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7 Must See places in Los Angeles #visitlosangeles #traveltuesday

How To Spend 10 Perfect Days in Los Angeles- Free Sites to See!

Dreaming of Los Angeles California? We share 12 Memorable & Free Things to do in Los Angeles, Must See Sites and Why!

Things to do in Los Angeles - Airport Pickup! #LAAirport #TravelTuesday
On Arrival at Los Angeles Airport

We spent 10 blissful days in Los Angeles, with most of my time based at the Beverley Hilton on 9876 Wilshire Blvd. And we felt maybe we should share some of the Things to do in Los Angeles

For the first couple of days, I slept off my jet lag in style with breakfast served in our deluxe room and just chilling by the poolside  or just chatting with other guests at Trader Vic’s! Trust me 18 hours travel time is a long time, and who wants to look puffy and have panda eyes in tres’ chic City! 

We had booked this trip as part of a business trip as Paul was speaking at a major Engineering Conference at the LA Staples Center. I on the other hand was there purely for pleasure 🙂 and we went all-inclusive. Trust me the deal we got was a steal at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

I love me some self-catering on occasion, but nothing beats being spoiled on an all-inclusive package in a 5* hotel like the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles! (Maybe we will give a full review soon). 

We had a spacious deluxe room with ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING views towards Beverly Hills to die for.  I made use of my time in the gym, by the pool sipping Californian margaritas, splashing or napping on a sunbed, simply regrouping. Ohh the life of Riley! I always promised to head over to Venice beach but I was simply loving the luxury of the Beverly Hilton too much to do that in the first couple of days, so this was for later!

#VeniceBeach - Places and Things to do in Los Angeles #TravelTuesday
Take a Stroll down Venice Beach and Dream about LA Living!

To be honest part of your list of the things to do in Los Angeles should be checking out the amazing Trader Vic’s in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and the famous Staples Centre…You can find a whole shedload of suggested activities in Los Angeles here too!

Like I said before, Paul was in LA for business first and had planned his chillaxing time on the back end of our 10 days. When he would relax and recharge his batteries right after presenting at a 3-day engineering event. I felt the need to fill my time with site seeing so I did some digging on what things to do in Los Angeles esp. if you took in One major site per day. Even if you have less than 10 days you can still see all these sites with time to spare and I will share with you how!

It was the best decision EVER. I didn’t feel stressed out like most travellers do to pack  everything in 5 days, 2 of which frankly speaking are usually travel days! So I had a sense of calm that I wished I could bottle for my return to UK!

Before we dive in to the things to do in Los Angeles on a budget, lets share a few wee facts about this city of angels. We found that LA is Huge, as in truly spread out! Its also totally split into the side of the haves and the obviously have-nots! And we say this with all due respect. Watch the video to understand what I mean by this.  In our Hotel we could see the mountain ranges, covered with forests and you could also see the desert! On the other side of the hotel you could see the beach Its quite amazing to see these things all in the same geo-location! One of the things you will learn about LA is that it is truly the centre of California, with diverse cultures, such a huge attraction because of Hollywood, celebrities, glitz and the scandals too!

How to Get About to the things to see in Los Angeles – Transportation:

Okay we still cant get over the way Americans call Transport, “Transportation” But hey we are cool with that 🙂

The best way we learnt after standing by a public bus stop for almost an hour, is to hire a Car and go! It is much easier and more to your agenda to see as much as you can. Always remember that they drive on the right side of the road (We Brits always Keep Left). To keep your bearings remember that LA is a GRID like an excel spreadsheet…honestly! So you will always get back to where you started at the very least if you got lost. But of course use a SatNav if you do drive in a foreign city silly! 🙂 

Watch the Video below for 7 of the things to do in Los Angeles California and Enjoy our Photos below!

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More Places to See or things to do in Los Angeles:

The Chinese Theatre:

The Chinese Theatre - Things to Do in Los Angeles #visitCalifornia
The Outside of the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles

Hollywood Walk Of Fame - Things to do in Los Angeles! #visitLA #losangeles

Found along Hollywood Boulevard you couldn’t miss the Chinese Theatre if you tried. Frankly speaking we were a heck of a lot more impressed by the outside of this illustrious real estate; The TLC Chinese Theatre than the interior! Outside of in this very location is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We absolutely loved taking photos with our fav stars in Madame Tussauds, I had a chat with Simon Cowell Lolol!

