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Christmas in Liverpool would be an Exquisite experience! #visitliverpool

A Run Down to Christmas in Liverpool City!

Christmas in Liverpool City, 8 Things you May not know about Liverpool!

Many times we travel to see new shores…but one thing we must never forget is that we have an anchor. Your home city or township. Your set off point, for us that point is Liverpool. Today we want to share with you how its been thus far and 8 things we love about it. We are talking about Christmas in Liverpool!

We love Liverpool…and its been a long courting for sure! πŸ™‚ 

You will find lots of people talking about Christmas in New York, but we have never been yet and that’s something on our bucket list.

Most years we travel to Uganda to spend time with family. The children get spoilt rotten by their grandparents, aunties, counsins and we adults get pampered loads…We have so much fun in Kampala we end up staying up more nights than we should and need another vacation from the Christmas vacation. πŸ˜‰

If you haven’t been to Uganda the Pearl of Africa, the home of the Equator, you definitely need to add it to your African Safari Bucket list!  We have so much to say about the beauty of Uganda, one blog just won’t do, but that story will be for another day….

If you do love to travel the world then you definitely want to check out our article on When to buy airline tickets…Seriously you might save a packet on your next flight!


So guess what, this year due to various commitments, esp. our son’s duties as head Chorister at the Liverpool Metropolitan cathedral, we are having Christmas in Liverpool…And how exciting is that for us…its unbelievable!  Our daughter is praying for a white Christmas….The rest are hoping we don’t get any snow whatsoever. And what with the very wet weather lately, maybe our wish will be granted!

Now we have made it our mission to bring to you 8 wonderful facts you may not know about Christmas in Liverpool or the city in general, places to see, things to do, that kind of jazz!

Of course what is Christmas without Santa and Liverpool went Lego style. This Santa is Huge! 

Christmas in Liverpool city - A tale of a Lego Santa! #visitliverpoolSanta Claus has arrived in time for Christmas in Liverpool! #christmas

Liverpool is a world class, world heritage city. It’s a hit with UNESCO and definitely with world travellers and we are proud to call it home. Where do we start…We think you should visit soonest or add to your To Visit list. 


Frankly there are lots of places you can learn about Liverpool and Christmas in Liverpool in general. The Liverpool Echo talks about all things Christmas 2015 in detail, so we definitely don’t intend to reinvent that wheel. We’ll simply share with you our rundown to Christmas in Liverpool experiences and what we love about this city…Cool?

Let’s get started…



#1 Christmas in Liverpool – The Christmas Market

This is a Family Tradition we always do before we jet off for our family Christmas in Africa. This year is unique, we ain’t jetting off.

Though it’s deplorably wet and cold, Christmas in Liverpool wouldn’t be the same without the Christmas Markets. They put festive into the season and we always pick up unique and special gifts for friends and family. Last year we noted a heck of a lot of stalls and found out they were 80+ stalls with all kinds of goodies from around the world, esp. Europe. We’ve tasted different cuisines and drank some real awesome and weird drinks. One of the awesome ones being the obligatory glass of warm mulled wine, yummy! We visited late afternoon as we wanted to see the Christmas lights in the City Center too. Its winter duh, so it gets dark by 3:45pm. The Market stalls usually stay open till 8pm…It’s like having a winter open air party. πŸ™‚ One of the things that makes Christmas in Liverpool Special. This year’s Liverpool Christmas markets started on 19th November and will run till 22nd December. So you still have time to pop over and have a taste of Christmas in Liverpool.

Christmas in Liverpool The Markets & Lights! Christmas_Lights_Liverpool



#2 Christmas in Liverpool – The City Centre

Frankly Christmas in Liverpool has been greatly enhanced by the sheer regeneration of the city center to a whole new level aka Liverpool One. Yet Liverpool as a city has stayed laid back and welcoming awesome. As you heard in our video above, it’s rare that we get stuck in a traffic delay in Liverpool.

If you love ice-skating then you will love the ice rink that’s set up every Christmas time since the launch of L1 as we love to call it. You might like to wait till November & book in advance to avoid the queues.

