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5 action packed days in Costa del sol Malaga plus Marbella!

My Tales from Costa Del Sol Malaga, Granada and Marbella!

Fun Times in Costa Del Sol Malaga, Granada and Marbella, Plus a Snippet of How The Rich Live.

Tales from Costa Del Sol Malaga Marbella And A Chat with Picasso



Shall we let you in on a secret, a trip to Costa Del Sol Malaga didn’t faze us at all! Remember when we talked about how parents get all worked up about their children travelling solo? We must be aliens because we weren’t really anxious…! Maybe because we are used to it as they do travel on their own quite a bit…

Well not really alone but with school, choir, community etc. Our daughter was in Lourdes and will be returning shortly, she enjoyed a London Winter wonderland with her mates etc. Our guest blogger today enjoyed a trip to Rome, Guernsey, Wales and now Spain! So they do travel without us a bit!

So we were just as excited for our son to go to Spain on a School trip. Julie was in fact so excited for him as he was going to Malaga and one of their tours was to Marbella. To be exact Puerto Banus…The rich man’s Spanish Riviera, woot!

So not to steal this young, budding blogger’s thunder. We will let him tell his tale of Spanish conquer. Over to you Paul Jr, bring it!

Hey this is Paul Jr

Wow thanks for letting me share with you my trip to Benalmadena, Andalucía and a few other places that I will be sharing in this post…I can tell you I wasn’t very excited about this trip in the beginning.

Well it’s because I preferred and had signed up for a French Trip, which had been cancelled for unavoidable circumstances.

So I couldn’t get my mom’s excitement about Puerto Banus…She hasn’t quite told you how excited she was…It was contagious!

So much so I started feeling it too and by the date of the trip, I was more than ready to head off to Andalucía with 120 odd other students. Plus 8 Teachers & chaperones from St. Edwards College, Liverpool. (Can’t tell you how grateful I was for these wonderful adults on this trip.)

I have created a super short video with some of my favorite views of Costa Del Sol Malaga. Pinky promise, its under 4 mins, enjoy it below and share it. I am so proud of it coz I did it all by myself! Shhh don’t tell  my mom πŸ™‚

Fun Times in Costa Del Sol Malaga, Granada and Marbella!

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Come with me as I take you on a detialed action packed 5-day trip to Costa Del Sol Malaga: Benalmadena, Grenada, Marbella and Torremolinos, in no particular order…Ready? Let’s do this!

Day 1: Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol Malaga 

On the first day we woke up a 2 am and headed to St Edwards College for the Airport Bus Pickup. At 3 am we were off to Manchester airport for our Monarch air flight to Malaga! (See us on the flight)

A short 2hour flight later, we arrived at Malaga airport and very quickly made it through immigration. (Will it be as fast with BREXIT? Read about that here!)

We gathered and picked up our luggage and a very short 20 minute drive to Benalmadena, we arrived at our accommodation. The Hotel Bali, first Impressions, Wow, it looked massive!

It has 8 floors and several buildings wide! It is part of the Med Playa Group of Hotels (Mediterranean beach).

Café called Beny’s cheap and cheerful, a great place to people watch. #malagafun Click To Tweet

We were assigned our rooms and given key cards. We were ready for some fun in the sun! (Come on I live in UK.) We didn’t settle in, we got changed and went straight to the promenade for lunch at a Café called Beny’s. It was cheap and cheerful, and a great place to people watch. We went back twice and had a bit of a wander on the prom after that.

Cafe Beny's Benalmadena Promenade. Costa Del Sol Malaga #visitspain

When we returned to the hotel, we made a beeline for the pool. It really is huge and perfect for cannon-balling. We all loved it and used it daily!

We had an al dente dinner: Chips, Chicken breast, Croquettes that evening and walked it off to the far end of the promenade. Took some awesome selfies and gazed at the amazing views. We bought some drinks from the Monjura market shop and headed to bed, it had been a Long day!

Day 2: Mijas, Puerto Banus – Marbella How the other Half Live!

