5-day Pre and Post Travel Detox plan!

5-Day Post Travel Detox Plan! | PKJULESWORLD

5-day Pre and Post Travel Detox plan!

She said, she looked like a spotted hyena…I was like what?

She goes…Julie, I am looking at my skin right now with rising dread, I seem to have grown a hyena skin overnight…

What the heck had visited her body while she slept…I wondered! 

She was in a state of panic. I told her to sit down, grab a piece of paper and write down the following:

1. Anything new she had introduced to her skin and beauty routine in last 7 days

2. Anything she had eaten in the last 7 days?

I suspected that following her valentine’s getaway and excesses, it may come as no surprise why her skin may have gone on strike… Lets call her Abby!

Tell me you go on vacation or a getaway and eat like a Monk on a fast-fest? I thought not..so no Judge Judy panel here, okay!  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

If truth be told, most of us, esp. I, don’t skimp on the sinful dessert, or that juicy steak, not forgetting the usually full on breakfast when I travel!

Yet, correct me if I am wrong; dont you want to carry a wee bit less of you when you go on that long planned getaway? And lose some when you get back right?

Trust me… 

On every trip I intend to go all ninja and try out new dishes and foreign exotic foods! That’s the whole aim of travel, right? I mean I don’t want to miss out on any experience…and sometimes we eat stuff our bodies don’t agree with…

So, prior to most trips we do a bit of a detox, just so we are carrying a wee bit less when we get there…Creating room for the overindulgence if you may! 


Okay, we also try to eat healthy where possible, yet, the truth is being not in control of the menu most of the time, it just isn’t possible to eat 100% healthy.

So, once we get back to normalcy aka home from any trip be it a weekender or a 5+days vacation, its detox time.

We just like to get our bodies back and flush out the exotic stuff and any possible side effects thereof.

So, Pauli and I almost always go on a 5 – 14 days post travel detox. Mind you if we are going away for 5+ days we do a Pre-travel Detox usually for a week or so.

Who doesn’t like to look sexy in a mankini right? 😊

While we had the Valentine’s fun together with my friend, the good news…. I was already on a cleansing Spiritual Fast. A 40-day Detox so to speak, while also tuning into the higher consciousness. That is GOD in my life and thus I knew this spotted hyena-like little problem wouldn’t visit me!

The thing is she had a business trip around the corner and she was in a panic. So, I decided to share with her my 5-day Pre and Post Travel Detox plan!

On average I drink 3 ½ litre bottles of fruit infused water daily while at home. I also travel with my bottle and fill it up at the breakfast bar or fountain of the hotel. We usually go a minimum of B&B. Everything else truly depends on the accommodation or falls by the way side.

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So, without further ado, here are our….

5 days Post Travel Detox Meal Tips!

#1. Cut out the Take Out & Restaurant Meals

Yes, both a saving and a discipline. Plus, you get to decide every single ingredient you put in your mouth.

You can also make your own breakfast smoothies with fresh fruit and no refined sugar. For the detox days, only Eat at Home or Pack your own lunch and snacks to work. Or hold a solids day fast!

This has proven one of the best ways to keep on track during our pre and post travel detox times!

#2. Light Exercise: Burn those calories!

We genuinely love getting up and keeping fit…Why? Because we love looking sexy and good naked…Oops too much info! 😊

Surely you didn’t think you could get away without this? And we don’t think about it as exercise, how about you dont either!

Lets focus on the benefits we get by doing it. In other words, we keep flexible, mobile, lighter, can run up a staircase without huffing and puffing the list is endless…How about you plan some fun activities you can do to get your sweat on! It doesn’t have to be outdoors esp. on freakin wintry freezing days! YouTube has made life so much easier with all kinds of Fitness exercises – walking, hiking, running indoors! We also do the Couch to 5K indoors!

On nicer days we do it all in the outdoors, etc.

Guess what else I do, I simply blast the music and dance like crazy in front of a mirror for 30 minutes! A fun high aerobic activity!  

Don’t get all uptight about it lol! And continue way past the 5 days, at least 3 times a week.

DO THIS BY THE WAY: Treat yourself to a Spa day. If you can why not detox at a spa, Hammam Steam, Sauna and sweat it all out via your largest organ – the Skin!

You work so damn hard, its your money, you better enjoy it!


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#3. Berry Breakfast – Smoothie

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day needs to be filling yet also cleansing!

Here are our best Breakfast Smoothies. So now you know I have an Achilles heel…It’s what we call a QP aka Quality Problem! Who wouldn’t… 😊

Until a year ago, our household didn’t even have these things! Unless we went to MacD’s. Even then we ordered the calorie filled shakes or sugar filled juices as our drinks choice…

We wondered why the heck people were gaga about smoothies…I bet so were you!

