your ability to fully focus on a task and enter creative flow or process is being hammered all day…You are in a “Mental Mess” too. 

All the above things have the exact same effect on your brain as physical mess aka clutter!

And we want you firing from all barrels, delivering results in your career and/or business, enjoying life and having fun yes, yes? Good…

Talking of business, if you that really wish to get productive, I created a Toolkit that can help you to Not only declutter but also Get Productive right here

The Winning Planner


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So,Why Declutter your home?


Well remember I talked about research? Well, according to scientific research, our brains can only focus on 1% of all the stuff we are exposed to.

Also clutter causes us to eat all the wrong foods as we focus on the wrong things too…Again proven by research. Indeed, Florida State University researchers found a connection between obesity and hoarding.

Yes, your brain LOVES Order. It is a super machine a wonder of creation, and like a computer, it loves specific direction. To many clicks and orders and it freezes, or even crashes…We wanna avoid that for sure.

Well let’s tackle that mess in 3 steps I learnt from a decluttering expert called Marie Mondo. And I now use to keep my home and business Organized, and running smoothly.


#1. Instead of Rooms, Deal with The Mess in Categories:

I have a ton of books and they used to be everywhere. Now I know exactly where to get my books. Coz I gave them a home. So I sorted my mess by these categories:

  • Books,
  • Clothes,
  • Shoes,
  • Paperwork,  aka files,
  • Utensils
  • Miscellaneous

I gathered all things in one spot and sorted. If you go Room by room, well you will like I did, get distracted by sentimental stuff and not get the job done. Stick to the plan. I will share with you in a bit what to do with all the stuff yo have sorted and dont need anymore. 


#2. Arrange your stuff in Neat Rows in your Storage;

Like cupboards, wardrobes, draws etc. This gives you a semblance of organisation and a birds eye view of everything you need so you can access it faster and avoid messing stuff up again. Also you will have released a lot of things you dont really use… Less is MORE in this case. 

Declutter Your Home- closet organizer

I learnt to fold my clothes like books or roll them like a towel. Try it, folding your clothes like a row of books, I even do that for my undies lol #TMI :p 

I use draw or closet organizers. If you are in UK you can get some in B&M, Home Bargains, Wilkos or B&Q.

This will also help you save money. You won’t buy the same thing again coz you can’t find the other one. Or forgot you had it. Everything is well laid out so you can see it. 



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#3. Give away what you no longer need, those sentimental items

This is what you do with that stuff you know you dont need, haven’t worn i ages, doesn’t fit anymore or is so 19th century you Would feel ancient wearing it. Well someone actually needs them. And would be so grateful to have them.

This also encourages you to be grateful for what you have and the memories you got…Gratitude opens doors for us in life and for entrepreneurs…its a major accelerator of success.

As you give it away, say thank you to the Grace and the ITEM for having given you the memories or been useful in your life in whatever form.

It also stops the guilt you may feel when you give away say those baby booties for your now 16-year-old. And which they will not be using on their child anyway.

Now you have a clutter free home and the good abundance and freedom energy flows more freely in and around your home. This in turn allows abundance to find the space to take root in your home….


What does The Act of Decluttering Do for You?


Tune in to this Podcast to understand WHY.


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And if you enjoyed my Tips, then go ahead and Declutter your Home. This will help you to re-align you with Focus, reduce stress and bring you your desired results. Do Share on Facebook… And




See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Syl Kalungi

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