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Can Travel Blogging Make You Rich? Pkjulesworld Intel

Can Travel Blogging Make You Rich?

The real deal here is do you believe you ARE already Rich and therefore anything you do, including travel blogging will make you richer financially…?

Can Travel Blogging Make You Rich? Want to Make Lots of Money? Don’t become a Travel Blogger…Pkjulesworld Investigates!

So, a friend asked; hey Julie, do you guys really make money? “Does travel blogging make you money?” How the heck do you do it? 

These questions stopped me in my tracks…You see, I believe I am rich and I live a rich life…in every sense. But for the non-believer….

Let’s dissect this baby, shall we? Does blogging make you rich? The answer is 100% heck yeah…

Well in the beginning…crickets. But that’s the same with most new venture or business on or offline! 

And the above can be your portion if you don’t SEE You getting paid via your blog and MONETIZE it…but I jump the gun here!

Due to years of thoughts and sayings like:

“money is hard to come by”,

“it’s hard to make money”,

“business is hard”, esp. online business etc…

Is it a surprise then, that making money from travel blogging or any kind of blogging can be a long shot for some?

Strictly if YOU ARE NOT open to receive and believe the hype that making money is hard! Bear with me here….

Before I dive in, here is how to become a pro a travel blogger

Okay, welcome back. For most people, making money from a travel blog is incredibly difficult…

Okay I said it. WHY?

Because they are not givers. They want mucho traffic without giving back or giving value! Most treat their blog as a hobby, consciously or subconsciously! Somewhere to keep their friends, family and mates informed or jealous about their whereabouts! So, they don’t really put in place or invest in systems and tools to monetize that baby and make it rain cash on you sooner or later! 

Some post their content and wait for the manna to fall…Hello!

Read my e-lipsBlogging is not a hobby or enterprise to get into if you think all you need to do is post your content and money will come by magic.

It used to, for the pioneers and early adopters. For the rest of us…

We gotta get jiggy with a little something called traffic getting and Social Media Sharing…Before we can make some moolah and purposefully get rich in the financial sense.

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By the way I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that you can still get great organic traffic. A load of it from Pinterest. And I teach you how in my signature course the Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap.

Do yourself a favour and learn how to leverage Pinterest for your blog; travel or otherwise. Or you will forever be stuck on social media posting all day for a trickle of organic traffic! Learn the basics of white hat SEO and attract some sponsors. 

Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap

Come on, fess up though, for most bloggers, money is the driver…

Although for us, the primary motivation for this website was to share with more people the amazing concept that we are part of…To help more people tick off their bucket list items at your current budget. And live a more fun filled life!

In other words, our aim for pkjulesworld was global impact and #FreedomMotivated! You see we already had a business blog and brand! 

It’s all about traveling, experiencing all the world has to offer, creating peak life experiences and creatively sharing them.

We are part of an increasing number of travel bloggers earning a part or full time living. Yet sadly, I can say with confidence that few are actually creating an income through just writing a blog post or 100 and selling google ads or whatever else they may offer…

The Art of Pinterest Profits - Sell your Products on Pinterest Now!

In fact, what looks like a care-free digital nomad or laptop lifestyle for most bloggers is anything but.

Most travel bloggers cannot duplicate or sustain the sporadic and random success they create. Only a few have actually found a way to monetize and keep that tap flowing via travel blogging.

A couple of examples of successful travel bloggers are: Nomadic Matt, Ryan Biddulph of blogging from paradise fame…Pkjulesworld, 😉 and more… 

Would you believe that I did write about the life of a digital entrepreneur and that’s exactly what I said?

It’s a life commitment running a business on or off line.  The reason why our travel blog took off faster than most is because we had taken 3+ years to build up a following. So, the various ways we monetized, which I go into detail in a bit, took off as well and started bringing in an income too!

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I cannot say this travel blog income would sustain a family, or even a single person yet…(It would in a developing world though).  

