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Post Easter 5-Day Beat the Bloat Bikini meal plan #summerbikini

My 5-Day Beat the Bloat Summer Bikini plan

Want to Beat the Bloat this Summer? Then Have a Flatter Tum with this 5-Day Meal plan

Well I bet you went over board with the Easter Sweets and all that spread….yum! so the bloat is back with a vengeance! 

Mind you ever since I had my children, I have been working to beat the bloat. I work extra hard in Spring in a bid to get that bikini bod. Sp project body love is an ongoing task. 

 I must say it feels like an uphill task sometimes. Yet psychologists say it’s all in my head…But, I talk to Julie Syl almost daily…I know she’s gonna listen and we get sexy size 10 back…

I just want to lose that extra side love, the spare tire as some call it. Pauli just calls it his love handle lol! 

Yet some doctors say we shouldn’t be loving on that extra side order esp. for my height (5ft. 2in). And I am a naturally small-boned woman!  

Anyhoo, I have it on authority and personal experience that if you follow some basics I am about to share, you will be just fine for summer!

I am sure you may have read our 5-Days Post-travel diet plan. If you have not then go read it here! So today I share the 5-Day eating plan to Beat the bloat.

Before I do here is an important update. If you are planning on traveling to Uganda, you need to check an update regarding visa applications here

Okay back to our flat summer tum. Of course there are Rules of Play, I mean you want to win right? So here are the Must do’s


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#1. Avoid Snacking – Yes, I know that I encouraged you to snack in between meals in the 5-day post travel diet. But this is deeper.

We want the summer sexy, RIGHT? Plus, research has shown that snacking is counter productive to weight loss. So, for this task, stick to 3 healthy meals a day!

#2. Don’t Go crazy on the Exercise – Crikey Jules another contradiction? Wait a minute, this is from a nutritionist Lilly Soutter, so dont be so hasty to judge!

My friend who is a Personal trainer advises me that its okay to do 30 minutes of HIITS, a brisk 1 hour walk or a 30 min jog. Apparently, if you have not been exercising regularly, going overboard with exercise puts stress on your bones and muscles which could inhibit weight loss and add to the bloat…

And we are looking to beat the blot, right? So, get your sweat on 30 – 45 minutes a day max. You can build up as you get comfy with exercise! Sounds like good news, right?

Well, the idea is to get it done, and it can be 5-10 minutes in 3-4 sessions or a one 30 min segment. However, you do it, get it done.

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#3. Make Breakfast Protein & Vitamin rich – If you add proteins to your breakfasts, they fill you up and so you eat less the rest of the day thus getting closer to the Flat tum. #YouArewelcome 😊

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#4. Drink lots of Herbal Detox Teas – I love Lemon and Ginger and at night I definitely do Chamomile tea 3 times a week!  I am told nettle tea helps soften the tum, so if you are constipated…try it! Again helping with reducing water retention and the bloat!

These teas aid digestion and exit of the shit! Literally. 😊

#5. Stay away from processed foods and Eat way less Carbs – I know that office cake stand looks fab and who brought in those birthday sweeties argg! Likewise, rice, spuds, pastas, and white breads! I don’t eat the white stuff myself!

These foods increase water retention in the body and that contributes to bloating!

Pro Tips:

a) Drink a glass of room temp water 15-25 mins before a meal. Fills you up so you eat less.

b) Use a smaller platter as opposed to the wide deep plates. Also serve yourself half or less your normal amount. Your stomach will love you for it. I have been doing this through out Feb and March. A Fantastic way to drop the belly bloat! 

c) At night down a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda dissolved in approx. 250mls of room temp water. Great for your blitzing the belly fat while you sleep! Woot.

Now that we got the rules out of the way, its my pleasure to share with you a Proven 5-day beat the bloat summer bikini meal plan…Shall we? 😊

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5-Day Summer Bikini Meal Plan

DAY #1

Breakfast: 1 Sachet of Ultra Slim Smooth Vanilla Shake blended with Greek yogurt and 200mls of soya milk, 2 tbsp Chia seeds.

I buy my shake mix from Tesco, UK. You can order yours from Amazon. Its very high in Protein!

Lunch: Green Apple, Cucumber, Avocado, Mango Spinach/Kale, Linseed Smoothie. Blend 100 Greek yogurt, 300mls unsweetened Soya or Almond milk. Add 1tsp cinnamon, 2 tbsp Linseed, 1/2 sachet Classic Protein shake powder. (Available on Amazon or Tesco if in UK.)

Blend until smooth and Serve. Freeze any leftover fresh and it can be used on another day.

I buy my fruit already frozen in 500ml packs

Want to beat the Bloat this Summer? Then Have a Flatter Tum with this 5-Day Meal plan!

