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10 Easy Ways to Travel for Free without Airmiles! #Freetraveltips #TravelTuesdays

10 Easy Ways to Travel for Free without Air miles!

10 Easy Ways to Travel for Free this Christmas & Beyond without Spending hours Shopping on Airline Air Miles! #4 is our Fav! 

Okay we bet you reckon Pkjulesworld have gone cuckoo, certifiable crazy claiming you can travel for free, in this time and age…Maybe we have! After all who is 100% sane :p

Plus, we have the added claim that you don’t need air miles to do this…WHAT?

Duh, travel is not just about flying mate!

Ohhh heck so maybe we shall talk a lil bit about air miles. But then again, we don’t like to re-invent the wheel so, why not go check out our post on travel hacking!

Let’s burst some myths first okay…!

Travel isn’t always Expensive, if you know what to do…mic drop!

For real, there are easy, available ways to get to travel for free and you don’t need to be sat for hours on a gadget squinting at Screens to get them! In fact, to ensure you don’t do that, let’s get straight into the beesnees of you scoring free travel! :)

10 Easy Ways to Travel for Free without Airmiles! This post will help you to get to grips with travel as affordable and even Free for those that know what to do and where to look! #freetraveltips

10 Easy Ways to Travel for Free or Score Free Travel – Christmas Special

#1. Travel for Free – Volunteer

For the serious freebie chaser, free accommodation can be found short or long term via volunteer programs. The only work to do is go through various sites applying consistently for their volunteer and charity programs. For instance: WWOF, which we talk about in more detail, the United Nations, Peace Corps, Medicines’ San Frontier, Art Corps etc.

These placements or assignments could be anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. Note that a lot of these can be in third world countries where you need Jabs and immunization so dont forget your First Aid kit. And you could take an adventure safari while you are there!




#2. Travel for Free – Travel Blogging

Seriously if you want to score free travel consistently then do start a travel blog. This is not a short term fast results option, boy it does work! You can learn What to Post on a Travel blog and get doing!

Nothing delivers Success like Focused Intentional Action! 

Nothing delivers Success as Focused intentional Action! #travelforfree #traveltips #freetravel Share on X

The brands interest is in your Growing Audience of readers. With a readership that keeps coming and a great Alexa ranking, brands will start to propose, offers, collaborations, reviews etc.

Once you build up an audience and Strong social presence, many travel, hospitality, tour operators and airlines will be keen to make offers to your audience. Some of the perks they may offer could be free; flights, vacation, trip, accommodation, giveaways,  in return an attractive but honest review on your blog.

Your accommodation could also include, Resort credits, excursions to some local attractions and all for your readers! :)

One of the more coveted ways to travel for free. 

The Art of Pinterest Profits on Amazon KDP #pinterestexpert

#3. Get a new Credit card with Free Flights Benefit

This can be a pretty dang fast way to get free travel. Pssst, By the way, it doesn’t have to cost you a thing either…Not at the start anyway! :)  HOW is this even possible?

Some travel rewards credit cards do offer a joining/sign-up bonus. (Not as many as there used to be though.) The join up bonus could be enough for  a domestic round-trip flight ticket.

Be patient & earn some more points via use of your card and bingo you could go on a free international flight.

Word to the Wise: Make sure to pay off your Credit Card Debt Fast before you accrue fees. We are not pro debt so please do!

And, our Pro-Tip is below:

Chose a credit card with Airline benefits. Make sure you check the T & Cs. Read that fine print so you don’t end up having to use the card to earn miles by force majeure.  

#4 Travel For Free – Join a Travel Club/Community

We are members of a World Class Global Travel Community, where one of the perks is you can earn 100% FREE vacations if you make a choice. (T & Cs Apply)

We wrote a pretty detailed review of this club, which we do find pretty useful as a travel resource. We highly recommend it and suggest you check it out below!

DreamTrips Travel Club p- Is it For You?

You don’t have to dig far. You can read more about it here!   


If being part of a supportive, fun loving, forward thinking community is such a foreign concept. And you really don’t fancy being part of such or even earn free vacations, then….


