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Every Reason Why You Should Visit the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles. Our VIP Experience.

Checking in: The Beverly Hilton Los Angeles!

The Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Is an An Experience Like no Other! Here is What to Expect!

Checking in; The Beverly Hilton Hotel LA| The beverly Hilton Los Angeles| Visi Los Angeles

For the longest, we dreamt of visiting Los Angeles and check in to one of the those highly acclaimed or even celebrity hotels. We didn’t know that we would be Checking in to the Beverly Hilton hotel!

At the time of our visit, there was a full-on event, it was like we had landed at the Oscars…If you didn’t know this, the hotel is a legendary celebrity watch and is one of the most iconic hotels in the Hilton Family.

It is one of the major destinations for film and rock stars in Hollywood.

So, when we got the opportunity to visit, we did not hesitate to go. We reckoned it would be a story we’ll share with our grandchildren for years to come and we can tell you it was worth every dollar!

We booked our suite as you would expect an experience you want to savour for years and we checked into the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles for a blissful 10 days!

The Beverly Hilton Hotel Lobby Area, Very classy! #losangeles #traveltuesday

The Beverly Hilton Hotel

To say we were excited would be an understatement. Where do we start…This Hotel oozes class, old money and wealth…The minute we arrived we were treated like royalty. Can’t put a finger on it, and that is something a lot of hotels cannot replicate! The staff are clearly trained to treat every single guest that walks in like a King or Queen.

It’s up to you to live up to the role you are assigned by the way you carry yourself…Step inside and you are enveloped in a golden hue of sheer luxury.

A Forbes 4 Star Hotel, the Beverly Hilton was built and opened in 1955 By Conrad Hilton. It was built on the top end of Beverly Hills, in an enviable position at the crossroads of the famous Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards. And a short walk from Rodeo Drive and the massive church of Scientology!

This is bang in the neighbourhood of Beverly Hills, plus the advantage of a 10-minute walk to the Westfield shopping centre.

We learnt from the info in our suite that The Beverly Hilton hotel’s Aqua Star Pool, is Beverly Hills’ largest heated pool. It has been used as the setting for numerous film and photo shoots. It’s got zebra print cabanas, a bar right by the pool, what was not to like. I didn’t wanna leave seriously! While Paul went to broker deals, and present his stuff.

I chillaxed by this olympic sized pool and contemplated the life of Riley! 😊  

[clickToTweet tweet=”The Beverly Hilton hotel’s Aqua Star Pool, Beverly Hills’ largest heated pool #Travel #LosAngeles” quote=”The Beverly Hilton hotel’s Aqua Star Pool, is Beverly Hills’ largest heated pool”]

Not forgetting the awesome Trader Vic’s…(Trader Vic has since closed; February 2017 after 60 years of service according to

Every Reason Why You Should Visit the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles - Tradde Vics and Circa 55

It’s no secret that this hotel is a popular spot for the Hollywood glitterati and celebrities.

Trust us when we say, we were totally star-struck with our hotel suite, playing: which celebrity could have slept in this bed! 😊

Yet we totally couldn’t spend every waking moment in the room or by the famed pool. We had a lot of Los Angeles to catch and we shared our experiences in 10 amazing days on Los Angeles. Where to go, what to eat, where to go shake ya bootay and mostly for free!   

If you have deep pockets or platinum, we definitely say, the Beverly Hilton qualifies for a spa get away or R & R trip. Its idyllic surrounds do make it hard to leave the hotel to venture elsewhere. With it’s fantastic outdoor pool area, the world class Gym and Spa, the views to die for, plenty of gardens, and a selection of great eateries. (Our favourite was Circa 55 and in-room dining).

We also were in residence when one of the more known Hollywood events was held at the Hotel. Paul was in car heaven with all the super cars that rolled into the drive and were parked by the valet. Not sure whether it was Golden Globe Awards, which has been a staple at The Beverly Hilton for over 50 years, or the Grammy Gala, or the Milken Institute’s Global Conference. Whatever it was, we were glad to be there and just breath in the sheer abundance that walked into that space! 😊 For sure it is the place to be seen in Hollywood!

Every Reason Why You Should Visit the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles. Our Room and The Aqua Star Spa

A Suite fit for a VIP

Our suite was more than enough for us: a plush king size bed with super soft pillows. A large bathroom with a power shower and luxury bathtub, hair dryer, and designer branded toiletries.

Fluffy soft towels, bathrobes and slippers! We also had a huge flat screen TV in the bathroom as well as the room, with a range of channels to keep anyone entertained while in the room. So, you don’t miss that glamour news update while buffing your skin or drying your hair…Frankly speaking we didn’t really watch much lol.

Waking up in a luxuriously soft bed, with the warm Californian sun peeking through the sheer white drapes, to a view off the balcony facing the Beverly Hills, aahhh sheer bliss!

For 4 mornings, we ordered room service breakfast. The first time we ordered for two and wished we hadn’t. A whole trolley was wheeled in, it was huge. That Hollywood breakfast was super filling! We also were picked up by family for breakfast at various eateries on 3 days. On a couple of days the Beverly Hilton laid out a Limousine for us, to take us for breakfast at the Westfield Centre and a visit to downtown LA. I could get used to this kind of life! 😉   

We had the option of an in-room coffee maker with delicious ground coffee beans. And their breakfast breads are amazing…with their own peanut butter topping that is yummylicious. It spoilt us for any other type of peanut butter in UK.


