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How to get an empty middle seat on a flight and Stretch out more! #flight #crewfie

Would you like to Get The Empty Middle Seat on a Flight?

Get an empty middle seat on a flight – Our Effective Tips

Ever tried to catch some Zzzs on a long haul flight squashed between two strangers? Well, its no fun…esp. if they had beans for dinner, or forgot deo at home!  So while most people avoid it, we are sharing with you tips to try and get an empty middle seat on a flight! Its doable…with some luck

Now, we thought it was a not so funny joke when we were informed that an empty middle seat on a flight to San Fran was reserved for a “Customer of size.”

What the heck, was this woman being rude about “plus sized humans?” Apparently not…So read on! 

Back to the seat above, for a moment we thought they were being rude until we learnt that there are actually regulations for that by the airline in the frame.

Now its understandable with most airlines squeezing in an extra row on thus further reducing “elbow” or movement space on airplanes. Making them pretty small spaces that could get claustrophobic for some people.

We are talking about Southwest Airlines “extra seat policy.” Where if you are a person of a certain body mass, you may book 2 seats and have the second reserved for you.

And the good news we learnt, at the time of publishing, is that the airline does give a full refund for the second seat. Plus, you may board first to ensure you get that seat!

To further protect it they will also mark it with a “Reserved sign” so no one tries to bag it!

So, that’s one way to get an empty middle seat all to yourself and fly pseudo business class without the fee! 


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But let’s assume you are an average size 12 human with no mobility issues whatsoever and you want some space around you when you fly.

What can you do, if Business class is not on your budget?

And maybe you have precious cargo you wish to take with you? Well, to ensure its not damaged on arrival you wish to carry it as “a passenger.”

You might have a problem with mobility due to an injury so need that extra seat to be able to seat more comfortably! Or you just want space.

First make sure that your particular flight arm rests do lift to create space before you spend your cash if space is all you need an empty middle seat for. Once that’s is confirmed…

Well, then pay attention to our cool tips below.

What can you do, if Business class is not on your budget? Click to Tweet

How to get an empty middle seat on a flight and Stretch out more! #flight #crewfie


How to bag that empty middle seat in economy class on a flight

#2. On some airlines, you actually can book more than one seat under a single reservation. We have since learnt that it’s not unusual to get that extra space! Would come in real handy if the flight is fully booked and you truly need that extra space for whatever reason.

Way cheaper than a business class ticket! And as far as we know can be done on Air France, Ryan Air, United, JetBlue and many more. Simply check with the Airline your flight is booked with.

According to an expert source, here is how you could do this:

You purchase your ticket in your Names and the 2nd ticket in a variation of your names! In the same booking! And guess what you could also earn double miles.

So how do you book that 2nd seat?

With a variation in the 2nd booking name, Example: Julie Kalungi/Extra Seat.  

Get to the airport early and do let the gate agent know that you have two seats. This may help to reduce chances of the 2nd seat being given away.

If you find a smart ass traveller trying to get your extra seat: Just put some stuff on the seat. Then let the Stewardess know yo purchased the seat. Show your Boarding pass for the seat. You will have been given one!

Then you dont have to explain yourself to other passengers eyeing your seat.  

Now it is probably easier to do on One airline, but what about if you have a leg with a “Partner Airline?” For example, you start on a Air France flight with a connection with KLM?

Well you should be a smart traveller and call KLM or the partner airline to confirm your bookings!

Understand that some airlines will not allow this!


#3. Now in our case, we usually travel as a family and here is a trick we have used before. It only works if the flight is not full though, which these days is not common. But hey try it…

Book the aisle and window seats. And fingers crossed nobody books the middle seat between you!

Also, it may work if passengers can pre-book their seats before boarding time! As opposed to a gate agent awarding the seats. Smaller short haul flights say like EasyJet are usually full and its not worth the bother to be honest!

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#4. This tip can be used both ways.

See, most people are trying to avoid the middle seat all together. While you are actively looking for that seat, next to an empty seat. That way you have a clear space to stretch out on that long haul.

Try where you will get alerts for the seats you want on any given flight! Fly frequently? Why not invest £7 bucks and go pro. You will love the info you get from this website on all things air travel. 

This includes seeing exactly how many tickets are left unsold daily, in whichever cabin for any flight on any given airline.

If you are not one to rush off a flight like most people do, you don’t mind being at the back of the plane. That’s also where you are more likely to get a free empty middle seat! And enjoy a proper sleep on the red eye! 



In Conclusion

So now that you know how to get that extra middle seat or to be honest any seat right next to yours on the same row. In other words, you have an armrest as your only separator, you could enjoy more space without the price.

Understand that flight attendants can move other passengers around as they deem necessary.

So, until the flight is in full flow, and there is no “Reserved note” don’t assume the seat next to you is free, because it may not be.

You got a seat that you paid for. Any extras are “cherry”! And next time you are on a flight and the middle seat is up for grabs, go for it!


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  1. If the flight has great seats, it might be worth it. The airlines I took were mostly budget airlines, and they were pretty lousy… So having that extra seat doesn’t really help~

  2. I had no idea I could book two tickets under my name! That’s a game-changer!

  3. Oh wow, What a great information. I love a middle seat and this is what I needed. This can be really useful for my future travel.

  4. This is awesome! I personally prefer the window seat, but this is great to know.

  5. Interesting concept! I would feel bad if someone really wanted that seat, though. But I can see how it could come in handy – especially if you’re travelling with a baby and have a lot of stuff with you!

  6. when I travel with family members, we always book the aisle and window and more often than not we do have a free seat but if the flight if totally full, we are out of luck.

  7. Such clever ideas and ways to beat the system. I honestly have traveled a lot and never considered these. Brilliant!

  8. Interesting concept. I’ve never heard of this before. For us, it’s always so that we try to grab exit row seats – one window and one middle so that we’ll have enough space. I rather pay for exit row seats than buy more seats for us. Anyhow, interesting idea and thank you for sharing the tips! 🙂

  9. This is a smart post indeed. I never really thought about nabbing a middle seat in this way. You definitely gave some great tips.

  10. Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    These are some pretty smart ideas I never would have thought of! I am a pretty small person so other plane passengers often think that means they can intrude on my space . . . I hate that!

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