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17 Great Travel Habits to Adopt Today!

17 Great Travel Habits to Adopt Today!

Healthy & Great Travel Habits that you too Should Adopt for Better Travel or Vacation Experiences! 

I’ll let you in on a secret…I have some great learnt travel habits, some bad travel habits and some real weird ones, and I bet you do too.

But then again I believe over the years from one continent to another, through our travels we have picked up some great travel habits that I encourage you to adopt today, to make your pre and post travel experiences that much more enjoyable.Great Travel Habits Matter-Its not just about you! #traveltips #traveltuesday

Yes travel matters and if like us you are a travel junkie, then you you probably have some customs almost that you do before and after your travels; be it for a weekend away or a full blown cruise round the world! Let’s have some fun here and share huh!

I do not purport to know the travel habits of Americans, Brits or Africans. I can also tell you I have seen some real awful vacation or tourist travel habits over the years.  For instance German tourists tend to wake up at the crack of dawn and cover every great sun bed with a towel so you never find one when you need it…(Sorry if you are German no harm intended just observation.)

Young Brits simply love to think they can drink every one under the table and get quite loud, rude and bullish! On the lovely side, we truly enjoyed Spanish hospitality in 2015, in fact you can see some of the places we visited. And we learned how they really use body language lots…lol!

So allow me to share some real gems of travel habits to adopt for your next hiatus or get away. Now its not particularly important to know whether you travel or vacation to re-energize, for adventure, pleasure or work for our great travel habits to be of help to you!

Some funny ones include me drinking 4 litres of water the day before I travel by air…Did I ever tell you about emptying our fridge and turning it to “holiday mode” if we are to be away for more than 3 days! A great way to save on energy too! I also travel with a piece of magnetic band or bracelet around my wrists… Supposed to help with pressure which really bums up my hearing and gives me real painful ears hmm…

What am trying to get at is that we all adopt and or develop some real weird habits some bordering on bizarre or even odd. Trust me ours aren’t as bizarre as Wandering Earl’s inexplicable travel habits and this guy is real fun to read about.

Do Not Add Unwanted Art in a Guest City! #Graffiti #TravelEtiquette
You Might Leave the Paint Brush at home in a Guest City!

Today I would love to focus on some of the great travel habits to adopt in your plans starting this year and beyond! 

When I first left home to visit abroad, my mom RIP, said to me something like:

“Like in everything else the good or great travel habits you adopt, will open more doors for you to see more of the world.”

I can guarantee you those words have never left my mind and for years I wondered what she meant. Now I truly get it! There’s a lot to be said for great travel habits! You will find that you are better prepared for any challenges or surprises good or not so much. Things like, illness while away, loss of documentation, delays between journeys, meeting people who aren’t too nice etc!

Some of the great travel habits I’ve learnt are very mode specific. But that’s maybe because we use more of this mode to get away i.e. flights. Therefore, what I am sharing could also apply to road trips or cruises if you intend to cross from one country to another. And below are some of the habits you must adopt from one who flies & road-trips quite a lot:

Some of the habits you must adopt from one who flies & road-trips quite a lot! Share on X


The 7 Great Travel Habits That have shaped our Lives!

#1. Check Your destination Visa Requirements

Or you could be deported sans your trip costs! Yes it almost happened to us and don’t you laugh.

We decided to visit my former Head teacher in Ireland and we conveniently forgot to check if its part of UK. We assumed it was…(dont judge) :p 

And boy did we get it from the immigration officer when we arrived without Irish visas. Fortunately for us, we smiled and were ever so polite. We also had our then little 3 month old baby boy along. We believe he must have felt pity on this motley crew. He let us go for our week in Ireland…Good job we were visiting someone who was also connected. But we were told off pretty good and we spent a good 6 hrs in the airport…A smelly nappy never smelt so good…Well he claimed he was letting us go coz it smelt pretty bad and that baby deserved a good nights rest!

Remember those litres of water I drink…Boy did my bladder let me know about it… :) BUT I wasn’t hungry yay. So that’s why I included these two in the great travel habits to adopt today!  See that baby today in image below :) 

Great Travel Habits - Keep Hydrated! #TravelHabits


#2. Essentially keep hydrated

Do this prior to and during your journey its great for your skin too. Extra benefit, you don’t feel so hungry, but make sure you have access to a bathroom or lavatory…All that water has to end up somewhere. I talk more about this in the video below! 


