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10 Reasons to make UK your next vacation destination

10 Reasons To Make UK Your Next Vacation Destination

10 Reasons Why United Kingdom Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination!

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Well where do we start on making UK your next vacation destination?

Probably what makes UK a United Kingdom…right?

The United Kingdom aka UK, is a sovereign country also known as Britain, or Great Britain. Oops sounds super official and it is

UK is made up of 4 countries – England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Plus a few much smaller islands i.e. Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. (Thank you, high school, geography)

My focus was England…possibly because of the history…

When I first came to UK, it was a pure anti-climax…Coz I saw it with my inner child eyes…See I had dreamt for years about this beautiful snow-white country. Gorgeous quaint buildings covered with snow white flakes…I even wrote about how to manifest travel

Arriving in the middle of spring…I did not see any snow or quaint lil houses! Not to begin with. I didn’t stop to think that it was the wrong season for snow in UK…Well I did but way further up the road…a story for another day…Or is it simply global warming!

Anyway…UK especially London sits very proudly on many people’s travel #BucketList and it was once on mine too. Today UK is Home and London our back yard. A mere 2hrs 15 mins by train and slightly more when we decide to take a road trip and have a more relaxed and freer London culture experience.

Yet I cannot take away United Kingdom’s attraction to millions of people in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Both as a tourist/vacation attraction and as a destination to work and live. 

So here are our…


10 Reasons why Make UK your Next Vacation Destination Today!


#1. It’s a Small world

The globe has got smaller and smaller…not because of the Concorde…Ohhh to fly in such a vessel. Not in my lifetime am afraid! Rather, it’s the multitudes of flights choices, which have gotten a lot more affordable to all.

I mean you can literally grab Wizzair flight in the morning from any European destination to London and have lunch on London Bridge. So, UK isn’t any old bucket list destination – it can be your next vacation destination.

10 Reasons To Make UK your Next Vacation Destination Today!
The Pig Near Bath Spas


#2. UK your Next Vacation Destination is Fit for Your Budget

UK being one of the most sought-after countries in Europe for tourism both social and economic, can also be kinda expensive on the leisure visitor. Yet, it also offers little quaint family run B & Bs, commercial service Motor way side budget hotels, chic boutique hotels and luxurious top end establishments.

You can’t go wrong for some R & R Spas for weekend getaways or a private tete-a-tete lol! 

Are you a Camper or Glamper? UK has over 780 camping sites as per Pitchup info? And Bath is the original UK Spa city and also a World Heritage Site, very attractive to tourists! So, you can enjoy the country side in your own self driven hotel! 😊

9 reasons why UK should be your next holiday destination

#3. Affordable Food

Now this is a personal observation, but you can’t go hungry in UK as a visitor. Seriously there are supermarkets everywhere with cheap food, fruits, vegetables, snacks etc. Not forgetting All kinds drinks including cheap alcohol…

10 Reasons why Make UK your Next Vacation Destination Today - Chips in Newspaper

It’s equally as easy to find a Chippy or fast food outlet, where you can get a hold of the UK renowned Fish and Chips served in paper lol or a Styrofoam cone.

The Americans would call that a kiddie serving of fries! 😊  I mean when you look at what is served at the Hard Rock. Your fries in a bucket…

My 5 day Tales from Costa Del Sol Malaga and #Marbella Views

You can sample delectable modern UK cuisine, which seems to be continental really. You can also find some amazing restaurants for the higher end experience, including some amazing Asian cuisine in UK yes.

We could go on and on because UK can be a foodie paradise. UK In and of itself doesn’t seem to have a national dish – apart from fish and chips, yet its internationally acclaimed by some of the world’s best chefs and sommeliers.

Our cities are a tourist’s best friend for budget and really extravagant meals.

[clickToTweet tweet=”UK cities are a tourist’s best friend for budget and really extravagant meals. #visitUK ” quote=”UK cities are a tourist’s best friend for budget and really extravagant meals. “]

UK can truly be as luxurious or affordable as you wish it to be. The beauty is, whatever your wallet level, you won’t feel like you’re missing out. Unless it’s your mindset :p

#4. It is Reassuringly Safe and familiar

Don’t buy into the hype, As long as you take your survival and personal safety seriously, and leave the rest to God. You can be safe when traveling abroad, UK inclusive.

So, don’t be afraid to enjoy some cool lager and pork scratchings, while chatting about footie in a friendly Pub. You can also enjoy a day at the Sand Castle in Blackpool, and then watch the sun go down over the central pier. UK can be your home away from Home, if only for a while!  


#5. You Can Be Anywhere in 4 hrs

For city getaways and breaks UK cities are great to visit, you could end up in the current European City of Culture 2017, Hull. Or maybe you want to visit Liverpool Christmas markets. Art and culture holidays are rife in UK, looking for wildlife spotting, you got a variety to choose from.

Every region boasts a wealth of diverse attractions, and most are within a 4hr road trip or train journey. You will find UK a diverse country to visit! We love the Virgin trains experience and take every opportunity to travel by train up and down this amazing island!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Every region boasts a wealth of diverse attractions #TravelTuesday #VisitUK” quote=”Every region boasts a wealth of diverse attractions”]

And of course, you can grab a cheap off peak flight with Thrillist if you are not already part of our global travel community!