We woke up at 7.15am for an 8am breakfast. Weren’t very excited about that lol. Breakfast was laid out buffet style and included eggs, ham, bacon, cereals, pan au chocolate croissants, among others after foods.  It was quite filling.

We made our way to Mijas a mountain village, well known for donkey Hote and their donkey rides. It was a sunny day, but windy. Mijas has awesome views. It was also great for buying souvenirs and just enjoying the sun.

Peurto Banus one of the most luxurious resort towns in the world #spanishriviera Click To Tweet

Next we went to Puerta Banus the Spanish Riviera, Oh My God! My mom had filled me in that it’s one of the most luxurious resort towns in the world.

Well now I agree.

Puerto Banus, can be found on a marina located on the southwest coast of Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, Spain.

Clearly this marina in Marbella attracts thousands of visitors, we joined the throng for about 2 hrs. There were lots of people browsing the designer shops or enjoying the restaurants and cafes. Many were simply people watching as the rich and famous pulled into the harbour in their super yachts or parked their Ferraris and Lambos! You can’t fail to be entertained throughout your stay.

It was an amazing view of how the other half live. The number of yachts on the water was astonishing. We had lunch at the famous Hard Rock café OMG, what! Just a side of fries was a whole bucket full and the garlic bread was quite long, flavour-some and filling.


Welcome to Puerto Banus @pkjulesworld
Costa Del Sol Malaga -Lunch at The #HardRockCafe in Puerto Banus!
image courtesy of


My 5 day Tales from Costa Del Sol Malaga and #Marbella Views

Overall the day was amazing when we got back to Hotel Bali, we went into the pool. Then had some dinner, which was nothing to write home about. We had some time so we went to the BEACH, played football and messed about in the sand, we loved it.

Day 3: Granada and a chat with Pablo Picasso

On this day we went to Granada to the place where Pablo Picasso was born.

Are you an art buff or love you some Picasso? You can learn a lot more about Picasso; over 800 of his works, exclusive articles, and up-to-date Picasso exhibition listings  on the Artsy hub Right Here.

Well, back to my chat…. πŸ™‚

I felt like I was in great company lol. I even sat and had a chat with him (jox.)

Granada the birth place of #PabloPicasso, I had a chat with him πŸ™‚ #granadaspain Click To Tweet

Then we went for a tapas tasting. This was great, I like tasting foods and learning how they are made. I especially loved the authentic Spanish omelet, it was quite tasty.

We then headed to Alcazaba de Malaga. This was an ancient Palace now a Fort Village. Built by the Hammudid Dynasty in the 11th Century!  It was vast and there are fountains everywhere, apparently meant to confuse intruders.

Overall it was a great day and when we got back to Hotel Bali, we went straight to the pool to cool down. And ended up having a fun water fight it was such a super day! πŸ™‚ I wont forget it in a while!

Day 4: Aqualand – Torremolinos

Now this was the best day in my view! The day everyone had been waiting for; it was AQUALAND Water Park visit and I was super excited. We got there as soon as it opened at 11am and headed straight for the slides. Everyone had been waiting in anticipation for the Kamikaze and the Twister. These are at the time of writing this, the highest slides in Spain.  Overall it was a top notch day, I enjoyed the rainbow race slide most.

#Kamikaze and Twister #aqualand Torremolinos the highest slides in Spain #costadelsolmalaga Click To Tweet

We had lunch at Aqualand. I think it was quite expensive at 12 Euros for 3 nuggets a small portion of chips & No drink included!

We then had an amazing flamenco lesson and were ready for that dinner.

Back to Benalmadena we had pool time and dinner. Then headed to the opposite end of the pier and saw a jaw dropping number of yachts. Many of them were mini-yachts. I now have a dream of owning one too!

 If you can perceive it you can achieve it - #yatchdream #lawofattraction #thesecret Click To Tweet

This was also our last night. So we simply maximized the fun all the while trying to forget that it was time to leave…!

Day 5 The last day- Leaving is such Sweet Sorrow!  