The City Centre is predominantly pedestrianised and that’s a blessing esp. for parents with little ones. It’s the retail and leisure heart of our city, and for the shopaholic in you, we have a whopping 5 shopping centres with over 400 shops…no kidding! Of course we got late night shopping till 9pm for the night owls. πŸ™‚

If you’re a designer-holic like our Julie, the MetQuarter, Bold Street and Cavern Walks are right up your alley! We guarantee you could shop till you drop, check out the MetQuarter below!

Christmas in Liverpool at the #MetQuarter



#3 Christmas in Liverpool – The Cadbury’s Chocolate Van

OMG was this exciting or what, you wouldn’t believe your eyes. Yes a huuuge van with the insides created completely out of chocolate, candies and all things sweet and yummy. This is what rolled into our home City Liverpool one on 1st December so much so we posted a picture on Instagram. We’ve never seen a #cadburys chocolate truck before, its so unique. A Christmas Grotto entirely made of chocolate inc. a fireplace, table, chairs, trees, baubles, choc Christmas trees inside. All were edible even advent Christmas calendars. Simply a child’s dream come true. This was the first Worldwide as a countdown to Christmas and 23 more were headed to other UK cities. 

The first Worldwide- countdown to Christmas Cadbury Chocolate Vans in a UK city near you! #chocoholic Click To Tweet

The Inside of The Cadburys Al made of Chocolate & Candy Below Van – Yummm

Christmas in Liverpool 2015! #cadburyvanChristmas in Liverpool The Markets & Lights!


#4 Christmas in Liverpool- Night Life

For the party hopper, the clubber, the bar crawler, Liverpool never sleeps seriously. So Christmas in Liverpool could be just what the doctor ordered for ya.

One of our favorite bars, Christmas in Liverpool #PubCrawling!
One of our Fav Bars in Liverpool!

For the arty type our friend, Christmas in Liverpool needs to be planned in advance or you won’t find a ticket to rub together to either of our two Liverpool theatres; Liverpool Everyman and Liverpool Empire. Music buffs head to the Philharmonic for your classical cup full. Just check whats on and where in Liverpool before you travel so you don’t miss your show coz of lack of tickets!

Seriously Liverpool has a fantastic night life and a whole annual program of events to suit every taste. There is every reason to make not just your visit any time of year but Christmas in Liverpool memorable! If you like a bit of a Christmas eggnog or cocktail then you are in for a treat with several Christmas deals on cocktails in Liverpool. Just remember to drink responsibly and don’t drive of course…Gosh sounding like your ma here :p



#5 Christmas in Liverpool- Praise and Worship:

It absolutely wouldn’t be Christmas in Liverpool or anywhere in our opinion without praise and worship. The very reason this season is celebrated in the Christian world. And we have numerous churches in Liverpool that have put on quite a show for the run down to Christmas. BUT taking pride of place are our two world Class and Heritage Sites The Cathedrals on two sides of the one street The street of Hope! Christmas wouldn’t be the same without attending a carol service or Dickensian Christmas at The Met Cathedral or The Liverpool Cathedral. We have attended both. Both are absolutely awe inspiring in architecture in their own rights and a sight to behold. The two are a must stop for any tourist in Liverpool. Midnight mass in The Met Cathedral is an occasion that would lift and warm the heart of an angel.  check out the Met Choir doing what it does best this season of loving praise and worship below

Christmas in Liverpool, carol service!

Christmas in Liverpool at our world Class Cathedrals! The Met & Anglican!#praiseandworship

Christmas in Liverpool Carols at The Met! #visitliverpool

Liverpool Cathedral Nativity Scene - Christmas in Liverpool


#6 Christmas in Liverpool – Transportation

If you don’t live local then you don’t know how to get about right! Let us show you how. Whether you flew in or not if you area city away, then Jump on a virgin train to Liverpool or grab the National Express Bus and you will have a day in Liverpool to remember. Christmas in Liverpool transport is something we don’t really think about as we do drive. So if you are driving or rented a car then we urge you to have some sort of SatNav or Map. You want to get on the motorway to the M6 follow directions to the M56 or M62 and on to Liverpool. Once in Liverpool you will find it easy to get about. If using public transport you are in luck, it’s very reliable although on a Sunday and public holidays you might like to get a cab or freeze you’re a**e on a bus stop for hours! Frankly speaking we believe Liverpool to be one of the most accessible cities in UK and for your travel details within Liverpool to enhance your Christmas in Liverpool visit the Merseytravel website for  comprehensive public transport information and ‘Journey Planner’ or call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33.