You might like to check out The Dolby & Max Factor Building on the same street, all these buildings are next to each other. You can book your Bus Tour of LA here too and go star gazing at the Griffith Observatory for breathtaking views of LA. We booked our bus tour via our Personal Concierge. But it could be cheaper for you to book at Hollywood Boulevard. This Tour is your quintessential guided and quite hilarious trip via most of the celeb homes, hangouts and trendy parts of Beverly Hills, Wilshire, Rodeo drive, Sunset Strip etc. Frankly every Los Angeles tourist and visitor would like to see once at least! We’ll let the Images speak for us! 

Of an evening why not go check out Sunset Strip…see what the fuss is all about on Sunset Plaza with Lots of cafes, and places to simply people watch. Check out the trendy shops and if you do drive as we advised before, you might park behind the shops free. (Parking fees are atrocious in LA). You just might stop at Chateau Marmont too!

Eat and Shop till you drop at the Westfield Shoppingtown 

The Getty Mansion/Center:

Now for $5 you can buy a map showing you all the fun places to see, celebrity homes, things to do in Los Angeles in general etc. You can hike, drive, take a tour bus, whatever picks your fancy! And if art, culture, and architecture are your thing, as they are Paul’s; then you absolutely must go see this amazing feat of engineering The Getty. Seriously the architecture is stunning with breathtakingly awesome views across LA and that is an understatement! Lets just say add this to your list of must see sites in Los Angeles. We found the Getty museum closed on Mondays otherwise open all week. 

Where to stay on a Budget in Los Angeles:

Well you could go to Downtown LA despite the mob warnings we got, scaring us with stories of the dark side of life due to high levels of homeless people. However we noticed that it has some amazing hotels, Hostels, B&Bs and of course Villas ranging from Under $50/night to $thousands. If you aren’t yet a member of our distinguished travel club where we get insane hotel discounts & accommodation across the globe esp. USA including LA; then you might like to check out Hostelling Intl for extremely affordable accommodation across USA. 

Well what else can you do on your list of things to do in Los Angeles apart from take a Drive out of town? We chose to go shopping in San Bernadino. Don’t forget we had already grabbed some super bargains in Downtown LA, Got some designer stuff at The Grove and been window shopping & day dreaming of the rich life on Rodeo Drive. 😀 You could chose to head to Malibu, San Francisco…etc your choice. Watch the video above for those details!

Where to Eat & Party:

Head to Sunset Strip for some serious people watching as you have a bite in any of the numerous eateries. Los Angeles has a wide variety for all dietary needs. You wont go hungry at all. Including vegetarian, vegan, sushi and full blown meat fests. Your usual Taco Bells, MacDonald’s, Burger joints etc. Mind you we usually had more than enough at the Beverly Hilton Hotel or got dropped off in style at Westfield Food court.

For night life, well lets just say we shook what our momas gave us 4 nights of the 10 days at The famous Viper Room 🙂

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Hope you enjoyed our visit and got some ideas of things to do in Los Angeles for your next visit!

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  3. katrina gehman

    we are making a trip soon. I’m saving this to show my husband! great choices.

  4. While I am not sure I will ever get to LA, it looks like so much fun, with so much to do around the town!! Looks like you had a great time!

  5. You got some great pictures here. I love to travel when it’s just for pleasure!

  6. Glad you shared this! Looks you have a great time. Makes me wanna go there.

  7. Glad you shared this! Looks you have a great time. Makes me wanna go there.

  8. the getty center has been on my to do list for a while. there is so much to do in this great city and i’m so happy to live here

  9. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for sharing this post! I am planning to visit LA in the coming months. This post has given me some idea to plan my trip. Have pinned it for my reference.

    Have a great day!
    XOXO, Ana

  10. Awesome! We’re going to be visiting LA this summer, so I’m pinning this for reference!

  11. Monroe Bishop

    Your trip looks amazing!!!! The pictures truly gave life to your experience … Definitely planning a family trip.