On the last day I imagine I speak for most that we were already missing Costa Del Sol Malaga! Breakfast was as usual then we passed the time on the Promenade and later had lunch at Beny’s.

We all bought some more souvenirs, then it was time to leave Benalmadena for Malaga Airport!

It was a good flight and landed in Manchester UK on time. We headed back to Liverpool and I was home by 1 am on the Saturday morning! I must say we were happily exhausted.

You better believe it this isn’t good bye, its Au revoir Costa Del Sol Malaga and definitely Puerto Banus! πŸ™‚

I think I can talk on behalf of my peers, that we all had a total blast!

A great big thank you to all our Teachers/Chaperones who helped and Our Parents for making it possible. One of the best trips ever!

I hope you have enjoyed my fun times in Costa Del Sol Malaga as much as I enjoyed sharing. Over to you Mom! πŸ™‚

Well What more can I add other than I am so proud of this young man, I believe we have 2 budding writers! πŸ™‚

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Paul S Kalungi Jr

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  2. What an awesome experience! As someone who travelled a lot during my early teens until now, I know the way your life has and will continue to expand with these trips your parents have supported you with. I look forward to reading more about your trips!

  3. A tour to Pablo Picasso’s birth place would be so much fun! I’d love to learn how he created his style.

  4. Amazing trip and photos and I loved your video and the music you put with it

    I wanna go to Costa Del Sol Malaga now



  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip with lots of fun & the pictures are so exciting as well. Honestly never heard of Costa del Sol before, but sounds like a amazing place for vacation.

  6. That sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to go there someday. It looks so beautiful! I bet it’s so nice during the summer too.

  7. What a trip! I’m so jealous. πŸ™‚ I need some time away in beautiful Costa del Sol. I would love to go to Spain and enjoy the summer sun there!

  8. Courtney Gillard

    Wow, I like this place. I will put this on my bucket list, I hope to see this place next summer!

  9. It looks like you had an amazing time and were able to accomplish so much in 5 days. I will have to add this destination to my bucket list.

  10. It looks like you had an amazing time and were able to accomplish so much in 5 days. I will have to add this destination to my bucket list.

    1. We had an action packed adventure in 5 days Kerri.
      It was pre-planned all the way from UK! SO it was great to see these places in person, way better than we expected!
      Glad to have inspired your bicket list πŸ™‚
      Paul Jr

  11. Wow, this is fun! I wish we can see this place too. I like your adventure here!

    1. Hi Nicole,

      If only you would, Spain is such fun. And I think most people can do this as well. While I went with a school trip.
      My Family go on lots of trips as members of a club. Ask mom for more details, such fun for children!
      Paul Jr

  12. Spain is a beautiful destination. My grandfather was from Madrid so we really are very attached to the culture and food. Great that you had the chance to go to Malaga looks beautiful.

  13. I’ve never been to Costa del Sol, it sounds amazing and full of sights and activities that you can either do with family or friends. Aqualand is a place I’d love to take my kids to. All in all, I think you had an amazing time! That’s really awesome.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      I had an amazing time and so did everybody in our trip. Costa Del Sol has so much to see, do and be more ( I love this saying)
      I am glad I went. Thanks for your time!
      Paul Jr

  14. sounds like it was an awesome time! gimmie some of that sun and beautiful location anyday!

  15. Wow! I feel like going for a trip now. I love especially the video about Costa Del Solange Malaga. Thanks for sharing.

  16. What an amazing experience! I had the chance to go to Italy and Greece when I was in junior high! A few other parents went with their kids.

    I wish we could travel overseas, let alone by plane but our son has special needs. I definitely miss traveling like I used to when I was younger.

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Thank you for stopping by. Hope you can find a way for yo totravel with your son. So many places that do provide for special needs and disability Guests as well.
      Paul Jr

  17. Rebecca Swenor

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time indeed. I wish I had went to places like this with my school mates. The Aqualand Water Park sounds like so much fun. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  18. Sandra Copeland

    woow !!~ another great Blog post thanks soo much for all this info !!~ very Beautiful β™₯β™₯☺☺

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