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I love jewellery be it fashion jewelry, statement piece, precious metal you name it. I’m not in love with nickle, so I totally was floored and real glad…

Fashion Jewelry Set Named after Julie Syl – Every Day Smartness for the Savvy Mama! 

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I used to buy a piece of gold or bling at least with every salary pay check as a corporate! Shh don’t tell anyone. 😉 At the time gold was dirt cheap in UK Jewellery stores. With a 9ct Necklace going for  between £5-99 – £9.99 I thought what? Gimme more…every month literally! 

I used to change my gold jewelry like underwear, and if one broke I had a jeweller who was great at fixing stuff for a fiver. He also had lots of fashion jewelry, gold and silver pieces, for sale at the same price, 9 – 18 ct gold jewellery at a fiver…So my shopping addiction was truly fed!

That was way before Pinterest became a household name…in our home at the least lol! Talking of Pinterest, have you got your paperback copy of The Art of Pinterest Profits on Amazon? You truly want to Read this book. Not only is it a Complete Guide to Pinterest Success for the entrepreneur, its also a fun read! Even if I say so myself! 🙂 




Confessions of An Afro-Brit Travelpreneur

Anyway, back to Jewellery and my love of it…That was before the recession hit and my fixer upper disappeared!

Today, you are lucky to get a gold-plated piece of jewelry that will not fade on first wear for £20+.

[clickToTweet tweet=”When I go out I love to accessorize with a ‘statement’ piece #fashionjewelry #affordablejewellery” quote=”When I go out I love to accessorize my outfit with a ‘statement’ piece “]

When I go out I love to accessorize my outfit with a ‘statement’ piece necklace with matching earrings.

Now I do admit I also have lots of affordable fashion jewellery aka costume jewelry too! Usually its plated Gold, Silver or some other precious metal!  

Some pieces I could and used wear to work and not worry if I Iost one earring or the necklace broke! Today I wear my Jewellery to do a Facebook Live video, in the comfort of my home! How cool is that!  🙂 

I specially love a pair of elephant earrings. And guess what else I love to wear as my “Mascot”? A pair of leopard print type earrings.

So, you can imagine my sheer excitement and pleasure when I received an email from a friend, Kathleen Aherne of The Blogger’s Lifestyle fame and Luvit jewelry. This email had me in a bit if a twist, I was so honored when I read that Kathleen had named a jewellery set after me! Guess what it is…take a look below! I will definitely go on a Dreamtrip trending this set! 

Aren’t they absolutely stunningly beautiful?

I was gobsmacked, both humbled and excited and a wee bit proud…I am humanoid aren’t I! 😊

They are totally in, I highly recommend you get a set too. Christmas is around the corner, isn’t it? So, get your mama, sister, nana, auntie May or friend a set!

Well, a little bit about Kathleen. This lady is all heart. She is so humble you would never know she has been blogging for a while and run a successful offline store, which she decided to take online. A fashion brand called Luvit Quality Products.

The above brand predominantly offers affordable fashion jewellery, that actually looks more top end!  When I heard and read about the ‘Julie Collection” I just had to check it out, and share. A treat was due, any excuse to celebrate right!

The gold set looks well boss, she has it in silver too.  And guess what, are you allergic to nickel or zinc metals, common in most costume jewelry? This collection doesn’t contain those metals.

Thank goodness.

See, I am allergic to nickel too and many a jewelry piece has been worn once and thrown away as I came home in a rash or my ears inflamed. Not this set…A great plus for it. So, what are you waiting for? Get your very own set at

Rose Gold Plated Jewelry Julie Set Julie - is quite unique with a leopard pattern on both the necklace and the drop earrings. Distinctively beautiful.

What Luvit says about The Fashion Jewelry ‘Julie Set’:

It is quite unique with a leopard pattern on both the necklace and the drop earrings.

The featured stones are Stellux Austrian Crystal.

This distinctive rose gold plated jewelry set ‘Julie’ will make you stand out from the crowd as you confidently wear your beautiful leopard patterned necklace and earrings.

Like the wearer of the ‘Julie’ set, the leopard is both graceful and powerful.”

Well that was enough for me, “Graceful & Powerful” I will take that! 😊

I love leopard print and bling and this design delivers both in style. It is elegant and truly stands out for all the right reasons. 

The Jewelry set is perfect for a night out, a dinner party with friends or even a special event. You will feel quite the sexy lady wearing it.

DO YOU Agree?

[clickToTweet tweet=”Like the wearer of the ‘Julie’ set, the leopard is both graceful and powerful. #fashionJewelry” quote=”Like the wearer of the ‘Julie’ set, the leopard is both graceful and powerful.”]

With Christmas round the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to grab your ladies gifts here and avoid the crazy queues at the stores in December!

And if you love it too, feel free to make an order or two, share with a friend, Save/Pin it and Share on Facebook



Don’t forget to leave a comment too if you like the look of this Fashion Jewellery Julie Set! 🙂

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  1. I love the unique style! It’s easy to pair with outfits even the simple outfits so the necklace and the earrings can stand out! I think it’s really lovely.

  2. How cool it is you have your own jewelry with your name =) very nice set love the pattern and the design. Wish I lived in the UK to buy me one.

    1. Hey Adriana,

      The set is ONLINE so one doesnt have to live in UK> esp. Since its not in UK. The set was named after me and is created and shipped from Australia 🙂

  3. That jewelry is gorgeous! I don’t wear much anymore. I never did wear a lot, but especially since having kids, I stopped wearing a necklace that they could grab and after having thyroid surgery anything that touches my neck hurts. Now, my sister, she has a different piece of jewelry for every outfit! I wear my apple watch, my wedding band, my ring with my boys’ birthstones, and a beaded anklet that’s tied on.

    1. Well Stephanie, Feel free to share with your sis. she will love Luvit online Store for her Fashion jewelry.
      And in many cases Simplicity is the name of the game!

  4. These are gorgeous pieces! I think I know what I want for Christmas. And how awesome to have them named after you??

  5. Hi Julie, The jewelry is beautiful. It is so exciting that you have this lovely and beautiful set named after you. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I tend to not wear much jewelry because of how quickly things tend to tarnish or the price tag. How awesome it is that you got a something so beautiful named after you.

    1. Hey Angela, The price tag for this jewelry is way cool. And It is costume Fashion jewelry. Its not built to last for years 🙂 For that I invest in some serious gems!

  7. It looks cute – but sadly there’s one problem – I don’t really care for jewelry

  8. What a great idea and so special! I love your review too and thanks for sharing with us at Blogger’s Pit Stop.

  9. I LOVE the jewelry! It is so beautiful! How fun that there is jewelry named after you?! I’m a silver kind of girl so I’m glad it is in silver, also!

  10. Thank you so much for your kind words, Julie. Also, I loved your review of this lovely leopard print jewelry set. There are five lots of jewelry in our ‘Julie’ collection. All are discounted this week.
    Lol. I wish I had bought up bigger when silver and gold was so much cheaper to buy.

    Now, about your book covers, I prefer B. unless you can come up with something even better. Your Pinterest cover was excellent.


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