Pkjulesworld was created as a fine Travel Blog par excellence like no other. Here @pkjulesworld we are passionate about the fun and finer aspects of travel and serve as a gateway for the Ordinary Traveller who wishes to live an extraordinary life. Ultimately having more fun, freedom and fulfillment.

The travel blog is brought to you
by Julie Syl And Dr. Paul Kalungi (pictured right in Oahu, Hawaii 🙂Pkjuleswprd - A Travel Blog by Julie Syl and Paul Kalungi )

Pkjulesworld provides information on the most luxurious travel experiences, dreamtrips , cruises, resorts and hotels. It brings you the the finest local restaurants or the most fun at the very least and news from within the world travel and luxury travel industry. Pkjulesworld will truly be your go to place for travel tips; destinations, places to go, eat, and be merry. 

Julie Syl & Paul are world travellers, bloggers, authors, podcasters and speakers. Their sole purpose, drive and passion is to help ordinary folks. People, families, couples, singles, people with the wanderlust or a drive to see more of the world in extraordinary ways. PKJULESWORLD is where they encourage you TO SEE MORE, DO MORE, & BE MORE. And to live a better life through travel and entrepreneurship. They continue to inspire entrepreneurs through their blog @juleskalpauli.com by sharing up to the minute marketing and social media tips. As well as mindset hacks that help entrepreneurs breakthrough any challenges to their greatness. 


The Creators of PKJULESWORLD goofing about, enthroned for sure! #funtimes #worldtravel


Always remember….

“We travel not to escape our lives but to see more of the beauty of this planet. Its what we deserve.” Julie Syl Kalungi


We travel not to escape our lives but to see more of the beauty of this planet. Its what we deserve.” Julie Syl Kalungi @kkpauli Click To Tweet

Julie and Paul have and continue to travel extensively, from their home in Liverpool (UK) to places all over the world. They are the creators and Directors of Juleskalpauli Marketing an online home based business training platform with a wide client base.

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