If you had to choose 5 cities of Europe to visit, which would they be?

If you had to choose 5 cities in Europe to visit, which would they be?

We’ve been to 12 European countries and we hope to hit a few more before Brexit fully happens.

The Pkjulesworld 5 cities of Europe to Visit

It’s actually possible to visit all 28 EU countries soon to be 27. Have you heard of people’s dreams to visit so many countries before they are a certain age? Well we are past that, we just wanna create memories all over the world as long as we have breath!

Gosh, the world is such a beautiful and astoundingly gorgeous, unique place. And Europe has some stupendous destinations; the sceneries are cinematic and so it’s a real hard ask to just pick 5. But since you ask so nicely, here goes!

By the way All pictures here are Our own.

5 cities of Europe to visit - London The Shard

#1. Assisi – Perugia Italy

We had an amazing highly fun and Spiritual time in this lovely walled and gated city of Italy. It is actually a small City surrounded by the greenest spaces you can imagine. It’s also on a Hill, quite steep with lots of Steps so might be a hard sell for someone with any kind of mobility disability esp. the steps!

Assisi has got narrow streets and most of it is car free zone.

Assisi has one of the smallest chapels I ever saw, located inside of a cathedral actually! The people were super friendly and the food was okay…Although Paul and I had our first real taste of what an Italian hot chocolate is about…Yummm! Its thick, creamy, chocolatey, super sweet and just what you need on a cold day after a walk up the steep Assisi streets!

We took a trip out to a Perugino village and by heck it was the most naturally stunning place(s) I’ve seen so far.

Roma and Vatican City are Firm Favourites as an annual pilgrimage. We have also talked about Rome on a couple of posts before. So, to give other cities a chance we will not add it to this list! Just know it would be numero #1 otherwise!  I mean imagine those Insta-moments at the…

Colosseum a very old (70AD) oval amphitheatre in the city of Rome. Every year millions of tourists visit this attraction, it is one of the seven wonders of world. And we love it too…


#2. Hungary – Budapest

We visited Hungary on a whim because we got a great deal with our Travel Club that was too good to miss. Plus, a flight deal with Wizz Air that sealed it. We also decided to attend a high-level business mastermind that happened to be in the same city at the same time! Two birds one stone woot.

It was one of the best European DreamTrips we’ve taken. The city is full of amazing architecture, art, scenery and great food! Lots of sites to see and places to go including a luxury river cruise that will have you wanting more of the good old rich life!

The Corinthia Spa and the city tour were two of our personal favourites. You can read all about our Budapest hiatus here.

   Budapest_Dreamtrip - 5 cities of Europe to visit


#3. Salou, and Barcelona – Spain

We are Brits what can we, say we love our neighbours in Sunny Spain. We love the Canaries; our son loves Malaga and it’s our dream to own property in Marbella. 😊

We’ve been to Spain probably about 5 times now and each time we fall more in love with it. Barcelona is Amazing, with the Beach night life, it’s a young person’s dream! Salou in the Catalonia region totally grabbed our soils! And if you have children OMG head on to Porta-A-Ventura and have a total blast in that Disney-esque Park! There is always somewhere new to explore and the Spanish are a great bunch of people!

Experience London AquaShard Bar, The Views are breathtaking!

Breathtaking Views of London Tower Bridge and The Thames from AquaShard! @Pkjulesworld

#4.  London, UK

Apart from being somewhere I dreamt of seeing as a child, I find this global city fascinating, in that it really is congested lol.

Not what you think…huh

Its packed full of ancient, old world architecture. A visit round London is a lesson in history. It takes me right back in my history and geography classes. I was like a child in a candy shop recognising the structures I had read about. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Bridge…St Pauls, etc. So much to see, you can’t be bored! In every corner you will see a historical building or statue. Plus, you are in London…Hello!

Do not forget your fleece or warm jacket, don’t be fooled by postcards, the weather in UK is unpredictable! And you can learn more about what to see in one of our London Experience posts.


#5. Lourdes – France Pilgrims Progress

This along with Rome are two of our Pilgrimage staples. Mind you we could head on to Medjugorje, Fatima or any holy or pilgrim city, but hey, we are creatures of habit!

Lourdes to others is super commercialised, to us it’s a spiritual renewal city. And where we go for healing, both internal and external. Julie here has a personal testimony about Lourdes so no one can say anything unsavoury about it without getting her into a debate.  

It’s also highly pedestrianised so lots of good old exercise, but not so great for the mobility disabled! Yet, that is the exact reason why people visit Lourdes in droves. To get healed, to wash in the miraculous waters, drink of the fountains that never go dry and get healed!

The Architecture of the Basilicas in Lourdes alone is an engineer’s dream, and don’t get me started on the stories. Again, we took a road trip to a nearby Village where apparently St Bernadette the celebrated saint of Lourdes grew up. And…pure bliss, it was the most blissfully peaceful afternoon we have ever had. 

You get to see the snow-capped Pyrenees from the comfort of the only café in the village away from the brrrr cold! While sipping on some good ole French wine!

You can learn more about Lourdes in our short article. 

And now, which 5 destinations or Countries whether in Europe or elsewhere are squarely within our Firing distance aka pkjulesworld bucket list?

  1. Krakow Poland
  2. Switzerland – Simply because we wanna feel like we are totally filthy rich and walk into one of those exclusive Swiss banks 😊 Plus its clean, and has amazing ski resorts!
  3. Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast – We have been informed its absolutely gorgeous. Our Club had a Resort take over recently and it looked pure dope. We can’t wait to go.
  4. Romania – same as above and the warm people!
  5. Maldives – The beauty is dreamy and we simply want to go somewhere where we shall simply have no other thing to do but have lazy days, be pampered all day while getting our tan on! Our Friends just went on a 23 day Asian Tour Dreamtrip  to the Maldives…Green anyone? See that blue…aaaaahh!


So, what is that place or places you want to go back to over and over and why haven’t you been yet? Life happens to us all, YET Only those willing to grab it with both hands and live a full life really LIVE and Get it.

We are born to pursue happiness and live a fulfilled life. Unlike what your parents told you; you are not on this planet to WORK. You are here to LIVE Fully, LOVE Abundantly an LEAVE a legacy Behind when you go. Make it a good one.

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See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Syl Kalungi

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