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Pkjulesworld is the brainchild of Julie Syl and Pauli Kalungi.

Julie Syl is a Business Transformational Coach AND Travel lifestyle blogger born in Kampala Uganda, and lives in Liverpool UK. She has lived, dreamt and breathes travel for as long as she can remember. 

Formerly a Solicitor, Customer Services Manager, and all kinds of other jobs in UK, Julie Syl decided to quit the corporate rate race following the 2008-2013 Recession.

It was somewhere between 2013-2014 soul searching and a trip to Florence that Pkjulesworld began to take shape.

Julie Syl along with her hubstar Pauli a Consultant Engineer started this blog to share their love for Travel and Healthy living with the world.

They’re not Travel agents nor are they health practitioners, yet you don’t need to be an expert in these fields to share your Personal Experiences and life journey – you just need a love of all things travel, life and beauty along with a Killer handbag (don’t ask)! 🙂 

Pkjuleswprd - A Travel Blog by Julie Syl and Paul Kalungi

Julie Syl And Pauli in Oahu Hawaii

Pkjulesworld was created as a fine Lifestyle and Travel Blog like no other. Here @pkjulesworld we are passionate about the fun and finer aspects of travel and life. So, we serve as a gateway for the Ordinary Traveller who wishes to live an extraordinary life. Ultimately having more fun, freedom and fulfillment.

Pkjulesworld provides information on luxurious travel experiences, at Budget Prices; including cruises, resorts and hotels.


It also brings you the the finest and most fun local restaurants in specific destinations and news from within the world travel and luxury travel industry.  As well as Lifestyle tips on the go.

Pkjulesworld will truly be your go to place for travel tips; destinations, places to go, keeping it healthy, eating and being merry. 

Julie Syl & Pauli are world travellers, bloggers, authors, podcasters and speakers. Their sole purpose, drive and passion is to help ordinary folks. People, families, couples, singles, people with the wanderlust or a drive to see more of the world in extraordinary ways at your budget.

PKJULESWORLD is where they encourage you TO SEE MORE, DO MORE, & BE MORE. And to live a better life through travel and healthier life choices.  


The Creators of PKJULESWORLD goofing about, enthroned for sure! #funtimes #worldtravel


Always remember….

“We travel not to escape our lives but to see more of the beauty of this planet. Its what we deserve.” Julie Syl Kalungi


We travel not to escape our lives but to see more of the beauty of this planet. Its what we deserve. Click to Tweet

Julie Syl and Pauli continue to travel extensively, from their home in Liverpool (UK) to destinations all over the world. They are the creators and Directors of Kalungi Group a Hub for Marketers and Business owners to Get their Entrepreneurship legs solid and create Residual income with digital resources! 

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