Pkjulesworld Dream Travel Bucket List! #DreamTravel #DreamTrips



#6. Diverse Culture

You can truly make UK your next vacation destination plan because it is a welcoming country! Whatever you may have heard or believe. We live here because we have been welcomed and become part of our community. Our children have grown up here and they love it here.

So, as a visitor from USA, Asia, Africa, or Timbuctoo, you might like to find your own community, you will find it in UK.

And if you are on a city break, road trip, sporting adventure, or beach holiday. Whatever your reason for making UK your next Vacation destination, you won’t be disappointed, esp. if you prepare for the unpredictable weather!

Small as it may be UK packs a punch in holiday terms and, you can have it all, even in the course of a 1-2-week vacation. United Kingdom is as varied as you want it to be.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Small as it may be UK packs a punch in holiday terms #nextvacationdestination #traveltuesday” quote=”Small as it may be UK packs a punch in holiday terms” theme=”style6″]


#7. Scottish Whisky Yes Please

Now, we cannot talk about UK and not focus on the Scottish part of the island…See, we ain’t stupid lol!

If we were you, we would not miss the August Summer festival in Edinburgh. We recommend you mark it on your travel bucket list. When our children were smaller, we used to go every year, now they are older and chose where they want to go…Lots to see right!

Edinburgh also boasts the Royal mile and along that famous mile you will find some of the most delicious Whisky you ever tasted at the whisky tasting experience. We highly recommend it.



#8. The Welsh Beaches Beckon

Have you seen, how exquisite the beaches in wales are? You could easily think you are in the Mediterranean!

Indeed, if you wish to have some beach fun in UK head straight to Wales or Devon. Wales, happens to have some of the finest stretches of sandy coastline in the UK, including Llanddwyn Bay in Anglesey.
According to TripAdvisor 2014, Gower’s Rhossili beach was ranked the best in Britain! So, you wouldn’t be so hard done by to make UK your next vacation destination soonest!


#9. Let’s get wild

Yes, UK has some of the most sought after wild life…Think falcons, dolphins, whales in wales, red kites, puffins, basking sharks, orcas, red squirrels, and you just might sneak a peek at Ankole cattle in Knowsley Safari park lol!

You want some thrills, how about rambling in wales or climbing Mt Snowdonia. It’s a climb for the unfit. Come see some amazing Castles of course…British castles are a tourist attraction in themselves.

But why are castles…under the wild? Well, have you heard of ghosts? Hmmm its believed that most castles are haunted and so you may have a day or night to remember in one! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Or you could stay civil by playing a game of Golf on some of the world’s best Golf Courses. UK is definitely a great destination for golf buffs and pros alike.

#10. Bonus Currency – Pound Sterling

Well with the Brexit looking like a lame duck, we still got s strong currency the British Pound. Which means, you get more from your forex shenanigans…a cherry on the cake I say!

So, have we got you to even half consider making UK your Next  Vacation Destination in Europe…?

This was just the starter to be honest. If we went into some juicy details we would write a book…So what else have we missed that would make UK your next Vacation Destination? Share with us below.

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See, Do, and Be more!

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26 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Make UK Your Next Vacation Destination”

  1. Well, you have convinced me! I did travel there when I was in college but it was a college kid’s way of traveling. Now that I am an adult and have a job, I can travel in style a bit more haha. Thanks for your post!

    1. You are most welcome Ching, and we would love to show you the better way to travel for life…and never spend more than your budget πŸ™‚ Shout out if you need help with your planning or saving! πŸ™‚


  2. What an extraordinary post. I love your tips and informations about the city. UK has a lot to offer, its so great. thank you for this great post!

  3. Didn’t expect the cheap food knowing it is UK. πŸ™‚ I hope our VISA will be available now so we an visit this place.

    1. Food is relatively cheap in UK unless you eat out in Hotels and restaurants> Being a relatively safe country, you can go off the tourist trail and find great cheaper whole meals!

  4. I’ve always wanted to go to the UK and these are even more reasons to go that I have now. Maybe I can get a sponsored trip or speaking engagement…

  5. I actually live in the UK, so everything here feels like home to me! I feel like the food in other countries is better than the food here though! Just my opinion. Or it might be because I’ve eaten the food here all my life, so I’ve gotten used to it.

    1. Hey Jojo,
      The food in UK is from everywhere and We are trying to say that One cant go hungry in UK< there are even food banks. Yup we too are now used to UK< we love it! πŸ™‚

  6. My dream is too visit Ireland and the U.K. I am making plans to rent a cottage hopefully in a small village in the U.K. Next year

  7. Julie, I love England! I’ve heard the “national dish” of England (not sure about the rest of the UK) is actually Chicken Tikka Masala. I grew up with lots of British cooking and baking, and so it features heavily on my blog. Oh, I liked your comparison of UK and US portion sizes – yes, portions are huge here in the US. Whenever I get fries/chips in a restaurant, I eat about 1/4 of them!

    1. Hey Jean,
      You know what, Depends on where you go it can be anything, or national dish lol…weird isn’t it. But when you think about it, UK is a mish mash of little nations, and the common wealth…! Thanks for your time and insights πŸ™‚

  8. Totally agree Jules that the UK packs a punch as far as a tourist destination. Yes, it is relatively small, with a diverse culture, is affordable, with great food and many, many castles. I enjoyed your light hearted approach to explaining reasons why the UK should be the next tourist destination. πŸ™‚

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