This blog is a year and half old though and it is growing every day. Brands reach out every week to collaborate with us…And that’s one of the ways you get paid to blog!

That’s why I highly recommend you plan your strategies well , if creating a job replacing income is your goal for starting a travel blog or blogging in general. In that case I highly recommend the Blog Profits Academy to get your website set up for money making!

Blog Profits Academy - Create and monetize your blog, an online asset that pays you by - Andy Atsugah

Otherwise I highly recommend you don’t quit the day job yet!  Why Julie? After all you did…

Well my advice is, use your job as your Investor. Use that steady income to give your blog half a chance to grow and build an audience! Once you start making some money, scale up whatever you are doing that is bringing in some income until you earn more than your current JOB income. That is when you Fire your boss just as this guy dida must watch!

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Now would then be and is the time to pursue your passion and live life on your terms as your own boss! And on that note, I’ll let you in on some secrets…Shh πŸ˜‰

We use the following means to make blog income:

  • Sponsored Posts – we keep these to a minimum as we wish to stay authentic! 
  • Side Bar Adverts – You can only do this if your site is self hosted, otherwise the rates of pay can be pants! This means getting a domain like …We use they are pretty cheap! 
  • Affiliate Links & Marketing – We are affiliated to several brands and receive a commission between 5% – 60% every time someone buys through our links! 
  • Banner Ads – Ditto for self hosting!
  • Product Promos and recommendations
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Joint Venture posts – Only with a more authoritative site where we get link juice, otherwise we have set prices for partnerships! You need to have grown your social presence and traffic for this to work! 
  • Giveaways – we do as few of these as possible…prdominantly because brands expect the giveaway to be your remuneration! 
  • Paid Trips – In exchange for a promo post…These are lots of hard work. So unless the deal is right this isn’t a holiday its a JOB! So we charge a fee, it can be anything from £350/trip to  £95/day! You can Check out our media kit for inspiration. We Never do it for Free unless we get a full family holiday to a 5* resort out of it! 
  • Working with brands e.g. reviews via blogger outreach

Most travel related affiliate products pay a pittance e.g. TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Amazon associates etc.

Of course, we are open to more ideas. Concepts to serve our audience better, because as stated earlier our travel blog aim was to Impact, to Empower, Educate and entertain

How Else to Make Money on a Travel Blog?

As stated in our post on becoming a professional travel blogger, once you start attracting some blog income…You can pay for your overheads like: domain, web hosting, premium themes, affiliate auto-ships. You can then go ahead and play bigger to attract even more income.

How Julie? Glad you asked….

Become a travel expert with pkjulesworld - Dreamtrips


#1. Invest in coaching.

Investing in training tools like MLSP membership, or even JetSet Academy Coaching (JAC membership) will definitely bring in more income for you!

But this is spending money Julie?

Yes, my dear, you INVEST in you, in the right resources, in learning HOW to market your content, attract traffic, generate leads and You will never loose. Plus, you won’t have to blog daily or post on Social media daily…you will hire other people to do that for ya! 😊


#2. Definitely invest in Marketing

Well, its a business mate! So get some Facebook advertising or better still Pinterest marketing in. This is to attract targeted traffic to your affiliate products. Again, we teach you how to leverage Pinterest via the Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap course. A video experience in bite sizes to get you a ton of traffic and sales via Pinterest! 

I can say with confidence that waiting for ONLY organic free traffic will be the most expensive decision you ever make.

You see even for the organic, we have Virtual Assistants to take on social syndication for us, and other admin tasks. This allows us to focus on what we are more qualified to do; to build a profitable and sustainable travel blog and business!  

Our travel blog aim was to Impact, Empower, Educate and Entertain! #makemoneyonline #travelblogging Click To Tweet

For Aspiring Back Packers:

Listen, whatever you do, don’t go backpacking until you have mapped out how you will maintain your travels and live a decent life. Note I didn’t say a lavish lifestyle because most digital nomads just don’t! They simply LOVE to travel and see new shores.

