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An afternoon Tea at The Richmond Liverpool| Pkjulesworld

High Afternoon Tea at The Richmond Liverpool

Experience afternoon tea at The Richmond Liverpool Hotel and You will want to do so more often! 

High Tea at the Richmond| afternoon tea| the Richmond Hotel Liverpool| Liverpool Richmond Hotel

That day, we decided we Choir ladies, mamas, needed “us time.” Time to just chill out, let our hair down, chat and simply have fun…So we decided on an afternoon tea at the Richmond Liverpool.

Obviously not everyone can afford to take an afternoon off willy-nilly, but hey what do you work so hard for? To live more, abundantly right? So why not.

So, we girls were keen to have a fantastic day and even celebrate being us in style.  We hadn’t been to this place before. We normally hold wine evenings, A chips and fish or sausage Saturday! This time we decided to have tea with a difference, with all the bells and whistles!

Set in the city centre business district of Liverpool, The Richmond Hotel, is where you’ll discover a unique ambiance and afternoon tea with a real regal twist.

The kind high ladies of leisure have, while talking about their next vacation - Tea @TheRichmondLiverpool Click To Tweet

This tea is the kind high ladies of leisure have, while talking about their next vacation or horse racing event lol! It usually consists of pastries, cakes, teas, lil sandwiches or “Sammiches” as scousers would call them. πŸ˜‰


High Tea at The Richmond Liverpool – What Went Down! 

Well we made sure our tea at the Richmond was super crazy fun. In addition to the usual earl grey tea, coffee and scones, we had herbal infused teas, bottles of Champagne, red and white wines, sherries πŸ˜‰  and Pinot Grigio for those who didn’t have a taste for champers!

We also had some of the finest cutest lil Christmas themed fancy cakes and muffins you ever saw. (Images don’t do them justice)

tea at the Richmond Liverpool - Christmas themed cakes

Okay we first had a glass of welcome wine; red or white or simply whatever soft drink you wanted as we waited for the rest of the girls to arrive.

Once the gang was assembled, we were taken to a private area. Where they had set out an array of cold canapes. The lay out had; teeny sandwiches, cute lil bagels with thinly slices ham, juice jars and more wine in ice buckets! 

Also included: fine sandwiches with: smoked salmon,  cream, cucumber and cream cheese, beetroot and cress, ham and cream cheese bagels, egg and cress. We also had some pigs-in-skins, and several lil buns with tubs of butter, relishes to spread and muffins.

We also had some pigs-in-skins at the Richmond Liverpool Hotel #pkjulesworld Click To Tweet

The tables were soon full of food, drink, and happy moms! πŸ™‚ Lots of people kept walking curiously by our private space. A great time was being had with lots of laughter, catching up and some of the jokes OMG. πŸ™‚

Just when we thought we were done, the Sweet delights were brought in. Lil 3 tier cake stands with various offerings. I didn’t want to eat them…they looked too lovely…I guess my sweet tooth won out. These came with pots of tea, coffee, cream and hot water for various infusions. 

English Tea at The Richmond Liverpool a great experience!

Tea at The Richmond Hotel – What Did I like the most?

We all agreed that the cakes were divine. There was so much we wondered what would happen, having stuffed our faces with wine, champers, teas, canapes and cake…

It gets better, the staff attending to us, offered take out boxes, without our asking…She definitely was attentive. Customer care at its best!

I must say the smoked salmon canapes did it for me, and the lil cherry cakes! Can’t remember their name lol! I had a load of them…I wasn’t counting hic hic…!

Can I compare this tea with others I have had? Yes, for instance one at the Panoramic 34 in Liverpool! The view was breathtaking…Yet the price point would definitely be out of most working folk’s pocket! 

Unless you have a very Special Occasion, the Panoramic 34 might be a wee bit too harsh on  your plastic or wallet

Afternoon or High Tea in Liverpool!

On the other hand The Richmond High tea would take you back just $35 per person all in. And you get the private tables and ambiance. Much kinder to the pocket. Great for your guests, an adult birthday, anniversary celebration, or even a business meeting in a less formal setting!

Our meetup was special for the company and the reason behind it. I genuinely had never seen some of the Choir moms so laid back and having such fun!

Final Thoughts on high Tea Shenanigans! 

If you live in Merseyside and have an afternoon off; grab a friend or 10, head on to the Richmond Hotel and have some tea. πŸ˜‰  You will love it.

If you genuinely cannot imagine a time when you last did such a thing for the heck of it, then you should be asking yourself:  are you working to Live or living to work? Live a little.  

And guess what, In some establishments across the globe, you could earn Free Travel dollars as you eat, as part of a global travel community. How cool is that? 

In some establishments across the globe, you could earn Free Travel dollars as you eat. How cool is that? Click To Tweet

See they say #YOLO, we say #YODO…seriously. Loosen up, have some fun, see more of your own local neighbourhood you might be pleasantly surprised at the lil gems in your own backyard! Create memories that you can share with your grandchildren and will put a smile on your face all day long in your twilight years!

tea-at-the-richmond_juices-and-wines tea-at-the-richmond_pkjw-and-some-mamas

Hope you enjoyed this as much as i enjoyed reliving and sharing it! πŸ™‚ 

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See, Do, and Be more!

Syl Kalungi πŸ™‚

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  1. Sandra Copeland

    I would try a little of everything !!~~ This is Looking soo soo wonderful !!~~ Thank you for sharing Afternoon Tea !!~ β™₯β™₯☺☺

  2. Julie,

    This gathering looks beautiful and the hotel is luxiouous. Maybe someday I can meet you there. I would love to see this . It is a beauty.

    Lori English

  3. I was just talking about doing something like this with my friends. It looks like so much fun and such a great way to carry on an old tradition.

  4. travel blogger

    This sounds so amazing! I would love to have tea here! It would be such a great afternoon with the ladies.

  5. This seriously looks like a lot of fun, I bet my 4 year old daughter would love to do this πŸ™‚ Tea places are not really typical where we now live in Ecuador..but, we make tea almost every day at home!

  6. Oh wow! This looks like so much fun! And that view! I have never been to Liverpool, but it is on my list of places to visit!

  7. all food looks very interesting! looks like you have a lot of good time there! I love all the bread an muffins on your high afternoon tean at the Riochmond Hotel. lol

  8. It sounds like a great place to get some tea! I love the view, it definitely makes the experience so much better. We all need some time out with our girlfriends and tea time is a great option!

  9. Julie, if I ever go to Liverpool, I’ll go here. Everywhere I go, I search out the afternoon tea places. Afternoon tea is my favorite indulgence.

  10. Looks like you had a fantastic time! I really quite enjoy afternoon teas with the little sammiched and cakes.

  11. This afternoon tea looks so utterly fantastic! The sheer amount of food is amazing and everything looks so very delicious. It looks like you had such a very good time making memories with all of your friends.

  12. Oh yum! The food all looks and sounds amazing. The smoked salmon canapes sound delicious. It sounds like a lovely time was had. I visit Liverpool every so often so I’ll certainly bear this hotel in mind! It sounds like a lovely place to eat. xx

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