#7 Christmas in Liverpool – The Albert Docks

The Albert docks are a world heritage tourist magnet in Liverpool and your Christmas could be an amazing one with the activities planned over this season 8 days still left see image below! The docks hold pride of place on the prestigious Liverpool waterfront and are a UNESCO world Heritage site too. They are also home to the world renowned Musical Sons of Liverpool, The Beatles. We know Christmas in Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Beatles Museum, unless you truly don’t subscribe to Beatles mania!

Christmas in Liverpool, The Albert Docks Extravaganza! #albertdocks


This season, the Albert Docks have gifted us with a free show, a magical parade by the Liverpool Lantern Company. And like in 2011 we have had real reindeer and giant Christmas characters. A real magical time for children. And again for some shopping you will be spoilt for choice at Nauticalia. You just might also grab some history at the International Slavery Museum…(not my cup but history galore) and the Mersyside Maritime Museum. Definitely not forgetting the Beatles story for you the Beatles fans this would be a magical Christmas in Liverpool. And guess what, our son will be among the yuletide Choristers at the Albert Docks This Christmas season…we are super excited for him.



#8 Christmas in Liverpool – You Gotta Eat

Well after all that shopping, Christmas Markets, Site Seeing and before you head off pub crawling and letting your hair down, shaking whatyomomagaveya…you gotta eat right πŸ™‚

Trust us you won’t go hungry in Liverpool especially not on Christmas day. We have such a great spirit of welcome, you’ll find you are spoilt for choice in Fine dining, Bistros, cafes, or home cooked Christmas dinner at the home of pkjulesworld…! But again we are home peeps when it comes to Christmas dinner. I don’t remember when we ever went to a restaurant for Christmas…but if that’s your kind of lifestyle or you find yourself on a business trip over here or whatever; then we definitely encourage you to check eating out in Liverpool!

Some of our Local Favourites; wonderful ambient restaurants being a family run Oriental restaurant ChungKu on the water front. You could head to L1 to  Chaophraya in Liverpool One. In the mood for variety on a world scale – Red-Hot again in Liverpool One is your eatery. For an all you can eat till you drop buffet in style.

But for your quintessential no nonsense Oriental Buffet head to Tsos Restaurant located on an Iconic building at Queens square in the city centre. Seriously the variety is massive over 70 dishes, for a very pocket friendly £6.95 on a weekday you can’t possibly beat that or go wrong! 

Can you  tell we love eastern cuisine right…

For a bite on the run head to Nandos for a quick Mexican chicken bite…Not forgetting the usual Maccies, KFC, Subway etc…not our fav type of meals but hey each to their own.



Christmas in Liverpool – There’s a heck of a lot more…but not today

Boy we haven’t even scratched the surface of how awesome Christmas in Liverpool has been thus far and could be for you. Or for that matter visit Liverpool at any time of year, it will be an experience you won’t forget fast. So why not add our awesome city to your bucket list?

And if you wish to learn how we get to travel outside of this amazing city and see other awesome places all over the world we encourage you to check out this no obligation Free video, via banner below. You too could live an amazing, fulfilling and fun filled life like we do.



By the way TWEET THIS post now, we really do appreciate it!

Hope we have given you a taster of Liverpool Christmas or no Christmas…We genuinely couldn’t keep sharing how awesome other cities are without talking about our home city…Talking about other cities did you read our Article on Florence, you will love it!


