Journey without Limits: A Sneak Peek!

Journey without Limits - Amazon review Artwork

Formerly Afro-Brit Travelpreneur Tales Confessions,  Journey Without Limits On an Amazon Book Shelf Near You!!

Journey Without Limits

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Journey without Limits was First Published as Afro-Brit Travelpreneur Confessions. Which was first originally named “Confessions of an Afro-Brit Travelpreneur.” In Publishing terms that is a mouthful, so now its a pert 3 word Title.

As you know, Julie has been asking for your help on the book cover artwork in the past couple of articles Here and Here

She went right ahead and asked her Facebook Community and had a bumper response. With over 120 suggestions, you might be surprised to learn that Option “C” won the day! 

Yet our publisher insists that the Pin image above, call it “Option D, is more captivating. What are your thoughts? 

You can check out the Facebook suggestions here, feel free to add your opinion too! 


It is a book about, Change, Life Travel journey, fun and struggles. Dreaming, Perseverance, and Acceptance leading to Success!

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Julie Syl is also the author of “The Art of Pinterest Profits.” A Dynamic game changing Solution to your Traffic, Leads and Sales problems! If you loved this book you are gonna love her new offering.

Assuming you are new here, you haven’t yet got it, go grab a copy of The Art of Pinterest Profits hereThe_Art_Of_Pinterest_Profits_Widget-min


In Journey Without Limits, Julie Syl Kalungi, offers up her wit, wisdom and experience on how to create a life you love via online entrepreneurship and travel! She takes you through her life journey way back as a child growing up in Uganda. This she does in a light, fun and self critical way! 

Julie goes on to give you a speedy flight into her life as an adult in the courts of Uganda. Then to the corporate halls of the UK Housing Industry, to working in her pyjamas anywhere she wishes today!

Through stories, humour, and dozens of practical tips, Julie Syl takes you on a journey to Starting a new Career from Scratch! She has created a whole new lifestyle working from home! Walking you through online strategies to a whole new side or full time income if you so chose.

You get all her underground hacks to travel deals and you  can even get paid to travel the world if you so choose. Thus the word “Travelpreneur.”

You also get to dive deeper into whether travel makes you richer, how to make money traveling, travel blogging and a lot more!

Journey without Limits is a unique insight into the life of an online travel entrepreneur. It is told in a quirky compilation of indispensable lessons, strategies, anecdotes, examples, and little-known tips, packed into easy-to-digest, bite-size chapters.


This handy Semi-Bio and Non-Fiction reference provides practical advice that you’ll be able to apply immediately. It will also give you some real belly laughs.

Whether you’re struggling in a job you just about tolerate, or your dream is to travel the world with a location free source of income. Whether you are a corporate mama or a suited booted papa, you in sales, customer service, legal, medical, law enforcement etc. this book is a must!

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