Once you are off, I suggest you opt for a developing country like: Ecuador, Mexico, Thailand, etc. This is so you can stretch your funds out longer as you find new ways of creating more! Again, Ryan Biddulph can tell you more!

I’m a big fan of finding that city/country where you can live with a higher standard of living, for less. For instance, surprising as it may seem, UK was that for us. Much higher standard of living, and we have learnt how to make our dollar go far!

In other cases, you get to assimilate into a new culture, learn a language, and even meet the love of your life! 😉

Definitely, until you make a steady 3-4k per month, it is advisable you don’t buy a mortgage or expensive cars if you intend to hit the road. How about staying with friends or family to save for your travels!

Once on the road…You still gotta earn to live…

Be sure to leverage your skills, or keep a side hustle going until your travel blog matures and pays you some…Some people do ghost writing, social media marketing and consulting, graphic design, freelance copy writing, guest posting, teaching your language, use techie skills like coding and html via, etc.

It is very essential to find a hustle that’s location independent. So, try and find work or gigs that can do that for you, better still if it can be done online!

For instance; I coach entrepreneurs how to leverage social media esp. Pinterest and solid build a business all done online! I can work anywhere and I do also promote my primary business pretty much anywhere…So my business is truly location independent, as long as I got a tablet/PC and an internet connection…I am good to go!

For internet, be ready to use it where you find it; cafes, hotels, restaurants, libraries etc. But run a tight ship with Internet security, fire wall and anti-virus software on your gadget. Don’t scrimp on that if you use public Wi-Fi!



Travel blogging Yes or NO?

We say heck yeah, lol…Yes you gotta network SMART and for some even hard! We email PR companies and are immune to rejection. Its par of the course, you get through the NOs before you get that fat YES!

Keep your ear to the ground by attending hospitality events, the right events, Who do you know, keep em close. Of course, do whatever it takes to make your ravel blog profitable! 

I think you got the basics and the picture on how we make money as travel bloggers and entrepreneurs. So now…

If you know you’re ready to start making a steady income from your blog, and you wish to learn what the best social media marketing techniques are today, check out our most popular course – The Affiliate JetSet Academy: The 4-C Formula to your first 10K online.



So, what about you? Is travel blogging or making money blogging working for ya? Share your insights in a comment below or contact us, we’d love to know some. And Feel free to Pin/Save this post and share on Social on Facebook…!

After you’ve left a comment, let’s CONNECT and bond some more on Facebook or on Twitter,  Instagram and Google. We also Podcast on iTunes and you’ll definitely want to check out our amazingly helpful Travel Club to help you plan your next life changing 5 Star trip like a VIP.

See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Syl Kalungi

JuleSyl n Pauli_Pkjulesworld

Email: support[at]

Need Help with your Bucket List Or Question on a Destination? Check out our Travel Tribe where we Help People Everyday. Want to work with or advertise with us, Check out our Media Kit or  Contact us! 


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114 thoughts on “Can Travel Blogging Make You Rich?”

  1. It’s for sure possible to earn money blogging! You can actually earn quite a bit if u do it right, and it can be so rewarding (money aside)!

  2. Blogging is a passion in my opinion. The money comes next to it. I think as long as you work hard on something you’re passionate about it then the money will come.

  3. These are definitely some great tips. Your blog looks amazing after only 1 year of blogging. I agree not to quit your day job because blogging is unpredictable even if you partner with Brands. Unfortunately, there isn’t any guarantee when you are going to book your next just.

    1. Unfortunately, there isn’t any guarantee when you are going to book your next job.

  4. I love that you found a way to make money doing what you love. I believe everything you wrote here is completely honest. People expect things to just fall into their lap and this is not how it works. I am definitely wanting to monetize but for now I am just working on creating and putting out good content and giving back to others. Thanks for all the tips!