#3. Got Frequent Flyer Miles? 

Okay maybe you aren’t yet a Frequent Flier program member. But we urge you to adopt this as one of your great travel habits. Don’t miss out on goodies and benefits of the frequent flier programs.

They are FREE so simply go sign up for all that you believe you will be using regularly. Benefits range from free upgrades to use of VIP lounges..etc! when booking your travel, car rentals and some retailer do give flight points.

So, ensure that you add your frequent flyer details when booking your fights. Its very easy to forget and some programs don’t award your points retrospectively! 

Instead of Nature Take some Photos - Great Travel Habits! #naturetrail #TravelTuesday
Take some Photos of Attractions instead of taking Live Plants or Nature!

#4. Leave Nature where you find it…

Well this is also for your own health and safety. Most countries in Europe, definitely USA don’t allow you to bring back live 0r even dead/cooked mementos of your travels.

Some fruits, plants, animal meats, fishes are banned from being moved between countries by travelers.

For instance many African tribes love to eat grasshoppers, they are a delicacy & taste something like shrimps. On our last trip to Africa, a passenger and her bags were taken aside. Apparently she had dried fish and meats. No amount of arguing on her part that she didn’t know got her any reprieve…Ignorance is truly no defense in these matters

Lately carrying such delicacies from Africa to USA or Europe could land you a hefty fine or even a visa cancellation and ban! Diary and cheeses aren’t welcomed between countries.

But here is the Nature & saving our universe call, as Sri Lanka Travel says:

 “If everyone takes home a plant, a flower a fruit; what will be left in the forest? Take only memories and photos”



#5. When to book your airline tickets does matter!

And fortunately for you we wrote a lengthy ultimate guide or post with tips and tricks as to when is the best day, time and even hour to buy your flights! So go enjoy that morsel. It will be one of the most useful great habits to adopt right now to enhance your travel experiences!

And in the video below I share with you some amazing, healthy and great habits that I believe anyone who plans to travel more and become a savvy world traveler should adopt right now!  

Healthy & Great Travel Habits We’ve Learnt Over The years Below! 


We cannot write about the great travel habits we have adopted over the years without sharing some of the Brits Worst Travel habits that have been witnessed by travelers world wide. Yet since this post is about the good and great we will simply keep it clean! 

Well come on, join in the fun, share any of your very own, bizarre, awesome, interesting routines or great travel habits, the more strange the better! Did your parents give you any super travel advice, maybe you have some superstitions you care to share! Before you do that do like and Share on Facebook


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See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Syl & Pauli Kalungi

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  3. Wonderful and worthyful tips on travelling given by you. You are really a wel organised woman. Want to learn many more things from you. I will keep these tips in my mind when next go for travel. Specially that we should make a list of each and every document we supose to need while travelling. Thanks for your precious advice

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  5. Great suggestions – I have gotten really bad headaches before when travelling. Esp waiting around at the airport, because I’d forgotten to drink. Staying hydrated is SO important.

  6. smallpositivesteps

    Great tips you have in here will serve as a good checklist to look into before travel. Thanks

  7. Rebecca Smith

    These are some great tips – especially the one about keeping hydrated, its so easy to forget!

    1. Hydrating is essential Rebecca.
      Lots of people ask for alcohol and dont bother to ask for more water. They get jetlag and if its a 7 day vacation 3 of those days are spent looking puffed up and feeling bloated …not cool!

  8. Natalia Molinero

    super useful tips! specially the ones about drinking lots of water and check the passport and rest of the documents needed! I have a list with the required documents I need to take with me always :D x

  9. Keeping hydrated is my number one tip when travelling too. It’s so important. Jo x

  10. Some great tips here. Joining a frequent flyer programme is a fab idea, especially if you travel a lot

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  12. I absolutely agree with staying hydrated too when travelling, its so easy to overlook this. Great tips btw thanks for sharing!

