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If you’ve ever visited a Caribbean island, you probably thought it’s the best ever. Yet, Hawaii is not even in the Caribbean, but its as close as we had gotten to that part of the globe until we visited The Dominican. Funny thing about Island vacations though. You’ll swear the most beautiful island EVER is whichever one you’re currently on.

Waikiki Beach, Diamond head, the Pink Hospital, the International Market, Ala Moana, The Sunflower fields, the Haiku Stairs (get fitter), Hawaii Five-0, Escape to Shangri La, Pearl Harbor & the Arizona Memorial, the not so secret Mermaid head; you have heard it all before right? And all of these places are awesome and you must absolutely visit them if ever in Waikiki Hawaii; but they are getting old.

Every Oahu tourist and visitor talks about them, these places are perhaps overplayed and overrun with tourists! In fact we too hinted about some in our Passion for Travel article!

We had a whole month in Oahu Hawaii. A family get together and we had a whale of a time, touring various places, many off the usual tourist track. We had the luxury of time, family and own transportation to tour to our hearts content!

If you dont have the luxury or the pleasure of belonging to a travel club, you can definitely find things to do and some Super cool Honolulu deals right here! Otherwise hang with us and…

As the saying goes, today we are going off the beaten track. Come let’s share some of the most amazing, beautiful less trampled, awesome, totally Underrated Attractions in Oahu Hawaii that you should do before you die. But keep em private will ya, you don’t want em spoilt lol! πŸ™‚ Shall we…



1. Kualoa Ranch, Oahu

Get your fill of the location where Godzilla and Jurassic Park were shot! It’s a real WORKING RANCH over 4k acres. With amazing sand beaches, valleys, cliffs and forests. They offer a variety of experiences and tours including tropical gardens, an ancient Fishpond, horseback rides, the movie sets, Kayaking and a breathtakingly beautiful secluded beach. There is something for everyone, our children absolutely loved it! So will yours!

2. Ehukai Pillboxes

Well the pillboxes are popular, But these aren’t so much. Located on Oahu’s Northshore and not as popular as the Lanikai Pillboxes, Ehukai gives you the most amazing, picturesque views of the Island. Great for Hikers as there are extensive trails to the top, so worth that hike, esp. if you love keeping fit. And we do πŸ™‚


3. Dole Plantation, Oahu

While not strictly one of the underrated attractions in Oahu, we found its not as crowded as you would expect. Claimed as Hawaii’s complete Pineapple experience, another working plantation built in 1950’s. You will enjoy family activities, including the Pineapple Express Train Tour, the Plantation Garden Tour, and the Pineapple Garden Maze; this was a fav of our little ones. You absolutely must have a serving of the world famous DoleWhip, Yummy. Or you could even enjoy lunch at the Dole Grill. We took with us some juicy pineapples after, super delicious! πŸ˜‰



4. Kaena Point & a Drive Round the Island

Oahu has a rugged, dramatic, beautiful coastline, we loved it. Spend a day driving along it and enjoy crashing waves, blue skies, and an abundance of wildlife and still get back for dinner. Since we visited in spring it got a wee bit windy & cool so take a warm sweater & scarf.  Still take plenty of water, your sunscreen & a hat coz it can get warmer later…Yup funny weather in spring! Make sure to stop & take a the hike to Kaena Point, it’s the only way to get there, approx. 5 miles round trip, and easy too; located on the western tip of Oahu.  It’s believed to be the place where ancient Hawaiians Souls moved into the spirit world.

You may spot some dolphins, whales (Colder season) & monk seals. Legend or folklore has it Kaneana a large cave, is where the shark man, Nanue, resided.



5. Pier 38 Honolulu 

Ha ha ha I threw this is in for the early bird…Coz you gotta be there for 5:30 am as that’s when the Bells ring and we suggest you dress warm. It can be chilly this time of year, it was freakin freezing lol. And guess what you’re in for: It’s the FISH AUCTION Bwahahaaaaa… πŸ™‚ For the mahi mahi and Huge Tuna fish lover of course. Grab some breakfast at Nicos Pier 38 after that amazing experience, so worth it! Live a little DO it. πŸ™‚