#5. Travel for Free –  Get Free Zzzs at Zero Cost

Yes, you can sleep for next to nothing or get free accommodation in various destinations.  Here is how:

  • Land free accommodation by volunteering or staying in places such as ashrams. This is more so in Asia. You would be expected to clean, cook, etc. in exchange for free accommodation and food! Quite a unique way to experience local life.
  • Do you have a nice apartment or Home in a sought-after destination like London, Paris etc.? Then think about joining a home exchange program. Homes in high demand travel locations do attract interested tourists and travellers in exchange for staying in theirs too, almost like a home swap! We know a few friends who do this. Like Airbnb, but free! :) 

By the way, the Home Exchange service is quite secure and taken seriously. If you are willing to pay the initial $150 sign-up fee! You will definitely make it all back in the amazing free accommodations you too will score after signing up, to amazing destinations.

10 Easy Ways to Travel for Free without Airmiles! #traveltips #scorefreehotelstays

#6. Get to Fly or Travel on Trains for Free – Secret Shopper perks

Heck it takes going thru a load of websites and applying to lots more, to bag a flight to destination for review purposes. You could observe “fly on the wall” style aka Secret shopper, and get your costs and a bit of money paid! This is easy cash!

RECOMMENDED: How to Travel Smarter & Safer a Definitive Guide!

Got green fingers? And don’t mind a bit of work for your food? Then you could earn a free vacation, at least the accommodation and food are covered although not transport costs. If you can get to work on an organic farm. Europe is especially popular,  free travel the Green way. :)

Where to learn more, or get a gig: World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms aka (WOOF). This organisation connects you with farms all over the world who will host and feed you in exchange for a few hours of work on their farm daily. We believe its serious Graft some muscles, get fit and a super Tan on! Cool or what? :)

RECOMMENDED: 10 Secret Flight Booking Hacks

#7. Travel for Free – Be a Repeat Customer

Are you a creature of habit, then this could be for you. If you are a frequent traveller already, then why not use the same airline and stay in the same hotel chain as much as possible!

Paul and I have so many loyalty cards: HH, Marriott, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Premier in, Flying Blue, Avios, Virgin airmiles, Jet Airways etc. These and more loyalty programs were created to help you earn points and go use the same brand over and over. We earned so many Marriott points, Paul bagged an Upgrade in the Pune Marriott, India. He got a Full Mini suite for a month and an invite to the  Super exclusive Pool Party!  

Brand loyalty pays, so why not find the brand, business, company you like to use and stick with the product or service. Availability and costs taken into consideration of course.  With time, your loyalty will pay off via free trips, accommodation, events, flights, excursions, meals out etc.!  

The next one is obvious, yet not many people consider it as Travel!

#8. Travel for free by Bike or walk!

Walking or Biking can be done in your local area or a place you have visited. For absolutely no cost you can take a walking tour or get on Ya bike and check out some local sites and attractions. Get your sweat on and keep fit too!

Seriously, we live on a beautiful planet and seeing some of it by biking or walking is the best way to experience some of it’s beauty! We specially love to Walk in Wales and my children love biking too!

Walk up Mt Snowdonia and you will love the views at the top! You can stay in rural B&Bs or take own tent, and pay $0 in accommodation costs.

If you are a biker, you can also use your bike to and from the scenic sites and to work too! Saving a ton in transport costs on a daily basis! Cool Beans. ;)

#9 To Travel For Free – Review a Hotel or Airline…

While you can only attract the big brands once you are also a wee bit more known, or have  a power blog. You can find some simple and smaller brands to review accommodation on sites like Craigslist, and The pay is pants on the latter but steady at $1.50 per review.

#10 Travel for Free – More Free accommodation

Yes, you heard right. According to our research, since we haven’t tried this out yet anyhow. Our friend and travel blogger pro Ryan Biddulph has won lots of free stays and accommodation to awesome destinations by either pet sitting or house sitting.

You can bag yourself a cool crib 100% FREE for a few days via Couchsurfing.

Final Word on how to Travel for Free more!

To travel for free is the dream of every travel lover, hitchhiker, entrepreneur, pro-traveller ad anybody we know to be honest! J  Well, free can be costlier than paid, and you don’t get to complain about the Freebie. So, keep this in mind when looking to ravel for free anywhere. It’s not impossible, it simply takes a keep interest and patience to seek and find what you want. :) 

You don’t have to travel far either, unless you have seen every attraction, site and location in your local area. You do not need air miles either to earn or get free flights, you just gotta spend the time searching! Be vigilant and you could be saving far more money than even the most extreme frugal, coupon-fanatic shopper can get!