Hotel Amenities

The hotel is a private playground of the rich and famous. It has got oodles of public air conditioned spaces to chill out enjoy, including a very much iconic pool. It is popular among both hotel guests and locals who dropped by to grab a spot of lunch and a Mai Tai from Trader Vic’s. Or a spot of lunch at Circa 55 or at the casual poolside cafe, that’s more about the social scene!

This hotel has way more that the usual suspects – a gym, world class famous Aqua star spa, a much-coveted Aqua star pool, Salon and boutiques, Business Centre, its famous Ballrooms and Penthouse suites! Plenty of gardens to explore… the Beverly Hilton is the kind of place you never want to leave, well until your platinum demands it! And why should you leave…Plan to stay long enough to utilise the facilities you paid for. Then go explore Los Angeles

There is live music in the lobby and daily happy hour, combine this with a killer delicious Mai Tai…Seriously you would be hard pressed to leave this property!

Every Reason Why You Should Visit the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles

Did we say this hotel is a stone throw away from Rodeo Drive? Well, Rodeo Drive is famous for its indulgent shopping by the well healed. And apparently, the average customer spend is $10,000…! By the way, Rodeo Drive Police are allegedly so well trained they are claimed to respond in less than a minute…This means, you and your hard-earned wealth and shopping are safe in this place.

You will be mesmerized by the beautiful, tasteful, famous, designer store fronts. Each one unique, and demanding an Insta-moment. Most of them need an appointment to shop. This is definitely a destination you should check off your #bucketlist! You definitely want to check out the one of a kind cupcake hole-in-the-wall aka ATM!

Every Reason Why You Should Visit the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel - Rodeo Drive Cup Cake ATM
Our View over Beverly Hills, & Cup Cake ATM…Image doesnt do both justice!

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We leave you with more views of the Beverly Hilton and urge you to plan your LA jaunt here! You will definitely get an amazing deal via our Travel Club

Julie Syl Right at the entrance to the Beverly Hilton

Hope you checked in with us at the Beverly Hills Hilton Los Angeles and are already planning your own amazing time there. Is this your kind of establishment? Join the conversation below! 

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  1. Wow, what an awesome experience you had! I wish I can also check-in on any Hilton Hotels. The place is indeed amazing and I want some VIP room service too!

  2. wow! that’s really glamorous and nice! I’m glad you had the chance to enjoy it :) x

  3. Travel Blogger

    This sounds so amazing! I would love to stay here and do some shopping on Rodeo Drive. Although, I don’t have $10,000 to spend!

    1. Tehehehee Kait,
      How about you do so vicariously now, today, imagine you had $10k. How would you spend it, what would you buy, who would you be with, where would you go…Do it and do it often. What you see with your inner eye…you can manifest! :)

  4. I am soooooo jealous right now, Julie! When I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed of walking along the streets of Beverly Hills, you know, from watching too much Beverly Hills 90210. Haha! :)

  5. What an amazing experience and how gorgeous is the Hilton hotel, I always stay at the Hilton or Novotel for work but never had a personal stay and if I did I would like to try Beverley Hilton hotel

    1. Hey Anosa,

      You already Travel, its time you took it to a whole new level and a personal stay at the Beverly Hilton will blow your mind :) And plastic lol!
      We should talk!

  6. This is definitely the place you want to be in when you’re on a vacation especially if you’re in LA! Hilton is really awesome and they know what their guests want in a hotel.

  7. that was a very beautiful hotel! that look very expensive! i would like to visit the place someday!

  8. It’s tough not to have a great time in such a place. Hilton hotels are really known for their luxury after all. I love the whole place! It’s a nice place to stay in when you want top class accommodations while in LA.

  9. Wow. 10 luxurious days at the Beverly Hilton! I have long dreamed of staying at that hotel, however, the dream is still a dream! What is better than walking up to a view of Beverly Hills. I’d feel like a celebrity! Oh, and that cupcake ATM! Awesome!

    1. Hey AnneMarie,
      Every dream is possible, Whats holding yours back? Let us help you manifest it :) That Hotel is Dreamy and the views are simply what you wish to see more often. celebrity Hellooo :)

  10. The hotel is pure luxury! OMG. My mind was busy imagining how awesome it would be to spend a night or two at the Beverly Hilton! I am happy you were able to experience that, and I hope I someday can experience the same.

  11. Wow! Bucket list indeed and I can understand why you wouldn’t want to leave 😍 What a stay! Your suite looks incredible and I like the sound of the Zebra cabanas!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  12. Wowsa – I was going to say how stunning the hotel is but it’s the Bev Hills!! Goodness! Think I’ll have to dip into my savings for that one though!

  13. WAIT?! WHEN was this?! Cause um, if you were in LA in the last 5 years and you didn’t tell me. I am going to be VERY mad! hahaha!

    1. OMG we are Hiding GiGi…Keep ya tits girlfriend.
      Its way withing the time frame but we must say you were off on some fantabulous cruise or something. We will be sure to let you know on our next visit, soon as yorh POTUS stops harrassing we aliens from space :)

  14. i would presume that a hotel in Beverley hills would speak for itself. you have done good justice to this review and equally the hotel looks lusciously delicious and enticing to stay in… this hotel is packed with luxury by the looks of it. and to think theres a cupcake atm.. whooaaaa

    1. Hey Andy,
      Absolutely, there is a Cup Cake ATM in various destinations now. Its like the upside down houses! Rodeo Drive is simply delicious on its own too. The Beverly Hilon is a Hotel one would love to stay and stay and stay…ya get the picture :)

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