Nicos Pier 38 Honolulu - #Visithawaii #Hawaiitravel

Image Courtesy of Nicos Pier 38

6. The Halona Blowhole – The Halona Blowhole is truly breath taking. Martin, Paul’s Bro (our official family tour guide,) told us it was formed from molten lava tubes from volcanic eruptions. It can allegedly shoot water 30+ high depending on weather conditions. And in the cooler months you might be lucky & see humpback whales, a sight you won’t ever forget. The more known Spouting Horn Blowhole on Kauai doesn’t put Halona to shame. In perfect conditions i.e. a strong wind and tide, both of which we had thank God, the spectacle to behold of water pushing through the hole and spray into the air is spellbinding! Want a swim in perfectly clear waters? You could head down the rocky path to Halona Cove, a secluded beach. πŸ™‚ Watch the blow hole at work in this video courtesy of Yelp.co.uk


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7. Absolutely Do the Honolulu Food, Cultural Walking tour

This is special on Oahu and you will love it, and its also not as crowded as its one of the underrated attractions in Oahu! So worth the walk and of course you will walk off all that rich holiday food! :p  Costs only $5, this 2 Hr guided tour takes you from the Hawaii Heritage Centre 1168 Smith St. thru Honolulu’s Chinatown, a Chinese Bakery, an amazing local marketplace for your gifts & trinkets shopping, the noodle factory and much more. It’s an early start at 9:30 am, done only Wednesdays & Fridays.

You can check us out shopping in Ala moana below!

11 Underrated Things to do in Oahu -Hawaii in Spring

8. Honolulu Architectural Walking Tour

Another of the underrated attractions in Oahu, often missed tour of Old world Honolulu. If you don’t have a personal friend taking you round, We have Family over there. Then its only $5 for an illustrated guide and so worth it. Paul literally loves architecture; you have heard him waxing lyrical in the posts about Pune India and the Taj Mahal!

Otherwise take the $10 guided tour, approx. 2+ hours of downtown Honolulu, and you will see sites like the Iolani Palace of the Hawaii Five-0 fame, and allegedly where King Kamehameha was born and much more!

11 Underrated Attractions in Oahu -Hawaii! #hawaiitravel #TravelTuesday

lolani Palace – Honolulu Oahu – Hawaii @Pkjulesworld



9. The Harold Lyon Arboretum
A beautiful tropical rain forest open to the public, yet most tourists and even locals never visit! Your little ones will have a blast & probably learn a thing or 10 and it’s super close to the popular Manoa Falls. Apparently it was named after a plant pathologist. This huge attraction with miles of hiking trails and huge gardens (194-acres) has over 5k plants, including rare and endangered Hawaiian plants. You could explore the nearby less crowded Aihualama Falls too.


10. The Contemporary Museum in Honolulu

Again for the Art Lovers out there, why not go visit this beautiful Cooke-Spalding House on 2411 Makiki Heights Drive? It is open 10 am thru to 4 pm week days! OMG this Museum has an absolutely gorgeous garden; this alone should pull you nature lovers too. Its panoramic views are stunning! You’ll find a permanent David Hockney installation and other exhibitions, now thats rare! And you can grab some shopping in the lil delightful gift shop and coffee in in the wee café.

11. Hunakai Beach

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Hunakai an easy get away from Waikiki, it’s so much more attractive for a solitude moment, to actually enjoy the sea and beach without your view being ruined by drunken tourists. (by the way drinking alcohol on Waikiki beach we learnt literally is illegal, we were made to pour our tipples on the grass and dispose of the bottles in the conveniently placed bins πŸ™ .)

Anyhoo, take long walks, enjoy your kindle, take awesome photo-bomber free selfies, Propose to your boo… πŸ˜‰ It’s literally hidden behind some truly amazing Cribs-worthy mansions. Clear tranquil blue waters, palm trees, open stretches of white sand, Bliss! Add it to your itinerary.

And now we live you with some of our memories of Oahu Hawaii Enjoy xoxo

11 Underrated Things to do in Oahu -Hawaii in Spring #Alohaloving

Have a Barbecue on Waikiki Beach – No alcohol allowed! #hawaiitravel #Bucketlist


Underrated Attractions in Oahu - #PearlHarbor isn't one of them! #Alohalove

Is your Destination Hawaii – Must See Attractions in Oahu!

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Have a Cultural Day, enjoy the Sights and dances of #Hawaii #DreamTrips #travelbucketlist

#Hawaiitravel -Underrated attractions in Oahu #worldtravel

Take a Catamaran out to see and gaze at Diamond Head Up close @Pkjulesworld

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What do you think are the most underrated attractions in Oahu, Hawaii? How many of these have you visited or intend to Add to YOUR Bucket List? Let us know in the comments below!


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