10 Secret Places for the Best Flight Deals!

The Best Flight Deals Websites for your long haul flights! #cheapairfare

Best Flight Deals: This article describes a process for getting the cheapest airfare every time.

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Isn’t it time you broke up with your Travel Agent and bag the Best Flight Deals every time you book?

If you have been following us, you might have read my story of how I used to day dream lots as a child. Dream of faraway lands and how I would fly in this huge plane to get there, like a princess. I envisioned my life today, you can read about it here.

But, we are talking the best flight deals here. This is because lots of people do ask us;

“How do you guys afford taking all those trips and flights? Must cost a fortune…! Err not really! Not if it is a part of your life priorities. For most people, travel isn’t a priority, not even close, so they do not budget for it. We definitely believe it is a priority.  Because believe it or not, you can fly internationally at incredibly low prices; if you know where to look!”


Well, we individually and as a family have been to no less than 54 countries and counting.

The thing is in almost all these trips, we have made sure to get the best flight deals for our budget. We grabbed ourselves a steal when we had our Dream Vacation to Punta Cana for 10 days. Seriously paying retail and full price is for amateurs and you our dear reader ain’t no amateur, right!

We are sure we aren’t the only ones looking to see more of this beautiful planet. And get a real great feeling when we get the best deal on flights and accommodation.

Being A work at home parent and part of a thriving community of global entrepreneurs, we feel blessed. We get to share, learn and of course access insider tips, deals and hacks on where, when and best places to find affordable flights and hotel deals. 

In this post, we share the intel we have got from other professional tourists, travel pros, and frequent fliers. These are our findings and experience on social media and forums on which resources they tap into for the very best long haul flight deals too. Trust us when we say, you are paying way too much if you don’t use these resources.

Below is where travel pros find the very best long haul flights, accommodation, and travel deals online.

How To Get the Best Flight Deals Every Time like Gangbusters:

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And because we’ve been getting the question more and more, we have some more deets for you below. Of course, if you didn’t watch the video you missed out on the very best 6.  

So here are 4 more best known secret websites for cheap international flights, or long hauls!

Student Universe:

How and Where to Find the Best Flight Deals #studentuniverse #bestflightdeals #airtravel

Of course, we are life students. πŸ˜‰ Although we are no longer in main stream school, Age is not an issue! Our children are in that frame though so…

Anyhow, don’t be put off by the name of this resource, or let it mislead you! This website has helped people get amazing Refunds via say twingo 

Here is how:

They book their flight via Twingo, note the details and head on to student universe and find exact same flight at a lower price. Let twingo know and get refunded the difference in price.

Remember, You Don’t Have to be a Student!


How and Where to Find the Best Flight Deals #hopperapp #bestflightdeals #airtravel

Hopper app:

Hopper is a brilliant phone app. It scans data from billions of flights and alerts you when it’s the best time to book yours. Here is what we do, esp. if we aren’t fussy about travel dates:

We check out Bookings, then we compare with Kayak or skyscanner. Then we pop same dates in our Hopper app and set an alert to ensure we book when tickets are at their lowest…Sweet or what! Hopper shows you what a flight should cost and what you are paying!

[clickToTweet tweet=”It scans data from billions of flights and alerts you #hopperapp #cheapairfare” quote=”It scans data from billions of flights and alerts you”]

“I would say Set an alert and watch all your Travel destination desires aka #Bucketlist so you never miss out on a deal, your next adventure awaits” #Yodo

Costco Travel:

Okay in UK most people can’t be bothered to pay to shop for their day to day groceries. This means most miss out on Costco’s extensive offers, including diverse travel deals. This retail giant offers members deals on: tours, vacations, esp. cruises. If you have never gone all-inclusive and you are a Costco member, well now is your chance.  

This retail giant offers members deals on: tours, vacations, esp. cruises. #costcotravel #dreamtrips #bestairfare Click To Tweet


Route happy is definitely looking to put a smile on your face. Each flight is given a happiness score based on:

Seat size, craft size/type, entertainment, power, Wi-Fi, meals, you will find the comfiest seat for your destination.

Well, these are our checker secret sauces for the best flight deals online and offline for that matter. How about You? Care to share yours? Join the conversation below!

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