    1. Absolutely Agree Angie,

      The aircon on flights dries one out and if you dont keep hydrated you get puffed up.
      Not a good feeling combined with mixed up body times due to time zones and we call is jetlag :)


  13. It’s so important to keep hydrated. Having the right decimation is essential too.

  14. These are great tips! Especially for people like me who don’t travel all that often and don’t know all the regulations etc of each country :)

    1. Hello Shaylee,

      The Assumption is you dont travel often due to family commitments?
      Again it may not be your passion…if it is the you absolutely must find a way to activate your travel mojo!
      You really are missing out on so much if you dont…


  15. Wow! I feel like I may get my travel urge back sooner than later! I’ve got so many vegan-gluten free needs, but your Ireland story gives me total hope I can face anything with a little preparation and research.

    (Side – I can’t wait to watch your pixel video, too. Yes, I’ve earmarked it for later….for when you see your stats, just know, I’ll be back!)

    Just love the energy on your blog and how much personality you bring to the table. I feel like I’ve got way more get up and go just from being on your server. Plus, your graphics ROCK! Beautiful blog! Thank you for bringing so much life to my living!

    1. Wow Shannon,

      We love your energy. It flows right out of the PC into my soul. I am so glad you stopped by.
      Can I just say that the Pixel Video is a resource we use and are very proud to recommend!

      Do please let us know what you like best about it :)

      We hope you get your Travel Urge re-activated 200% coz the planet awaits your pleasure!

      Julie Syl :)

  16. Keith Everett

    Great tips, this information will be very useful to everyone when travelling. I love number 4. Leave nature where you find it… this is awesome..

  17. I always wondered if there were tricks to timing for airline ticket purchases. I agree photos are an awesome souvenir to bring home and they wont’ get you in trouble… unless maybe they’re from Amsterdam (lol at an article I read from another blogger whose husband was charged by a woman in Amsterdam for taking her picture).

  18. Great tips! I hope to do more traveling in the future. How do you get your fridge in “holiday mode”? Just empy it? Turn it off?

    1. Hey Angie,
      Thank you for stopping by!
      Our Fridge has a setting, The condition is we have to empty it as much as possible. And leave it on the lowest setting which turns out to be the Holiday Mode :)

      Most newer Fridges do have that setting!


  19. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] The hard part is, leaving all that tasty food behind.

    And, yes, I agree that we should remain hydrated when we are abroad (Especially, when the country that we are visiting is a hot one).

    1. Hey Renard,

      You would be surprised how drying cold can be. It literally racks your skin.
      Keeping hydrated in any climate is essential for our health!
      Yumm yummm dont talk about food…we are hungry :)


  20. Thanks Julie for sharing this valuable information to adopt when making your traveling habits!

  21. It always pays to do your research before you set off on your jolly vacations abroad, like LAWS and customs, money etc.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    John @

  22. Wow amazing Julie I’ll bookmark this post, I will be traveling more and more just this year 7 times abroad and I need to keep this stuff in mind! Thanks for sharing this!

    Vitaliy Dubinin

    1. Our utmost pleasure Vitaliy, Enjoy your travels and absolutely bookmark away!
      We so appreciate you and would be honoured to feature your comment on this site of thats okay with you :)

      Thanks bro!


  23. Yep, those are definitely important habits to have when traveling and planning to travel. Keeping yourself hydrated is important especially when you’re going on a long flight.

  24. great reminder to always check your destinations visa requirements because who wants to plan a trip you can’t go on

    1. Exactly Michelle, it can be a very expensive oversight. One nobody wants to ever face. So for our audience thats been put to bed :)
      Thanks for taking the time!


    1. We do love Frequent flier programs, when one knows what to look for and maximise one enjoys even better experiences. we shall write more about those soonest Liz. :)


  25. Yes these are perfect and so helpful ! I must start drinking more water in general

  26. Awesome tips! Thank you for sharing. One thing I hate is immigration troubles. I always feel better when I have the right paper work.

  27. Fantastic tips Julie! I absolutely agree with the first one about Visa, as I was recently just checking in about a Russian visa that I needed, and man, you definitely have to work on your flights and visas early on before your travel! Cuz you can get in trouble with that!

    I’ve bookmarked your post, so that I can get back to it later!

  28. Hahah, Julie Your face is everywhere. I kept laughing when I was reading this post. Thanks for the great tips “leave mother nature where you find it” was a great one that nobody cares about.



    1. I always try to drink plenty of water. These are great tips….Some I never consider. You are experience travel all right thanks for all your tips….Yes people drink way too much on the plane!

  29. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Keeping hydrated is a great tip! It’s easy to become dehydrated.

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