What are some other easy ways to score free travel? Share with us!

We hope you grabbed some awesome tips from our article on How to Travel For Free without need for airmiles

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Congrats on 126 social shares on Pinterest. I am 1/3 done with your book and already my Pinterest traffic is up and my visibility is up. I plan on writing you a nice review. So busy with work, but I will finish.
    Thanks for bringing your post to Blogger’s Pit Stop last week.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

    1. Hey Janice,

      So glad to hear this Janice. I love to help others get results and love it even more when the lessons are applied! Way to go.
      I would be obliged if you allow me to share this comment/testimonial in my Training! :)
      Looking forward to that Review :)
      ~Julie Sylvia

  2. I’m going to have to try some of your tips because I’d love to travel. I have a blog although it’s not a travel blog. I could work some travel posts and reviews into it.

  3. Love these great tips! I never would have thought about blogging to travel.

    1. Hey Rubi,
      We blog because we love to Inspire share a d Help out others, with knowledge about destinations, travel planning, Tips, etc. So we come from a place of Service, entertaining and Inspiring! The Free Travel follows on from that! Hoe that clarifies things :)

  4. We have travel plans for this Christmas and it should be amazing to get a Free ride for sure. These are some great tips and Travel Blogging sounds like a great idea which could bring long term benefits and the idea of joining a Travel Club sounds amazing too!

    1. Hey Lisa,
      We hope you can score some free travel, it cold be kinda tight to do so at this time, but you never know until you do! Thanks for your time and Feel free to if you need more details about the travel club! :)

  5. Love this Julie!
    I actually am House Sitting as I type this message – beautiful house in one of the nicest suburbs on the Gold Coast, looking after 2 amazing black labrador pups, a ginger cat & the toughest gig is looking after the pool!

    So I’ll add House Sitting on there as well!

    1. We sure do love the tips that come thru. Cheers Alex for your contribution. We should have given House Sitting a bigger profile. But we truly included it already. With Ryan Biddulph as our inspiration and now Alex Bender too ;) Awesome sauce!


  6. When I started blogging, it never occurred to me that I can have the chance to travel for free, let alone attend events and get free stuff. But hey, it happened, and I am so honored and thrilled and grateful to have been given the chance to attend an international event without having to worry about expenses! :)

    1. Yahoooo Testimony time.
      Thanks Czjai for chiming in and sharing your experience. Yes one can travel for free via blogging. So fun when a brand reaches out with a proposal for collaboration! :)

  7. Demetri Benton

    Great tips Julie! You always give so much value in your post. Thanks for sharing

  8. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] I think the people at the travelling agencies are hypnotized by your cute-sounding African accent; which is why you are allowed to travel to amazing destinations for free.

    1. Wow,

      We love expanding our horizons ans see more of what this plant has to offer Rachel. So we travel more. But its a choice. What you do is a choice, you can change it coz you arent a tree rooted in one spot right! ;)

  9. Some very cool Tips here to travel for Free, I have already applied a few such as the credit card and the travel club. Looking forward to test a few more :)

    1. Wooo hooo We love connecting with other savvy travelers Julie. We should exchange stories one of these days :)
      We love your YouTube Travel Guide Videos too, very detailed! Traveling for free is doable if one knows what to do!

  10. Great ideas! I was a little skeptical at first because you normally can’t travel for free unless you’re talking about miles or you found an awesome sponsor who would pay for everything! I think these are all awesome reasons to travel, especially volunteering.

  11. I love to travel and if I can travel for free that makes me happy! I am going to pin this so that I can continue to remind myself how to travel for free.

  12. How cool! I have gotten some good travel gigs with blogging. I’m not strictly a travel blogger, but do write about it often. The other tips are new to me, I’ll look into them more!

    1. It works yes, Nikki thanks for chiming in with that Testimony.
      Lots of people think travel blogging…it must be some sort of scam lol! ;)
      Go check them out and share your experiences with us!

    1. Lolol Sarah,
      The Club is indeed free when you consider ans Fulfill the Terms and Conditions. The Travel is not Free, until you earn it! And earning it is something we loved and work towards every year :)

  13. Annette Yedlin

    These are some great tips! Thank you for sharing. I am definitely going to use a few of these this year.

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