Dinner: The Pkjulesworld squad love fish and sea food so any excuse to eat these. On day one, have tilapia or salmon steak with pan roasted vegetables. You can either pan fry the fillet in coconut oil or spray some olive oil and slap in oven/grill for 20 mins till its crispy on the skin yet tender underneath!  

The veg, I throw in steamed shredded kale, red onion, red peppers, baby tomatoes, and voila. Dinner is yummy and usually we have lots left over for the next day!



DAY #2

Breakfast: Same as Day #1.

Lunch: Mango Banana, butternut squash, orange, 2 tbsp Macha root, Smoothie. Blend 100 Greek yogurt, 300 ml unsweetened Soya or Almond milk. Add 1tsp cinnamon, 2 tbsp Chia seeds, 1/2 sachet Classic Protein shake powder. Blend until smooth and serve. Freeze any leftover fresh and it can be used another day.

Dinner: Mushroom, fetta, rolex or frittata. 2 finely chopped spring onions, chop your mushrooms and pan fry both in 1 tbsp of coconut oil.

Whisk 6 eggs seasoned with black or cayenne pepper. Add 50gms crumbled feta and add to the onions and mushroom mix.  Pop in grill till golden. Approx. 5 mins if grill pre warmed!

Serve upside down.  You can add some chopped paprika or sugar snaps.

Save half a portion for Day #3 Lunch!

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DAY #3

Breakfast: Overnight Protein oats. Okay, I used to think overnight oats were eiiik…Then I tried granola instead and bingo, I LOVE IT!

So, here is how I do my “overnight protein oats.”

Mix 40gms homemade granola (you can use steel rolled oats.) I add 10gms chia seeds in 250mls almond or soya milk. Mix in a bowl with dried fruit. Let mixture sit in fridge overnight and have it for breakie!

Lunch: Portion of Left over Day #2 dinner (See deets above.)

Dinner: Cod steak with broccoli, kale, and asparagus. (I love this stuff) Yup you got it right, heat a tbsp of coconut oil and season your cod with sea salt, pepper, and whatever other spices you like. Cook till done.

Thoroughly wash your kale and steam it with a dollop of coconut oil, a pinch of salt and that’s it. Toss in the broccoli and asparagus.  Literally 5 mins and it’s all done! Toss it all together and serve with your cod.

Sometimes I use king prawns, sea bass, or trout! And again, save a portion for next day lunch!

DAY #4

Breakfast: Spanish omelette – I use veg only. No ham, or sausage meat or chicken…nada. I sometimes add courgette and of course feta. Love the stuff! I have this with a cup of Tea! No caffeine by the way! I know the coffee police will be out in arms…Don’t care :p

Lunch: Portion of Day #3 dinner yum!

Dinner: 2 Peppered chicken breast or boned thighs, asparagus and avocado…All our favorites on a platter, woot!  I skin the chicken aka remove skin lol! Rub Sea salt and peppercorns to season! I wrap it in foil and put it in the oven for 10 mins, at 200C.

Remove the foil and let it brown for another 15 mins. Pile on some Cilantro and you beat that bloat even faster! 

Meanwhile I steam my Asparagus, cut the avocado into slices and add spring onions and chopped tomatoes to my salad. Not quite the Kenyan salsa or kachumbari, as the avocado is added!

Avocado is healthy fat, it does wonders for your skin and hair!

Save a portion for Day 5 lunch. Instead of asparagus, I may add corn on the cob as I don’t like to reheat asparagus.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Avocado is healthy fat, it does wonders for your skin and hair! #debloatingrecipes” quote=”Avocado is healthy fat, it does wonders for your skin and hair!”]

DAY #5

Breakfast: Same as Day #4

Lunch: Saved portion of Day #4 dinner – chicken breast with corn on the cob and ½ an avocado!

Dinner: Beef or Lamb steak fillet 150gms and “cauliflower rice”. The cauliflower is store bought already made into “rice.”

I steam it in the microwave with a sprinkle of black pepper and salt to season for 5 mins and its done!

The steak I rub sea salt and peppercorns on top I slice the top to let the seasoning sink in.

Then pan fry in a heated tbsp of coconut oil to seal the juices on both sides. I then put it in the oven in foil for 30 mins. We all like our steak well done, but not nuked thus the foil!

Serve the fillet in top of the cauliflower rice and we add chilli mayo on the side…Hey a gal’s gotta have some stuff lol!



And there you have it. Summer bikini body is sorted for you. Word to the wise, its been suggested by experts that eating raw snacks like carrot sticks after 4pm may play havoc with your digestive system. Instead try to get those in before or during lunch!

Trust me unless you are allergic to any of the above ingredients you will have a flatter tum. The idea is to beat the bloat and work our way to a body size you love. Not just for summer but for always!

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Dr. Pauli Kalungi 😀

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