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On a Catamaran Family Cruise in Waikiki Oahu, Hawaii

Hi, we’re Julie Syl & Paul the authors of Pkjulesworld – The New Living Travel Blog!

We believe life is meant to be lived to the full, making memories all over the world and spreading the resources to others too. So we love to Travel, and have created this website; Travel – The New Living for Ordinary folks who wish to live an extraordinary life!

But lets face it,…these savings aren’t out in public for everyone to see…So most fork out retail and end up at a less than impressive 2-3 Star property!

It is not about escaping your life, its about Living your life anew. Life is not meant to be lived stuck in a dull routine. Nor scrambling round like a hamster going nowhere, working to pay bills. So Paul and I are on on a mission to help you create peak life experiences and amazing memories through travel – the new living!

Learn about our favorite tips on accommodation, cheap flights, car rentals and cruises at wholesale rates and prices you would be totally surprised at.

You’ll learn how we travel the world without spending a Fortune, or going bankrupt, at wholesale rates. From our years of hiatuses and as members of an Elite Travel Club!

Our Destination Posts will help you learn more about the different places, cities and continents we have been plus the best places to see and things to do in those places!

We share wonderful experiences real life Dreamtrips with a community of world travelers. Powered by Rovia Travel, Dreamtrips are unique life experiences for ordinary people to See the world VIP style, 5* at wholesale rates. All part of our services.

Love to See more but have no idea how? We can help you Plan your Perfect trip if you have no clue where to start, yet definitely have the wanderlust 🙂

We welcome you to your Luxury Travel Hub and we hope to serve your every wanderlust need and desire right here at @pkjuleworld.

See we want you to see more of the world and Create better memories for years to come.

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