    1. Hey Ariel,

      Thank you for your kind words, because we know they come from a great place. And our mission has always been to share and serve more. Yo keep serving and doing what you LOVE and Success Is YOURS! πŸ™‚

  5. I believe rich is not all about money. It is all about love about family, friends and passion. And blogging will really help you too on it.

  6. Thank you for this article. You give some really great tips! And you bring out how its not just fun and games but actual work.

  7. Making money from a blog is totally possible if you put in the time and effort. There are great marketing strategies to get out there. This is great advice.

    1. Yes Deb,

      With a Killer work ethic, a Great clear Content Marketing strategy and Patience, your rewards wait on the other side of Serving your blog audience πŸ™‚

  8. I believe travel in general makes you richer!! It’s the one great thing that spending money on makes you richer in so many ways. Travel is good for the soul and I have been trying to spend more money on experiences vs. material goods!! xo

  9. Loved reading your insight on this topic! As a travel blogger myself I can confirm I hardly make any money yet haha. But I hope all the hard work will pay off one day! I’m only in my second year, so early days. It’s what I love doing though.

    1. Hey Kristi,

      With some vision, an open mind and a Clear Strategy WHY you are blogging, you will start to attract brands who wish to JV with you, keep at it and they get bigger and better!

  10. I love that you’ve found Lundy a way to make an income while doing what you love! It definitely isn’t as easy as it seems, but it’s totally worth it. These are great tips for any type of blog, mine I is a food And recipe blog yet I still got some new information here.

  11. You are richer by sharing your knowledge with others and this blog is a great inspiration for others. Thanks for great tips, you just gain one more follower.

  12. Great tips on how to make money with your blog. Taking some of these tips into consideration on how I can make money on my blog too.

  13. Well put all around!!! I NEVER imagined travel bloggers getting monetarily rich – rather, YES rich in wonderful experiences that will last a lifetime. But not necessarily $$$ in the bank, not w/o a lot of other hustling and hard work (as you rightly mention!)…

    1. Yes Flossie, because Travel in and of itself, actually reduces your bank balance, unless you have a way to refill beyond the travel. and Our job here at Pkjulesworld is to tell it like it is and empower our audience!

  14. Wow! I’m so impressed – you’ve got such great stuff in this post I can learn from! Am definitely bookmarking this for later. It is sage business advice to treat your blogging business like a business: get organized, get strategic, and get to work. Thanks bunches, hun!

  15. Thank you for the reminder “rich” doesn’t always mean money! I just started my travel blog this year and have been working at it full time for a month and keeping traffic flowing to my site is my biggest hurdle.

  16. A lot of great information! Thank you for being honest and transparent about what has worked for you, and what has not been as productive. I’ve been doing a lot of research and will hopefully be taking the leap to monetizing my blog soon.

  17. I been meaning to write a similar post but I think you have hit the nail on the head so to speak! I couldnt agree more with your points and congratulations on making it this far πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Anna,

      Absolutely go for it Get a similar post written already. How about you interview various travel lovers and frequent fliers. Such a Post is always unique and welcome! πŸ™‚

  18. I believe that there is a chance in making money in blogging. It is a slow one but it will happen if you have patience.

    1. Patience is the Keyword here Luci and most lack it in bucket loadsm thus they dont get to the fun bit when the money starts rolling in from partnerships and advertising!

  19. Aww I love this post and the enthusiasm you show for growing your business. I’m definitely taking some of these tips for myself!

  20. These are great tips and ideas for travel bloggers …what a blessing to see the world:)

  21. I have been blogging since 1998 (or at least had my own blog-like website since blogging wasn’t a thing until the 2000’s). I definitely believe you can make money doing it. It’s what I do

  22. Super Glam Moms

    Love this post. I love how you stress that being rich is not everything!

    1. Being Spiritually RICH and WEALTHY an Acknowledging that by the way we live and show up for others and ourselves is essential to attracting material wealth! I wish I had known this in my twenties πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Besties,

      Most of the costs are covered by the Brands Sponsoring the blogger, Its a Lifestyle choice to be honest. And With love for what you do and serving your audience and gratitude for the life you lead, money follows your energy!