“We travel NOT to escape our lives, rather to Create memories all over the world!” Paul Kalungi

“We travel NOT to escape our lives, rather to Create memories all over the world!” Paul Kalungi #yourpowerechoes #traveltips Click To Tweet

Christmas in Liverpool, The Albert Docks Extravaganza! #PaulKalungi



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We leave you with our views of the run down to Christmas in Liverpool. Enjoy xoxo πŸ™‚

Our Gorgeous City Christmas Tree A Piece of Art!
Our Gorgeous City Christmas Tree A Piece of Art!

Christmas in Liverpool would be an Exquisite experience! #visitliverpool

Rudolf did pay a Sparkling Visit already :)
Rudolf did pay a Sparkling Visit already πŸ™‚

Christmas in Liverpool - late night shopping! #liverpoolone #christmas
Christmas in Liverpool – late night shopping! #liverpoolone #christmas


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  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I would love to go there and see the Christmas celebrations one of these years.

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  4. Looks like a fun place to be at Christmas. I have been to England, but I don’t think we went to Liverpool. Looks like we missed an amazing fun city. Happy Holidays Julie and Family!

  5. Thank you so much for bringing these beautiful pictures and verbal images to Blogger’s Pit Stop. Can I suggest that you add Australia to your bucket list, any time of year is great πŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful Liverpool Christmas

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      We are super glad you like and hope to contribute more value to Blogger’s Pitstop.
      Australia is definitely on out Bucket List.
      How about you write a guest blog about the beauty that it is. We would be more than excited for that!

      Have an amazing Christmas

  6. Daniel Ndukwu

    Now this is what I call a post. Liverpool is an amazing city and seems to have everything you could need to have a great holiday.

    Never been but it is now a part of the bucket list.

    That Cadbury Van made of chocolate is truly priceless. I’d love to sink my teeth into that one.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  7. What a wonderful post Julie! You share some amazing facts and things about Liverpool I didn’t know and the images are beautiful. I enjoy traveling so much and Christmas can be a great time to seek out new adventures. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Can we ask you Lalia…Whats Stopping You?
      See we all have a finite time on this planet, then we exit ONCE!
      I’d say do it, and enjoy your life.Thats what life is all about the feeling we elicit form the actions we do!

      Liverpool is indeed such a lovely place. Merry Christmas From us!


  8. Philip Lapinski

    Woah what a beautiful place! I am an avid traveler and Liverpool looks like it will be added to my list now πŸ™‚ thank you for this!

  9. Thanks for sharing Julie it looks beautiful in Liverpool for Christmas you will definitely have to fill your bucket list and come to New York and enjoy Christmas here. Have a Wonderful Christmas to you and your whole family Julie from our house to your house! Merry Christmas!

    1. Aww thank you so much Liz. You are so very kind. New York is definitely on our Bucket List for the longest.
      We thank you for the wonderful Christmas wishes ans Wish You and yours every blessing for Christmas.

      Julie Sylvia & Paul!

  10. Liverpool sounds amazing! I really love the Lego Santa, reindeer, and sleigh. My kids would go crazy over that. My wife would go crazy over the chocolate. Sounds like an amazing city. We hope to visit for an anniversary sooner than later.

    1. Liverpool Is Amazing Jonathan.

      The Lego Santa is Jaw dropping esp. for little ones!
      Ha haa talk about chocolate…Hmm what happens in Liverpool is gonna stay lets just say that lol!
      You will love Liverpool!


  11. It looks like such a beautiful city and I’m sure the pictures don’t do it any justice. It’s like New York it seems like you just have to see it in person.

  12. Brian and Felicia White

    Incredible pics and post Paul! Love what you shared about Uganda too and look forward to seeing your future posts on that as well. We used to have an ice rink in the middle of our city and we miss it dearly so we’ll just have to come there and play, eh? Really cool Lego Santa! Everything just looks fun and beautiful! Going on bucket list now! Thanks so much for sharing guys! πŸ™‚

  13. When I see posts like these, it makes me want to travel! So fun and great pictures.

  14. It’s beautiful out there. Looks like it’s worth the travel from Colchester. Thans for sharing

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