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Body Goals - New Year 28 days Fat Blast to Valentines

Body Goals – 28 Days Fat Blast

Want to get back into shape, and lose the holiday bloat before Valentines Day? In today’s post we are doing a 28 Days Fat blast for just that and beyond! 

It’s now the 3rd week of January and I can’t remember what my resolutions were… Simply because I didn’t make any… 🙋

I stopped making resolutions 4 years ago following a Webinar by some MLM trainer. Can’t remember who.

He said 97% people never achieve their resolutions because they come from a place of lack and non achievement… Attaching negative energy and thus never creating a strategy to action such plans. Esp. your new year body goals 🤔

Instead set BOLD goals and SMART Goals. talking of goals, You need to grab The Winning Planner so you can keep on top of your next 28 days and beyond. You want this Planner my friend. GET YOURS HERE

The winning Planner by Julie Sylvia Kalungi and Dr Paul Kalungi

Today we will focus on fat blasting and having a system in place to track your progress will greatly help you feel good 28 days down the road. The Planner above is your tool for tracking, Inspiring, Motivation, taking action and staying on board!

What we are doing is what I call releasing the excess body mass back to mother earth… Sounds woo woo doesn’t it… Well, that’s the work my friend.

But I will also be sharing some daily practical steps to blast that fat out of your new year bod like already. So Valentines day finds you fit as…a Beyonce.  Or whatever body size you wish to get to. In 28 days to be exact.

And guess what, I am doing it with you. 🙏 So let’s get started already.

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The 28-day fat blaster plan

What I am about to share with you is designed with a Fitness and Health Instructor friend of mine to help you achieve real results as we are real humans.

It will boost your metabolism and prevent food boredom and falling back to old habits.

We can release a stone or more in the next month… Whatcha say?

Let’s add variety to the protein, fat and carbs we have stuffed our faces with over the holidays.

So if you are with us, take your last choco bite, bread and pastas. Did I hear sugar? Tut tut.

We are gonna focus on good ole low carbohydrates and low GI goodies like veg, fruits for that sweet tooth, lots of the love of avocado, brown rice if we must, oats for breakfast. NO BREAD sorry! 

Let’s stay non reds in meats, more fish 🐠, chicken, lots of water 💦 yes.

We won’t starve, we shall stick to 3 healthy meals a day with NO snacking in between.

I can say portions matter… Measurements are in a spoonful or handful. If there are grams (gms) consider 2 slices of brown bread as 30 gms. If you have  a kitchen scale, weigh your portions.  

So imagine a portion you would serve your healthy toddler. Yaaasss that’s your portion in terms of measurements for the guidance below. Lets Do this.

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Fat Blast Days 1-4  (Fb1)
30-50% protein and 10% fat. No caffeinated drinks no red meat. Consider low sugar fruits for vitamin e.g. berries, kiwi fruit, persimmons, pomegranate, angel fruit, mangoes, for each meal.

First thing in the morning before Breakfast DAILY

Prepare your a glass of room temp lemon water – Squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass and drink up…Wait 30-45 mins before eating anything else! 

Want to take it to a whole nutha level? Buy some Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – The Bragg brand seems to be the best and you can get yours here.

Add 1-2 tablespoons full Max of the apple cider vinegar (ACV) to a small glass filled with room temp water to dilute. A maximum of 1-2 table spoons or 15-30mls per day! 

Squeeze a lemon in it. Stir. DO NOT inhale the ACV, apparently it’s not good for your lungs.

Now, add a pinch of Cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon of ginger and 1 of powder turmeric. Stir this awesome drink and bottoms up. Lick some honey to remove taste from throat! Wait 25-30 mins before Breakfast!

Drink this same exact drink 30 Minutes before your Dinner.  Do Not Drink it before bed time. As that will mean lots of acid in your stomach all night!  

Research has shown that ACV may aid in helping curb your appetite so you dont eat too much. It keeps you feeling fuller thus less food and also clears your stomach of excess starch so less sugar absorption in your body!

CAUTIONPlease seek medical advice if yo are taking any medication before taking this! Learn more about ACV here


Breakfast example, day 1:
30 gms steel cut oats with 200 mls milk. I replace milk with Oatly Barista which you can order from amazon. Or check your local supermarket. 

Sprinkle with a spoonful granola for a cool crunch and sweeten with natural honey. Top with a banana, apple or 75 gm berries. Sprinkle on cinnamon or Chia seeds and enjoy!

Example lunch day 1: Sweet salad. Chopped carrots, sweet peas, handful cannelloni beans, drained from tin. Half a cucumber, cut into cubes, roughly chopped parsley.

Toss veg together, add a spoon of extra virgin olive oil. Season lightly with salt and pepper. (serves 2) Have your fruit too. 🍑

Example Dinner day 1: Skinless Chicken breast diced into small cubes. Marinate with your choice of herbs + salt and pepper for 2 hrs.

Heat your pan and add a tbsp olive oil. Add your onions, garlic and herbs till caramelized. Add the chicken, brown it, cover and cook for 10 mins. Turn and cook for a further 8 minutes.