  23. It does depend on what rich means. For me I blog about family and feel rich as in i have a rich family life. Yet we are not financially rich.

    1. hey Angela For us Rich means being able to do what we want, when we want where we want and that takes resources esp. Money, Finances, so they are an integral part of the rich-space! And few People would spend the time it takes to syndicate their blogs on social media if they didnt want to make some money from it! πŸ™‚

  24. This is a great post, I have been blogging for years, and I make money from blogging but I still keep my day job. It is really important to know your worth and not do things for free!

  25. When I started mainstream blogging six years ago, it never occurred to me that I will make money out of it. After all, I only wanted an outlet for my creative juices, lol. But thanks to my blog, I make money (and get free stuff, paid trips, and the like) and get to do that one thing that I love the most – writing. πŸ™‚

  26. I always wanted to be a travel blogger! I really love to discover new places and at the same time, it can make you money. I wish I can be a travel blogger soemday!

  27. i love this post it inspire people to become rich. they are giving a motivation to others

  28. It won’t be easy in the beginning, all businesses are. But travel blogging definitely pays off, it’s just that you’d have to invest at first before you get sponsors to pay for the trip. Right now the market seems to be favoring the youtube travel vloggers.

  29. Wow what an informative post! It is clear you put a lot of effort into your blog πŸ™‚ Enjoy your travels!

  30. Awesome message. I have never tried to monetize my blog, however that is a future goal. I would think being able to see and experience everything while traveling would make me feel rich!

  31. Wow, you are so inspiring and brilliant! What an informative post. It is evident how much time and effort you have put into growing your business and monetizing it. I need to leverage Pinterest more!

    1. Hi Debbie,

      It does take time to grow anything worth enjoying, even plants take time to ripen so we can enjoy the juicy sweetness year on year. And for everything there is a season…
      Glad to inspire and thanks for your time! πŸ™‚
      Julie Syl

  32. Janella Panchamsingh

    This was a really good post for bloggers coming up to see what work goes into being successful

  33. This was so informative! Learning about your expertise can help you leverage where you want to draw your income

  34. Yes!! I agree with you in 1 and 2, We also need to invest in a coach and especially in marketing. and you are right that Pinterest is one of the best blogging business in social media. I should need to take advantage more with Pinterest.

  35. I will eventually get where you in wanting to monetize my blog. However, right now I just want to increase blog traffic in order to promote book sales. You will be one of the voices advocating pinterest as way to do so. Thanks

    1. Hi Ingrid,

      Feel free to garb a hold of The Art of Pinterest Profits, Trust me I have a wealth of Info on Book selling, so you are free to come have a natter about that too! πŸ™‚

  36. You set a great example of always adding value where ever you go. As bloggers, this is an example that we would all benefit from. For some, it does not come naturally to display a generous attitude, but it is a good exercise to work at. Learning to be a giver not only helps our blogging, it helps our whole being.

    1. Thank you for your always deeper brief Kathleen. That is exactly what humanity needs,. more happy givers because that opens us up to receive as well! πŸ™‚
      Julie Syl

  37. It definitely looks tempting. This is great information for people who want to start Travel blogging.

  38. Travel blogs are great, and like you said, there are so many ways of being “rich”. Fun read, really enjoyed it!

  39. I’m a travel blogger and I’m rich with experience….:) Being rich is indeed not about money. Thanks for this awesome post. I should take advantage more with Pinterest.

  40. thanks for this informative post! I learned a couple of things that I can do for my blog ; ) I’ll pass this on to my mom because she would LOVE to be a travel blogger!

    1. Hi Eloise,
      Thanks for your time and feel free to connect your mom to us, we are happy to help! Use our Contact page and we may be able to help our mom get going and find her very own yellow brick road home lol! πŸ™‚

      Julie Syl

  41. Being rich is not all about money. It’s also about knowledge and experiences that enriches you. Travelling makes you experience new places and writing about it to share your experiences just makes it complete. What better combination is there than to do what you love and also earn money from it.