Today, we are self-confessed breakfast smoothie junkies. We cannot tell you a better way to start your day than by eating a colourful bright bowl of sweet, organic, indulgent pure joy from nature’s garden – or supermarket! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Check out what you could be digging into without guilt, “a Glass full of happiness,” my son calls it

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A Glass full of Happiness ๐Ÿ™‚

My Super Green Smoothie and Fruits Infused Water ๐Ÿ™‚


These are packed full of awesome antioxidants, pretty perfect for a 5-day post travel detox. I don’t know when we last had ice cream in our freezer…Seriously!

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#4. Drink Fruit Infused Water or Green tea for the 5 days

Cut out milk, only for 5-7 days really, unless you need milk for health purposes. We replace milk with unsweetened Almond water, Soya milk or Rice milk.

My best flavoured waters are:

Coconut water.

Lemon, Ginger, green apple and mint and for that sweet tooth, a spoon of manuka honey! I get to eat the apple at the end of the day! 😉

Lime, Mint and Ginger!

Orange, Apple, ginger

And nope, no fizzy drinks or alcohol! What are those when they are home again?

In other words, forget that glass of vino for a week…Plus fizzies are no good for that gorgeous smile you know!

Pro -Tip: Don’t go on an alcohol bender on the weekend or after the detox. All that effort down the drain! Instead have a small lil glass of your fav drink as a celebration. How about you become a social drinker until that next trip!


#5. Snacks – Don’t forget these!

Lots of people think that Detoxing means depriving yourself…We are not of that school of thought!

Your body has different needs from that skinny so-n-so and you must treat it accordingly!

So, serve those cravings with a healthy snack, an apple, pear or banana for that sugar hit.

Pauli loves savouries so I make sure he has some Sun Bites. A savoury organic low-calorie crisps brand.  Recently we discovered kale chips! Bingo you are on track with your post travel detox plan!

Stay away from breads esp. white breads, cookies, biscuits, chocolate!

Our Suggestion: Replace bread with grissini if you must! If you weird like us, you will enjoy your nuts: almonds, peanuts, squash nuts, pecan, walnuts, Brazil nuts etc.  during this time!

By the way did you know Brazil nuts can up the heat in the boudoir? Well now you do! Don’t take my word for it though, check out an expert expose on Brazil Nuts for Selenium! You are welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


#6. Lunch – Pack in That Salad

Having had a vitamins and antioxidant filled breakfast smoothie with a cleansing refreshing tea. Topped up with you infused water, you won’t be that hungry at lunch time.

By the way check out our Super Green Travel Smoothie too, great for breakfast or small snack!

And unless you are holding a Lent fast as we do pre-Easter, you can treat you to some veggie and fibre love at lunch time!

This is important for keeping the sweets and hunger gremlin at bay. He normally manifests as sugar cravings most afternoons!  

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Usually I make a pea, carrots, cauliflower salad with some green olives and goat cheese or boiled egg.

OR I make a raw vegetarian green salad with some grapes for flavour. This with more water and a fruit should keep you going till dinner time! 

5-day Pre and Post Travel Detox plan! #traveldetox


#7. Make Dinner Light yet Filling!

Okay, it’s been a long day, you miss that gorgeous holiday food. That laundry basket looks menacing after all the frolicking and your boss was a green-eyed charlatan!

Or if its pre-travel, you are simply tired from all the excitement, prep, packing and getting ready to travel! So, it can be easy to get tempted to order that Takeaway of greasy fish n chips!

Don’t do it! 

My plan is always to prepare a load of healthy veg salads for these very moments and freeze them. I also buy, marinate and freeze a load of Chicken, different Fish, Beef fillets and Prawns!

So, it is easy for me to plonk the fillets in my Air fryer. Or in the oven! I then plate these on a bed of the lovely defrosted veg. Throw on some soy sauce or homemade mayo!  The meats break up the monotony of salad, for the die-hard red-blooded meat eater.

I just make sure the meat is about 200- 350gms. Remember you are on a detox. You want to lose that travel belly and get rid of the toxins, right!

By the way have you ever tried oven baked fries! Well there you are, you can still have some chips. Just no greasy stuff.

Super Tip: Par boil our potatoes, spray on some olive oil, throw in the oven  25 mins later, they’re done! Make them sweet potatoes and you have a plate of super food right there!

Well, there you have it, you can also do 7, 14, 21 days detox simply create variety in what you eat. Very little white rice and pastas please for now and you will feel like a bazillion dollars!

Also you can consider this your first steps to saving for the next vacation

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