3 Amazing and Educational Days in Paris

A day in Paris - London to Paris by Eurostar - Paris Opera House!

We haven’t had the Pkjulesworld youth team in here for a long time, until today. Our Paul Jr shares with us his teenage Paris experience…For you “A Day in Paris” through his eyes! 

Over to you Paul Jr 😉 By the way follow him on YouTube

Its been a while, did you miss me since my tales from Costa Del sol? I sure hope so!

But, first I will let you feast your eyes on my views of Paris. I took so many photos we had to create a slide show so as to reduce on the weight of the post! 

Well, I have heard my dad talk about Paris for years. I was super excited when we had a planned scholar day in the very city I have been hearing about. We had 3 full days. For purposes of this episode, I will call it a Day in Paris…So bear with…

A Day in Paris #1

We got up really early at 4 am and headed to Liverpool Lime street train station for 5am. At 6pm we got the train to London in preparation for the Eurostar.

I truly belie that a London to Paris day trip is cheap! I could be wrong, and guess what…

No one in the Pkjulesworld family has been on the Eurostar before. So that’s one up for me. 😉

I cannot tell you how so excited I was to go in the channel tunnel, bridging the UK and Europe. The journey wasn’t too long and despite our ears popping going in and out of the tunnel it was great fun!!

When we came out of the tunnel my phone said “roaming” and I realised we were in PARIS!

We got off the train at Gare du Nord station and the weather was amazing. It was warm with a smooth breeze to cool us down. A WEE BIT DIFFERENT FROM the weather in Liverpool when we left.

As soon as we got off the train we were given 3 day passes for the metro. We were also told to guard them with our lives because they cost 20 Euros and you bet I did.

We got the metro to our amazing hostel ‘Residence internationale de Paris.

A WEE BIT DIFFERENT FROM the weather in Liverpool Click to Tweet

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The rooms were fantastic, they were clean and spacious and they even had a TV it was Okay. Once we had settled in we took a packed dinner from the hotel and headed off for the Eiffel Tower by metro.

Once we got off the metro at the Eiffel tower stop, you could already see the astronomical tower from the stop which was maybe a mile away!

We quickly walked to the base and waited in the short queue to go up the tower.

The fare was cheap at 9.50 Euros for children and 19.50 Euros for adults. If you wanted to walk up which I did with my friends.

There is a lift too but the line was huge and exercise never did any one any harm so the stairs it was! The climb up the stairs was tiresome but the views where awesome especially the view from the top.

The sun was just setting too so it looked quite beautiful .

The climb up the stairs was tiresome but the views at the top were awesome. Click to Tweet

On the way down, I dipped into the gift shop which was great and affordable, but the really fun part was on the first floor. A part of the floor is made of glass and you could see right to the ground below. (See image in Slide show above)

You could imagine you might fall through, it was really funny thinking how my mum might have reacted on there (she hates heights XD) 😉 oopsy

After that amazing climb I went to the gardens where they have a little waterfall and pond which was so scenic adding to the amazing place I was in.

After all that we got on a river cruise on the Seine, we saw some amazing things like some famous bridges, Notre Dame cathedral and the Mussee D’Orsay which we would later visit the next day.

After this we got off the boat and went back to our hostel for some well-deserved rest.

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Afro-Brit Travelpreneur Confessions

A Day in Paris  #2

We got up at 8:30am the next day with the sun beaming down on us, it looked amazing.

Breakfast was adequate and gave us enough nutrition for the day, but wasn’t something to write home about.

Since this was a school trip for Textile GCSE, French GCSE and A level students, the French Class went for a tailor-made French lesson for 1.5hours at the ‘Accord Language school’. (Again Images in Slide show above)

It was really fun and we learnt so much. After this we took a short walk down to the ‘Galerie Lafayette’ a very famous fashion store.

It is huge and filled to the brim with high end fashion stores. The roof is a real spectacle. It is all stained glass, all so intricate and well thought out. By the way, I think, that Paris architecture is just so exquisite! 

I think, that Paris architecture is just so exquisite! Click to Tweet

After visiting that amazing store we took a walk to the metro to meet the textiles group and on the way we saw ‘Opera’ Paris.’

This is apparently the biggest opera house. It is colossal and beautiful.

A day in Paris - London to Paris by Eurostar - Paris Opera House!

Paris Opera House – Don’t spend a day in paris without checking it out!

The textiles group had been to a fashion museum and now together, we all went to the Notre Dame area and had lunch.

My friends and I had McDonalds, which although was more expensive than UK McDonalds, it tasted way better. The area was very quaint with various monuments and statues to add to our lunch ambiance!

Once we had finished eating lunch we walked down to the Mussee D’Orsay along the river Seine. I loved it! 😉 

Once we got into the museum we took a group photo in front of a statue of liberty replica (which was apparently a gift to New York from France).

Once we had finished our self-guided tour of the museum we hopped onto a metro and went back to our hostel for our evening meal which was great.

They served chips, croquettes fish and a whole variety of fruits and veg.

After our meal we headed out for some late-night crepes and hot chocolate which was very tasty.

We then headed back to the hotel and got some rest.

The statue of liberty was apparently a gift to New York from France! Click to Tweet
Galerie Lafayette - A Day in Paris is not complete without a spot of Shopping!

Galerie Lafayette – For your shipping fill | Pkjulesworld

A Day in Paris Our – Last Day

We woke up early at 8am, packed our bags and left our rooms. We took our bags downstairs and put them in a conference room so that we didn’t have to lug them around all day. The hostel was very accommodating to our needs.

We had breakfast quickly and left for the Arc de Triomphe. Once we got there we took lots of pictures stood in front of it. It is so big and beautiful

After this we walked down the Champ Elysees, a very famous street with many high-end stores.

I couldn’t help going into L’Occitane and had some tasty macrons. After walking down the long street we met up with the whole group and walked  to the nearest metro.

We got off the metro at a small village called Montmarte this is where the Sacre-Coeur cathedral resides.

To get to the actual cathedral you can either walk up many flights of stairs or get a lift to the top.

I chose the cheaper and quicker option of walking with my friends. The walk was long but worth it to see the monumental cathedral and views of most of Paris. It was even more amazing inside the cathedral, I loved it.

After walking around the village enjoying our last hours in this fantastic city, we departed from MontMarte and got the metro back to our hotel.

We grabbed our bags and said our last goodbyes to the ‘Residence internationale de Paris’ which did a great job of hosting us over three days.

We got the metro to Gare du Nord, got the Eurostar back to London and took the train back to Liverpool arriving back at 10:30pm.

Montmarte this is where the Sacre-Coeur cathedral resides. Click to Tweet
A Day in Paris – Final Words

Overall I really loved having a day in paris and then some.

Truly this trip was one of the best school trips I have ever been on.

My deepest gratitude to all the teachers who made this trip possible, chaperoning us and making the trip all the more eventful.

I cannot forget my amazing parents for being my sponsors. Paris 2018 was a trip that I will never forget!!

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And, that’s it for now…

If you ever decide to take in Paris in a day from London, I hope you find this post useful.

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