    1. You got it in two Grace and we love our lifestyle. And our mission is to empower more people to get where we are and beyond. Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

  42. Rebecca Swenor

    This is great information for those wanting to start a travel blog to make money. Blogging is more work than most people think it is so it would be very wise to research completely before jumping into it and quitting your day job. Thanks for sharing the information.

  43. Interesting post .I agree people have to work promoting their content to make money I do use my blog as a hobby to raise awareness mainly about illnesses but I can see why monetising it , is lucrative for so many.

    1. Like I said Morgan,

      Everyone has different reasons why they blog, yet once you start to serve humanity, why not do it in an impactful way…and Arent you paying for that domain, hosting, tools, the time? Put a price on it and start getting sponsored posts! #JustSaying

  44. the hardest part about the blogging thing is getting eyes on my content. generating traffic isn’t always easy for newbie bloggers. trying my darndest though!

    1. Dawn,

      Is your blog a Hobby or a Serious Business you wish to earn money from? If its the latter then the quicker you Invest in Learning SELLING and MARKETING so you can promote your content in a Scalable way, the faster you will create a Life changing income! πŸ™‚
      I am happy to help if you are open to receive!

      Julie Syl

  45. These are great tips! You definitely make it clear there is work involved and I agree with you. Rich isn’t necessarily the same as money.

    1. Hey Lynn, I was Rich at Birth and that has never changed, for all of us, we divest ourselves of our riches by what we allow to take root in our minds. And Well Blogging is a Great journey…Until one grows a wealth mindset, its best to keep the day job.

  46. I love to read travel blogs. I would love to experience that life but I’ll wait on that when I can do it without the children. I’m sure there is a lot of work involved but the experiences are nice too and most of the time probably outweigh everything else.

    1. You mean you will wait to do all this ROSE when you are Old, Less mobile, aching joints, less open to enjoy the joys of new things, more cranky, maybe even less income, and all the joys of Old age! Lol!

      That thinking is counterintuitive my friend…and Who promised you long life?

  47. All this is good information. I’m not a travel blogger, but in the last year I’ve made moves to earn a partial income from my blog. I’ve gotten serious about what I’m doing and I see the changes in my stats. It’s a job. I’m blessed enough to able at to live at home with my mom, work remotely part time, and freelance as I grow this business. A lot of the growth I’ve seen came from me changing my mindset.

    1. Aitza,
      we love ya. And keep doing, you bank manager will become your best friend. And what a pleasure to be there for our loved ones! Love our Home Based Busienss Industry! And Home is This Wide Beautiful Planet for now! πŸ™‚

  48. Blogging is so much work! It’s definitely not easy money… I work at least part-time on my blog and that’s because I force myself to limit my time. It could easily become a second full-time job. I think some people believe it’s ‘easy’ to become a successful travel blogger living off of a blog, but it takes a lot of time, dedication, photography, social media knowledge, and more.

    1. We love Blogging esp. this travel fun hub because we started it when we already knew how to monetize and make it pay. Perfect place to start. Not that it happens for all, thats why we are happy to share Ronnie.

      1. Exactly! And even with knowledge, there’s still always more to learn. πŸ™‚ I came into it with knowledge as well and thankfully I was monetizing my blog as of the third month. But it still takes a lot of time to keep it continuously successful and earning.

  49. I’m really glad to know this! Your book sounds fascinating! I wish I could travel more next year!

  50. Victoria Heckstall

    I agree with you! Better to invest first in coach and marketing! Pinterest is the perfect for blogging business!

  51. Rich with experience perhaps?! I am sure some people make a pretty penny, but I am more into travel blogging because of the culture shocks!

    1. Rich is holistic, and so many people just focus on the money and miss all the riches surrounding them Dr Elise. I am glad we agree. Thanks for stopping by!

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