  12. Wow it looks and sounds you you had the time of your life! I really hope we get to go their one day, it looks like it does in the movies, so glam! Really enjoyed reading this although now I am dreaming of a holiday we can’t afford lol

  13. Stephanie D'Laroy

    Wow I love the pics. Thanks so much for the info. I was at Universal Studios many years ago but didn’t get to see the other places you mentioned here. Will definitely have to do those when I come back to visit LA 🙂

  14. Oh how fun, I want to go to LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, have some cheese cake and walk the “walk of fame”. Thanks for sharing your trip… Awesome!

    1. Thank you Robert. These places rank highly on bucket lists of many. I encourage you to go for the experience. It is not easy to accurately express the feelings when you get there. Go for it and treat yourself like the “Star” you are.


  15. I’ve never been to Los Angeles — though I’ve been to California. My favorite city is San Francisco. But you surely make Los Angeles very alluring. And it seems like you “did it all.” Great information in this post.

  16. A brilliant post! You have definitely given me some places to visit and a great way to have fun with the whole family without spending a fortune!

  17. Yeah I do love LA. Seeing your pics brought back memories from my time I’ve spent in LA.
    Awesome stuff Julie & Paul.

  18. I just went to LA last Wednesday but not for fun 🙁 Traffic was pretty bad, spent 5 hours on the road

    1. Awww there is always a downside to everything if you purpose to see it that way.
      Most cities worldwide have a traffic problem. Hope business was good though!
      Sorry you spent 5 hrs on the road Rika!


  19. Thanks for all the terrific photos. It was like having a private tour! My husband moved here from Orange County and we’ve been married going on 20 years, yet we’ve never gone to California. I have been to San Diego and only in LA Airport while traveling to/from Hawaii. I didn’t realize all the great things to do there! Thanks for the tour Julie.

  20. I always appreciate ways to save money when traveling. These are super ideas! The walk of fame is a must and seeing the Chinese Theater is always a treat too. People watching in that area is free and quite entertaining as well.

  21. The only thing I’ve seen in Los Angeles is LAX. And the Pacific Coast Highway but I guess that’s really not LA….
    Looks like you had a great time.

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  24. Great photos! LA can be a blast if you know where to go and what to visit! Great guide and I love this post.

  25. That’s some serious travel report. Love it! And I love a ‘hubby sponsored business vacation’ 🙂 Sounds like you had a great time. I was only once in LA and it was also for business, unfortunately with no downtime at all to enjoy the sights.

    1. Lol we love the “Hubby Sponsored Biz Vacay”…not quite but hey we did have a great time and He did do his business so guess you are close 🙂
      Hope you find some time to go back to LA for some R&R 🙂


  26. What a great list of places to see for free! I’ll definitely have to add these to my list for when I go to LA. Hopefully soon!

  27. You are amazing Julie, so many things to do and see in Los Angeles!!! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Vitaliy Dubinin

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  29. I haven’t been to LA in many years. You brought back wonderful memories! I’m glad you had a terrific time!

  30. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    We were in LA last year and spent the whole time in Hollywood. We were fascinated by all the stuff we have seen on tv 🙂

  31. That’s an awesome post Julie!!! I’ve bookmarked it so that I can get back to it before I go to LA!

    That place is definitely on my list!! There are so many places to check out!

  32. Thanks for sharing all the fun you had in L.A. We will have to check out some of these sites the next time we are there!

  33. Such great tips. Loved them. Also the pictures are great. Would love to visit LosAngeles at least once in my lifetime .

  34. I am an LA local and have done almost everything on this list. I cannot recommend the TCL Chinese Theatre enough! love it

  35. That’s a lot of things to do in LA! It sure is nice to go there and just relax and enjoy the view.

  36. There is a SIGHT YOU FAILED TO SEE IN LA… That is 100% free…

    ME!!!!! HA HA HA! I live in West Hollywood 😉

    And I have to say the EASIEST WAY to get around Los Angeles (if you don’t have a car) is UBER! For sure!

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    Great post Julie! I t looks so exciting. I want to go!!! Will be there soon. Love the pics.

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    I love how much fun and zeal you guys seem to have with your travels, and that you could build this trip around a business trip. I haven’t been to L.A. yet, but I definitely have wanderlust!

  40. Wow, your photos are lovely. I ‘m bookmaking this page for the next time I go to LA.

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