Serve with 100 gms brown basmati rice and steamed veg. Peas, cauliflower, broccoli. Finish with a bowl of berries and cup of hot lemon 🍋 tea.

5-Day Post Travel Detox Plan! | PKJULESWORLD
A light salad for dinner is ample


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Fat Blast Days 5 – 8 (Fb2)

Eat a balance of 20% carbs and 30% protein and 30% fats.

Add low sugar fruits with breakfast only. For lunch consider adding Sweet Potatoes or Green ripe Plantain to your menu, named in the Top 100 nutritious foods. And hot peppers to your salad! If you can handle the heat! 


Fat Blast Days 9-12 Fb3
Balance 40% carbs 40% protein and 20% fats.

Example Lunch Day 9: Protein-Packed Chopped Salad

MAKES 1 LARGE SALAD also Keep dressing on the side for when you serve your lunch
¾ cup finely chopped romaine

¾ cup finely chopped radicchio

1 hard-boiled egg, finely diced

1/2 chicken breast grilled or baked and finely diced

10 cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters

2 tablespoons finely chopped chives

¼ cup crumbled blue cheese

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, or to taste

2 tablespoons olive oil, or to taste

salt and pepper

1. Combine romaine, radicchio, hard-boiled egg, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, chives, and blue cheese in a bowl.

2. Toss with apple cider vinegar and olive oil (add more if desired) (you may add some MCT oils) and season with salt and pepper to taste.

NOTE: Add up to 3 portions of low sugar fruits a day and 3 squares of 70% cocoa dark chocolate a day.

Fat Blast Days 13-16
Repeat Fb2

Fat Blast Days 17-20
Repeat Fb3

Fat Blast Days 21-24
Repeat Fb2

Fat Blast Days 25-28
You are almost there. This is your check tracking time. See how far you have come and transition back to normal eating.

Replace your Lunch or Dinner with a healthy home made Smoothie We some pure lush yet healthy ones here

28 Days Fat Blast Plan - Ultimate Chocolate smoothie – A healthy beach Snack!

Mix and match your favorite meals from any of the above phase and see what works for you… Take lots of water.

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Don’t go by your body weight, that can be misleading.

Rather check how loose your clothes feel.

How much lighter you feel. 

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28 Days Fat Blaster – Keep Moving

Above all be sure to keep mobile. Do at least 35 minutes of low to medium exercise 3-5 days a week for your heart ♥ health. A brisk walk or a jog will do if exercise is not your thing, great for mobility.

Wanna raise the bar? Go for some total body resistance workouts 3 times a week. Short sharp HIIT work outs great for fat blasting. Keep em 20 mins.

I do mine for 60 secs or 1 min and rest for 30 secs rest by slow walk.
– 20 mountain climbers
– 20 burpees
– 40 star 🌟 jumps
– 50 squats
– sprint on the spot
– 60 secs plank plus side planks each 60 secs
– fast air boxing

I add in my own Salsa/Zumba steps for 5 mins. Plus 5 Mins cool down! Job done


Fat Blaster Secret Sauces

Sleep The Fat Off: I used to disregard this till I tested it out in Sept – Dec last year. And studies have shown that lack of adequate sleep hinders fat loss by 55%

Lack of sleep also leads to us making bad food choices from hunger over a longer day.

Lack of sleep also leads to us making bad food choices from hunger over a longer day. Click to Tweet

So sleep your way to your body goals going forward by 7-8hrs per day. Aim to be in bed by 10 pm. You can be up for 5:30am smash your exercise goals out. And do your morning routine… A Much more productive day too.

Drink more water all day long, this will help you feel fuller and of course detox, cleanse, flush out, great skin. The list is endless. The Winning Planner gives you a subtle nudge in that direction. So if you find it hard to drink water, Get the Planner! 


Gently massage your belly just bellow the navel for at least 2-5 minutes a day clockwise and Anti clockwise. It has been proven to help with the release of unwanted belly fat! 


You got this my friend. So my friend be sure to come back and report your results on this post in 28 days.

Don't go by your body weight, that can be misleading. Click to Tweet

Are you gonna do the body beautiful fat blast with us? Say so in a comment below.

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Be sure that, this post will be updated as I test out more and more healthy and sexy living, over time. So, keep checking. 

See, Do Be More

Julie Syl

mail: admin[at]

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    This looks like a good plan and the food looks good. I like how detailed you are with this.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the tips. Snacking between meals can be a real issue if it is done frequently so i’m glad your thinking about stopping because i believe it can be a big benefit πŸ˜€ !!

  10. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for the tips.

    I don’t do new year’s resolutions anymore either πŸ˜ƒ Instead, I choose John st one word to focus on during the year. This year it’s stillness. Being still.

    Although I’m a man, I am loving your 28 day program to burn off some fat. I like some of the recipes. Would love to try some of them.


    1. Hi Pedro,

      I love that ‘Stillness’ is a great word for the year and being a man shouldn’t stop you from getting healthy so keep on keeping on !! πŸ˜€

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